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  1. Pasca_Kanonno

    PSA (mainly for Weebs?) - Azur Lane mission

    Cool! I will put her on my Bismarck ~
  2. Pasca_Kanonno

    Can't win a game regardless.

    The reason was simple. MM SUCKS!
  3. Pasca_Kanonno

    Updated Operations

    Stop making Raptor and ally ships more dumb. We couldnt protect her if she rush like a drunker. That's all I want to say for this update.
  4. Pasca_Kanonno

    Special Voices?

    Thank you. It works~
  5. Pasca_Kanonno

    Update 0.6.13 - Bugs

    Please fix the voiceover. It's only 2 options Standard and National.
  6. Pasca_Kanonno

    "Kongo`s Tea Time" searching new members!

    I would like to join. I already sent a pm to you. please rep~ :)
  7. from now this script is no longer available... i guess tho~
  8. Pasca_Kanonno

    PRAVDA Kai - Open Now! [KancollexGuP Community]

    Hi guys~ i'd like to join ur clan but all of discord links are not working. Could u give me a new one?
  9. Pasca_Kanonno

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    can you mod furutaka's skin?