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  1. Auzor_S

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    Different suggestion, like @invicta2012 : give a profanity filter instead. Tweakable by each user, if they want. Any swear words get turned into ****. Current system will flag me plenty of times. Reporting does basically nothing; so I respond in kind. Or.. shock, horror, how about some skill-based MM. and stop spawning me in the worst spot for my ship type for the map. etc.
  2. Auzor_S

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Some more feedback, about MM: [edited]YOU WG. Last example: My team: * Ranger * Gneisenau * KGV * Dunkek (me) * Normandie * Iron Duke +Algerie +Duca D'aosta +Omaha +Konigsberg +Furutaka > Fubuki. Vs: Drumrolls: * KAGA * Gneisenau * Lyon * Dunkek * Fuso * Iron Duke + Fiji + De Grasse + Aoba + konigsberg > Aigle > Mutsuki. Hurr durr, let's create a team, with the worst T7 CV, give it only 1 decent ship with def. AA (Algerie; the Duca's MAX AA reaches only 4 km out; so not able to defend crap), AND give them only 1 DD; let's see what happens. Bonus point for our team getting 2 T5 cruisers, and a questionable Normandy over the excellent Fuso.. Well guess what? Kaga-team won! I did 127 dmg, got 1159 base XP on the loss, and none of it mattered because WG-trash decided we should lose. NERF THE PREMIUM CV's. [edited]the French BB release. And another thing: with this whole 'wait 3 days for clan transfer': I haven't gotten a SINGLE CB game in yet. you are filthy garbage.
  3. Auzor_S

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    This French BB release is still the worst release ever; RNG with buyable containers, now a mission series where you need the RNG ships, an where you can take a higher tier ship if you had luck with RNG, but I can't even take e.g. Scharnhorst; and to top it off: a time-gated campaign that uses those ships too. All told: I guess WG hates it's players? You think that deserved priority over balanced MM? And you're still keeping +/-2 tiers MM? Saipan?? I'd rather had ZERO things done for a release. This just isn't worth it at all, with some people getting happy cuz they got Lyon/Richelieu, and other people in same clan bought 50 boxes for it, nada. I hope EU makes lootboxes illegal, [edited]off with this jerk release.
  4. Auzor_S

    New Ships!

    Actually, it seems it trades the heal, for Def. AA. It is truly, the year of the carrier XD
  5. Howdy, Pretty much in a 'why not' sentiment with the announcement of base system, and future clan things coming; I have a microphone, but prefer to not be joining on VoIP generally; Stats-wise: me thinks the 'overall' value is more representative; (currently the lower value) I often play a bit too suicidal to really get amazing WTR etc I suppose; Ship-wise I'm at: T9: Ibuki, grinding to the Zao, T8: Kagero, Akizuki, Kiev, Ognevoi, Edinburgh, (Arp Takao) , T7: Nagato, Colorado, Gneisenau, Hiryu, (Scharnhorst :-), and grinding silver for Pensacola, York, and Schors. Other premiums are Anshan, Texas, and.. Albany. Also very slowly grinding for the Shinonome.
  6. Auzor_S

    Fun with missions: Design your own!

