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  1. The bulgarian stallion Stoev will steal all of the other clans oil reserves. Who wants to help him?!
  2. Schwerinus

    Current state of Matchmaking

    Hi Jouwer It's not necessary a bad thing to have a lemmingtrain. The thing is that the train never should stop. A DD should go in front to spot torps in advance. But if the train stops it's usually over. A train can brute force pretty well. Go through some of your latest replays and figure out what went wrong in battles your team lost. In the middle of a battle when it's hectic and so on it's sometimes difficult to figure out what is going wrong at the other side of the map. Find some really good div mates to play with them. You will profit from their experience and develop your playstyle and increase your overall WR. Last tip is to join a clan. Again you will profit huge from experience players and so on. This post we made about MM is more about the feeling that steam roll matches happens way to often lately and not certainly about our WR suffers. Cause our WR is pretty decent. It's just unfair to play against a team which is obviously really bad in overall ship experience. Feel free to apply to our Clan WGP2W. We run an A/B team for players who want to play competative and dedicate 2 to 3 days a week into trainings. We also give people the opportunity to join the casual C team. C team is more or less a bunch of players who want to play in divisions but don't have the time or intrest in competative gameplay and trainings. From time to time the C team also participates in trainings. http://wgp2w.com/main/forumdisplay.php?7-RECRUITMENT-JOIN-US-NOW! Cheers and all the best!
  3. Schwerinus

    Current state of Matchmaking

    I think WG is actively giving one Team a favored MM from time to time. Why i believe this. WG asked in a survey Month ago "do you want to experience more dominant matches where your team defeats the enemy heavily" And how do u manage to give players this kind of steam roll experience? Just like the Screenshot from Aschwell reveals. Steam roll matches happen to me in 2 out of 10 games. And everytime i checked the MM numbers it looks like rigged AF. I mean, since when battles last 5-7 minutes?That's ridiculous and such slaughter matches happen a bit to often lately imo.
  4. Schwerinus

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    Hey Guys, looking forward to meet you at the League of the Sea match on sunday
  5. Salut les mecs, nous attendons avec impatience le prochain match I hope Google Translate didn't let me down^^ See you guys at the LOTS
  6. Schwerinus

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Tolles Finale! Danke für das 1A Entertainment und Glückwunsch zum Titel! o7
  7. Impressive first appearance at the KOTS! Looking forward to play against you guys
  8. Sometimes the God of the saltiness is asking for some lambs. In regard we receive the power to carry the poop out of some random teams. Also we would be very pleased to overcome your 49% and lift you to another level. Kappa
  9. Schwerinus

    [AAO] Against All Odds now recruiting!

    Congrats on winning the League! Well played! friendly bump
  10. Well played guys! Some mistakes have took place but nothing which can't get overcome. Was a pleasure to watch! Looking forward to the next tournament! BumpyBump
  11. Schwerinus

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    Unlikely we will ever have a non prem ranked. And don't get me wrong on this. But you might have to improve a bit until the next season. All the best.
  12. Schwerinus

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    Same here. Got R1 in S4 and S6. No Jolly Roger 2 received.