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  1. Raziel_Walker

    Someone tell WG to stop ruining our ships!!!!

    Yes you are right, I completely forgot that 100mm pen was buffed to 1/4 instead of 1/6.
  2. So every time I get 100 ramming flags it could have been a T9 premium.
  3. Raziel_Walker

    Someone tell WG to stop ruining our ships!!!!

    It is huge, slow, can get penned by BB's unlike any other DD (besides khaba), has bad concealment, 3 minute torpedo reload and IFHE is mandatory. It's a good support DD but worthless for contesting caps. Farming fire damage on a BB that will simply heal 100% of the damage done doesn't make it OP. It doesn't need a nerf, it's already a niche ship. I did not know YY needed a nerf. I thought it was pretty much comparable to the Gearing which sets the standard.
  4. Raziel_Walker


    Someone is not going to like the raised citade on the conquerer. (I don't either). DM was sailing away and only had a single turret available. (except for the times when you were unable to punish him broadsiding you and it was safe for him to turn.) You were not showing broadside yourself you claim. Plenty of situations where a DM should murder a conquerer but this was not one of those situations.
  5. Raziel_Walker

    Ranked Sprint

    First season of sprint with 6v6 was more fun as 8v8 in the second ranked sprint season. No idea if it would still be the same had the order been reversed with first 8v8 and then 6v6 i the second round.
  6. I used it on a year worth of premium time as I had just run out the week before.
  7. Raziel_Walker

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    Yes, this is a mandatory skill. Just as situational awareness was. And I feel sorry for anyone grinding a DD without a 10 point captain. Bet those T5 players loved ranked sprint facing all the 19 point captains.
  8. Raziel_Walker

    Nearly 2019, and we still have detonations in the game

    I voted in favor of elimination because it doesn't add anything to gameplay besides a random 'EDIT you' to one player and 'Congratulations' for the other player. But what about the flags? These will be the real victim of any change. Flags have feelings too.
  9. Raziel_Walker

    Yugumo grind question

    Since I really liked the Yugumo I would rather play it with 12km range torps and play more games as be stuck with 10 km torps. Think this is largely personal preference in how much in a hurry you are to get to the shimakaze.
  10. I have the shimakaze upgrade and still have to get used to the 36 second torpedo tube traverse time. It is massive and almost negates the reload bonus it grants. Maybe the penalty could be a little less severe or another penalty instead? Like a penalty to concealment but it also offers the same 25% reload boost to guns?
  11. Raziel_Walker

    Ishizuchi - Is she worth it?

    So how did Herwarth find this topic?
  12. Raziel_Walker

    Shooting myself

    I have managed to torp myself in the past. I thought most low tier DD's were capable of turning into their own torps.
  13. More likely this (and other books) is where Wolfenstein got it's inspiration from for the storyline. edit: I really shouldn't take 45 minutes to post my comment without refreshing first
  14. Raziel_Walker

    Ranked Sprint

    Okhotnik is completely unlike a T5 Harugumo but still fills the same role. It is a support DD and in two salvoes will eliminate an enemy DD. After that you can cap at leisure.
  15. Raziel_Walker

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    As a DD player I would rather face Stalingrad as Wusters. Stalingrad radar is shorter in duration. A lot less damage output. Smaller chance of a surprise radar because it is has bad concealment therefore can't reposition that easily. Then again, I don't compete in KoTS or CB so can't speak about that meta, only randoms/ranked.