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    So what WG have to do to correct this? huh? can anyone from WG reply and discuss with comminty ,i wonder. Why do i have to play with a team that 6 out 8 player are below 45%winratio and 20k avg dmg? why do i have to play with players thats pays to get free xp ,skip whole line just to play t10s w/o knowing even the basics? I bet most of them play with 6-10 lvl commanders. WG should create leagues according to players personal stats (PR , WR or something) , should separate very bad ,bad,mediocre ,good and very good players and let them play on their own leagues... Hope someone from wg would for just one time LISTEN to what playersn that wants to play seriously, have to say and suggest. This game lucks LOTS of things in general. Im out. peace
  2. MadPreDatoR

    Chat-Server Maintenance

    Yea and now because of that im stuck in a division i was playing with a teammate. Can't press Battle button! Can you do something for that? Clan chat and Division chat disappeared so i cannot exit. Choosing to another game mode battle button is grey out saying i have to press Ready to enter the battle....