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  1. No free loot here, been playing for two years and never received anything of the kind mentioned. Those of you who got, are very lucky indeed !
  2. Windswept_Scotsman

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Merry Christmas to you all, Especially those of us who are without family or friends this Festive season. You are not totally alone, I understand how hard this is for you, maybe next year will be more joyful. May as well join in... No chance of winning anything, my luck this year had been terrible !
  3. Windswept_Scotsman


    Tried it, NOT working now... :( Such a pity, I must have been too late...
  4. Windswept_Scotsman

    Radar doesnt get a penalty in storm?!

    You do have a point there. But the Op is asking, in this topic, about storms. A storm wouldn't have the same interference to radar, as a big tall island. None-the-less, I get your point.
  5. Windswept_Scotsman

    Which premium ship nets the most credits?

    Getting the credits, is more about YOUR performance, than it is about the ship you are playing.
  6. Windswept_Scotsman

    Whats wrong with WoW

    What's wrong ? It's free to play, so any old scrub can download and play, with zero invested interest, there in lies the first, unsolvable problem. You'll only get more teamplay, if the players have an investment in the game.
  7. Windswept_Scotsman

    Radar doesnt get a penalty in storm?!

    Radar would be on all the time in real life, so I don't see why a further penalty is needed, just because you are in a storm.
  8. Windswept_Scotsman

    Weird CV bug

    I can concur that this is happening with "Group 5", It has been happening since before the last patch, and a full uninstall/reinstall does not correct the audio issue. (I tried for this very reason). Group 5 gives this audio warning randomly, whether it is in-flight, landing or taking off, and 99% of the time, Group 5 is not near any ship or enemy planes to be under any sort of attack. It is quite distracting
  9. Windswept_Scotsman

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    I have had enough... I will list a few "issues"... Game is stuttery and laggy at times, although no lag shows under "lag" at the top of my in game screen, but ping shoots up, spikes, making tracking, aiming unbelievably hard and frustrating. Ship carousel keeps reverting back to large icons, I want the small icons offered. MM is making dumb choices and not splitting ships/ship types as evenly as you suggested/promised it would. Captain/commander skills, are not showing in enemy(and team) ship stats in matchmaker start screen before each match. In match maker start screen, some ships ARE showing as elite status, when they clearly are not, having stock hulls etc... (mainly noticed against BB). You have nerfed my Murmansk, with the slowed rate of fire, it is a totally different ship... Yesterday, in two matches playing my RANGER CV, the screen kept shooting to the left of my screen, no matter where I clicked on the main screen, I had to fight with the cursor to get the screen to let me look or click anywhere.. i kept just gliding quickly left to the edge of the map.... totally annoying and makes gameplay very hard... But my BIGGEST complaint, is that you still have done NOTHING to encourage TEAM PLAY between players in Random battles, this is by far the most played mode, and the lack of you pushing people to play together is astonishing, a tool-tip or two, is not enough, do more to get folk playing FOR each other....
  10. Windswept_Scotsman

    two brothers bug

    I took this image back in November, I think it was on the map mentioned. The map looked very strange from all angles...
  11. Windswept_Scotsman

    Project R is up on EU

    You are correct on both counts.
  12. Windswept_Scotsman

    Project R is up on EU

    Again, missions all done in a few battles, the weekly ones anyway. So if we reach the great 10M pearls collected, I am assured a new Premium in my port.
  13. Windswept_Scotsman

    No cheat here, sry! ;)

    Naming and shaming... Typical THD post, all ego and boasting bluster.
  14. I get this from time to time, for me, I notice it more when I have torpedoes selected, and I try to turn, but is does not happen, I usually have to select AP or HE, then try to turn again, before going back to Torpedoes.....
  15. No, no, no, no, no... This wasn't intended by WG to be a part of the game, so I don't think WG should allow modders to inject this into their game for anyone. All this will serve to do, is spoil the fun, yes FUN, of the game for anyone who is targeted by the enemy team, just because the enemy team, "think" he/she is a threat... This modding rubbish spoils the game, every one should be playing with the same information, graphics and options.. that is one main way to keep the game BALANCED for everyone. Seeing more information about your enemy doesn't give you an advantage over them ? Yeah right....