    Mission ideas: stop killing the game. I stopped playing because of the fire vs water campaign. The only thing that interested me would have been the Kamikaze. Then people mathed out how much wins & gametime that would take to get, vs the event duration. Until I get a a valid campaign/system to get a Kamikaze(/clone/sister ) ship, I'm not coming back to play; that was the last straw in a series of crap EU shitty player shaftings. And yes, the weekly missions did their part to contribute. I think a look at ranked gives a good look at relative player size, wasn't last season something like 8.000 US players in ranked, and 27k in EU? You're really gonna continue shafting the biggest server? -------------------------------------------- Here are absolute, non-negotiable 'NO-GO' 's for these weekly missions: * the 'tiered' system: some-one can complete 'part 4', but it won't count because he's at 'part 2'. Extremely frustrating if it is one of the more 'unicorn' requirements. * hostile nation specific requirements. IMO, it is perfectly valid to hold a 'British ships' week; weekly missions for British ships. (just have to vary things, obviously!) What is absolutely not fine: 'deal X damage/sink Y British (insert any nation) ships. Likewise, I'd give strong preference to missions 'use a DD' rather than 'sink the enemy DD'. Any missions that encourage poor tactical gameplay are crap. * "in a single battle". NO. (for the most part) * strong dislike: deal X flooding damage. GRAAAHHH. Reworked mission examples: over the week: (DD week) A) Silent hunter, hidden fisher. deal X ship-based torpedo+flooding damage. B) Counter-strike: deal 300% damage to enemy DD's (as opposed to sinking; this allows it to work reasonably well for all tiers etc). C) Earn X base XP. D) Insert main battery requirement. Deal Y% fire and direct damage? E) Take Z enemy cap points/spawns. Gather XY XP capping & contesting spawns? F) 'spotting' contribution. Mission payout: each part, A-F is running at the same time this week, each gives a small reward (flags most likely). As you complete 2, (any 2), you get the reward for 2. And so on. ----------------------------------------- IF you want to keep things like 'get 5 kills in a match', I also have an approach to make that semi-grindable: Alternative completion options: Get 5 kills in a match. OR: in 2 matches, get 4 kills each, OR, in 4 matches, get 3 kills each, OR, in 8 matches, get 2 kills each. Getting 4 kills in a match would also count as a '2-kill' and '3-kill' match.
  7. Auzor_S

    Event Calendar for April

    Was tempted to use the 'report' function. The choice of 'top prize' as phrasing for the weekly mission indicates you Edited? Which is it? Continue with those crappy, tiered mission systems. Seriously, close down the WG EU office, and migrate us all to the US. By the way: the DD special is.. nothing special at all. The T2 and T3 DD are.. crap; Cheap crap is still crap. As 'cheap' DD a T4 premium would probably be better; as (nearly) all DD's at that tier are fun/excellent. and the T7 Leningrad, well.. unlike the higher tier Russian DD's, it has slow turret rotation; meaning it benefits a lot relatively from 'Expert Marksman'. But that means a different captain... so.. not that useful (well; not ideal) as a captain trainer either imo; except for the lower tiers. A tier 8 premium DD would be by far more interesting, because it gets Concealment Module. E.g.: the Kagero is crap, thanks to WG 'rebalancing' (=messing up) the IJN DD line; a T8 IJN 'premium' DD could be very welcome; stealthy, fastER than those damn T8 IJN tugboats, and something like 2x3 F3 torps, for high risk (high reward plz..) gameplay. For getting to T8, in theory the DD should be better than.. Shiratsuyu. A tier 8 British premium DD would be welcome too; then the British line, when the others finally arrive, will have a premium T6, T7, and T8 ship. (the Hood as leaked seems like it will end up underwhelming.. That thing is gonna be on the same tier as Nagato, Shinyhorse,.. and face NC, Bismarck, Amagi.. at least semi-regularly.) I just can't offer any enthousiam for French cruisers, sorry, don't care. A T8 premium German DD could be interesting; 150mm guns as option or so, a different torpedo layout,.. As for the event: it sounds like only the SEA server is gonna get the 'premium' IJN captain.. sigh.. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  8. Auzor_S

    Questions of the Community

    Questions eh? Sure. When will you admit the Belfast is completely OP, and turned the ranked season into Pay-2-win, and a smokefest? What will you do to rebalance the Belfast, instead of this stealthfire removal? When will you remove RPF from the game? When can we expect missions similar to what USA has been getting the past months? What is the reason to keep pissing of the playerbase with the crappy EU missions anyway?
  9. Auzor_S

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I started the German and US cruiser lines; am at IJN T6 BB, T7 CV, T8 DD, T9 cruiser. Also at T6 US DD, BB, I hate those T4 cruisers, both Phoenix and Konigsberg. First game in Phoenix today, just for the daily win bonus to get out of it asap: Kraken :-) Three destroyers entered in range, three DD's got sunk. Also a lovely torpedo drop on a clueless BB from 2.5-3km on his broadside, ate all three, bye. Then a fifth random kill from fire on another BB. 89.8k dmg. Not bad for a T4 cruiser.
  10. Auzor_S

    scharnhorst or mikhail kutuzov

    Voted ShinyHorse, because I bought it when it was 30% dubloons off, and it is fun. Kutuzov sits in smoke and spams HE. To sit in smoke and spam, you can play the Brits, just need to get closer (which is where you can launch torps, use hydro, support caps etc anyway). The ShinyHorse is 9.500 dubloons, but with the discount two weekends ago it was 6.650. Kutuzov, T8: 15% discount, 10.250 dubloons standard: 8.712,5? hmm.. how do they treat halves for this stuff lol. Anyway: when on max discount, the difference is about 2.000 dubloons.
  11. Auzor_S

