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  1. Raziel_Walker

    Italian Cruisers: the Rules Made Simple

    Waiting for laws so that WG will be forced to publish the odds of getting an italian cruiser (mission) from lootboxes.
  2. Raziel_Walker

    RESULTS - Battle of Cape Esperance

    I just dislike the need to sign up manually for these contests.
  3. Imagine a T5 cruiser in a nice matchup against T7 ship with maxed out NTC upgrades? Even more fun as regular battles ships 2 tiers higher. But glad to read you can at least upgrade premium ships as well. Without even having to rebuy them.
  4. Raziel_Walker

    Selling researchable ships in premium shop

    Good idea by WG and nothing much against it. Might incentivize some people to stop playing though since they are unwilling to pay money for the boost but also no longer willing to grind the old way and pay double the price. My regret with macrotransaction games is that it is against the TOS to sell my account when I have had enough and therefore impossible to recoup some of the investment in the game. Sunk cost fallacy keeps me playing by now.
  5. Raziel_Walker

    What is your most played ship?

    Shimakaze: 640 battles, but since I have the legendary module I sort of retired this ship because I realized most other DD's are better. Kamikaze: 528 battles, favorite ship until I unlocked shimakaze and started feeling like a real sealclubber. Yamato: 250 battles, this is world of battleships after all and DD's are less fun as long as CV's are in the game.
  6. Raziel_Walker

    Savage Battle - How do you like them?

    Like the game mode itself. Don't like the 2 star Harugumo based ship with 13 seconds reload and all the other harugumo drawbacks. Don't like the fuel token grind.
  7. Raziel_Walker

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    1250 doubloons for 15 fuel tokens seems a bit harsh when you need 800 to buy the Benham... Even if you can get a discount by quitting your day job and just playing as many savage games as possible.
  8. Raziel_Walker

    0.8.4 - Ranked Season 12

    What is different is that I have seen all team compositions. Games with/without CV's, without DD's, without cruisers. BB is the only class I see every battle as I play one this season (since DD is no longer fun.) Getting to rank 5 is easy. Getting from 5 to 1 is a numbers grind which is a real challenge for a weekend player. edit: CV in the game? No passive play, just rush as I consider the CV a damage timer and when it runs out my ship will be sunk, nothing can prevent this.
  9. Raziel_Walker

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    MR Conway, ranked battle, in a Kremlin, my team. Had the feeling he was focused slightly more as warranted.
  10. Raziel_Walker

    2 CVs in a Co op? are you serious??

    Co-op is the one game mode where I would be a lot less strict about team composition as in ranked/random/clan battles.
  11. Raziel_Walker

    Which tier do you enjoy playing the most?

    There is not tier that I enjoy more as others. Just individual ships that I like. T9/T10 should be favorite because then I don't have to deal with ships 2 tiers up. However, gameplay enjoyment steadily decreases from T2 to T10 because toxicity increases as people don't play for fun anymore but to achieve certain goals and objectives.