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  1. Raziel_Walker

    Scharnhorst - be aware

    Scharnhorst is one of my favorite heavy cruisers, disadvantage is that it lacks hydro and counts as a BB for matchmaking purposes. Advantage is that it is T7 unlike Alaska/Stalingrad cruisers that I compare it to.
  2. Raziel_Walker

    Massachusetts Vs Tirpitz Which is better?

    I love secondaries and my Bismarck. I don't regret buying Massachusetts B, I do regret not also buying Torpitz B. It's just that I mostly pull out these ships for secondary missions or when I feel agressive so I tend to yolo and push a lot putting 'fun' over performance.
  3. Raziel_Walker

    Premium ship questions

    Indeed, policy changed because this time my Shinonome was restored. Thank you WG, now I can go off and complain about radar buffs.
  4. Might look pretty consistent, easy and like WG wants but this requires just a few brain cells more as WG expects us to have.
  5. Because instead of getting radared by a russian ship for 20 seconds I will get radared by the russian ship for 25 seconds and all other ships for 19 seconds with 6 seconds before that to start aiming turrets and getting in a blind shot. (Which thanks to minimap circles showing where you are aiming has a pretty decent chance of hitting your target.) Because instead of getting radared by a US ship from 9 km away they now have an almost universal 10 km range. Had they rounded down those radar ranges it would be fine.
  6. Raziel_Walker

    Premium ship questions

    Maybe WG policy changed? I will attempt to make a new ticket to request back the Shinonome I sold. My ticket about this in 2017 was denied at the time. edit: Looked back to my previous ticket about this issue: june 22nd 2017 I was told " We are able to restore a premium ship to your account but as a one-time restoration,- but only one time and only if the ship has been sold within the last 2 months. "
  7. If the general radar range had been nerfed to 9 km instead of buffed to 10 km it would have been a lot better. And IJN torpedo concealment could use a buff!
  8. Raziel_Walker

    Bluepill me about the Bismarck

    I play Scharnhorst as a big agressive cruiser with secondaries but I go for a tanky build over a secondary build. Bismarck is a battleship with hydro and even better secondaries to make up for a lack of main battery power. I go all out on a scondary build here. Scharnhorst/Tirpitz are better for the really close range brawling where they can make use of their torps. As long as you aren't in a T10 game Bismarck is pretty nice. For the past two years I would have recommended Bismarck over Tirpitz because I like the hydro, these days I regret not buying a Tirpitz B.
  9. Raziel_Walker

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    If a CV can torp and flood you at will because of their short downtimes, what is a good time to repair? What is the misplay that should get punished? When playing a DD I often left 30 seconds between torp launches so anyone repairing immediately would get punished. But with so little downtime between CV drops there is never a good time to repair a single flood anymore. What sort of change (or lack thereof) would you have liked regarding flooding?
  10. Raziel_Walker

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    1. Players that have no issue with ranked aren't on the forums complaining so while I believe you are right I also think it's less of an issue as you might expect from just from reading the forum. 2. Don't you think the arms race format helps breaking the passive radar camping meta? I don't think arms race is that much better or worse, personally I prefer arms race. 4. Ranked boosts premium sales, no doubt. Arms race not so much.
  11. Raziel_Walker

    Premium ship questions

    There is time limit, you can only request back recently sold ships. I don't know the exact time limit. Selling premiums is not advised. If you somehow earn a premium you already have you are usually compensated its price in doubloons instead.
  12. Raziel_Walker

    Tier 6 Giulio Cesare

    The question is what will happen to all the other premium ships removed from sale for being unbalanced? Will they all move up a tier? Except of course T8 premiums because WG isn't selling T9 premiums for direct cash (yet).
  13. Raziel_Walker

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    On the NA server I bought a T6 Warspite for ranked. I don't need a second T6 BB. Received a free Gulio Cesare for logging in after a year of inactivity so I can't really complain about compensation but at T6 it will just take up port space looking good but it won't see any play anymore. But I am left without a single T5 ship and I might need a replacement for that.
  14. Raziel_Walker

    Disappointed with an update. Is refund possible?

    Your car didn't change from Ferrari to Skoda, the traffic rules changed. Ships didn't get nerfed, AA mechanics changed for all ships. Did you pay extra money to keep your Atlanta after IFHE was introduced and your ship DPM increased?
  15. Raziel_Walker

    State of USS Black?

    For randoms the radar/smoke combination isn't that strong because there are plenty of cruiser radars already. For T9 ranked she seems pretty strong, one of the top picks. https://wows-numbers.com/season/id,11/ Looking at this it seems pretty low on average damage though, perhaps because her torps are more an area denial thing that won't hit anything that often.