    Cruiser weekend

    Because WG EU. For reference: WG US has "Camo Carnival" because EU doesn't have carnival. They call it 'Mardi Grass', but the page states 'Camo Carnival'. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/throw-HEs-not-beads/ NB: one daily mission, destroy a ship, gives 1x 'restless fire camo'. one repeatable mission for 25 restless fire camo's. "Tides of March" mission series, https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/knife-fighting-range/ with rewards: 15x type 5 camo. 10x 'restless fire' camo. Katori tier 3 ship, with a 5 point captain. USA weekend mission? oh. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/thegamebeginsupheremonday/ 50% credit discount on tier 4-5 CV. okay. 60% dubloon & credit discount on consumables, commander retraining, skill resets, and commander slots. repeatable mission: win a battle. +50% commander XP. CV: repeatable. Deal 70k dmg. +50% commander xp. CV2: One time only. Deal 500k dmg over any nr of battles. 3x5 flags. Any ship: destroy a cv: +50% commander XP. Repeatable. This is not some exceptional comparison I'm pulling btw. Remember: originally, EU would not get the 'Santa's convoys' at all. The regular and repeatable +50% commander XP missions, as well as missions giving +cpt XP flags, camo's etc, make it quite easier to get a high-level captain on USA server.
  12. Auzor_S

    Indianapolis buff and discussion

    No to self-heals on a generic tier 7 cruiser; the 'special' thing is radar at T7 already. (for a time, it was the only T7 ship with radar.. before the LOLFAST times.. before the smoke meta) On a tier 8 premium cruiser, okay. (Prinz Eugen, Atago, and a new US premium, I'd like to see Whichita. )
  13. Auzor_S

    Indianapolis buff and discussion

    In ranked, in a Fiji, a spotted an Indianapolis sailing out of smoke or something, 7-8km range, nose pointing to front of me. --> Aim for under the first turret, close to waterline, pull trigger: 4 citadels. Consider some extra armor for the nose.. 16 & 22mm armor. is just not impressive. Cleveland, T6, has better and longer range AA.. for some reason, the 'AA' USA keeps those 4.2km range 127mm's. Incidentally: Clevelands secondaries also have longer range.. Don't really know what can be changed as a reasonable buff.
  14. Auzor_S

    Event Calendar for March

    * Repeatable captain XP missions, or even missions that give camo's & flags that give bonus captain XP would certaintly be better than the current.. thing. * Recurring remark: instead of 'do X damage', it would be nice if they moved to 'deal X % damage'. And make such %'s tracked in battle. * Missions in advance would certainly be a lot nicer. * Agreed on longer duration missions. What I posted on reddit a few times: I'm fine with ship-type restrictions, as long as it isn't the same ship type every week.Could we get 'OR' requirements, to lower the threshold? So to progress a stage, there would be two possibilities. E.g. :In one battle, get 2.500 base XP.OR: get TWO battles, with 2.000 Base XP. The new Port Arthur one: .. that's a complete and utter fail.An example for 'Kraken-style' OR's:Get a Kraken, or: get 2 battles where you sink 4 ships OR get 4 battles where you sink 3 ships,....A 'mediocre' player that really wants this reward will still get it; but it will be more a 'grind' than a single great game. Alternative requirements should also be looked into; e.g. instead of 'close quarters expert' how about:Deal 50% dmg to an enemy from within.. 6 km.Be inside a cap point within X time. Spend X% of game time inside cap point.Sink/ deal X damage whilst you are inside a cap point.(basically: anti-passive meta missions)It would also be nice if you could do any of the 5 requirements to get to the next stage; no 'do them in this specific order' requirement.
  15. Auzor_S

    Imperator Nickolai - time for some changes

    Are you dense? Giving the Nikolai MM where it would see tier 3-6, but all other tier 4 ships would see tier 3-5, would *absolutely* mean it gets custom MM. I think a counter-argument could be that maybe the Nikolai should simply be a tier 5 ship.