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  1. Carl_Edward_Sagan

    [MOD] Dreadnought Secondary Gun Sounds

    Nice sounds for the old Lady! Keep the good work up
  2. Carl_Edward_Sagan

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Since the new patch my fully trained New Mexico Capatain suddenly "needs Retraining" on my Missouri (Look at the Attachment). 2. Reproduction steps Get any US-Captain Put him on Missouri Next to the Captain you will see "Retraining needed", which wasn't there prior to patch 0.6.1. 3. Result No Retraining for US-Captains on the Missouri possible. 4. Expected result Missouri is a premium and Retraining should work. Stunningly all the Skills work normally 5. Technical details Time: Around 11:20 Edit 14:54: Problem seems to be fixed! Thanks alot Edit 15:36: Problem reappeared!
  3. Carl_Edward_Sagan

    Event Calendar December

    I just expect the Youtube Videos about the Spee and shortly after it will be available
  4. Carl_Edward_Sagan

    Old Mikasa/Pre-dreadnought Appreciation Society thread - Please see page 27

    I want to join the Mikasa Society
  5. Carl_Edward_Sagan

    [] [MOD] Smoke boundaries

    It's pretty useful. Thanks for the Mod!
  6. Carl_Edward_Sagan

    Projekt R: Update zum Event

    Ja, cooles Event! Hat richtig Spaß gemacht mit euch zusammenzuarbeiten