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  1. Herwarth

    [0.9.5] My Customized Skins

    [Saving for later]
  2. Herwarth

    [0.9.5] My Customized Skins

    [Saving for later]
  3. Herwarth

    [0.9.5] My Customized Skins

    [Saving for later]
  4. Herwarth

    [0.9.5] My Customized Skins

    Here are a few customized skins I made: Prinz Eitel Friedrich - White & orange Friedrich der Große - Black & white stripes, red turrets (it also has a skin with the plain hull) Großer Kurfurst - Black & white stripes, red turrets Roon - Black & white stripes, red turrets Hindenburg - Black & white stripes, red turrets Taranto - Grigio-azzurro chiaro Giussano - Grigio-azzurro chiaro Gorizia - Grigio-azzurro chiaro Knyaz Suvorov - Imperial Russian Navy: Black & orange skin for Knyaz Suvorov Gangut - Imperial Russian Navy: Black & orange skin for Gangut Royal Navy CL pack II - V: White skins for RN light cruisers from Weymouth to Emerald Royal Navy CA pack V - VII: Black & orange skins for RN heavy cruisers from Hawkins to Surrey, plus Exeter St. Louis & Charleston - Great White Fleet: White & orange skin for St. Louis B hull and Charleston like St. Louis A hull Yamato & Musashi - Darker Haifuri camouflage: These ones replace the current skins of the Haifuri camos and don't need to change the camouflage.xml file Viribus Unitis - Historic light grey to show how it brobably looked like when it was brand new and received its first coat of paint Also an olive green skin for Viribus Unitis like the real green paint scheme given to the Tegetthoff class. To install: To add the skin to the game, paste the "content" folder in the "\World_of_Warships\res_mods\" directory. To make permanent camos invisible, download this file into the same folder: http://www.mediafire.com/file/up7c40mtllygdyz/camouflages.xml/file
  5. Herwarth

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Looking forward to the russian dreadnoughts, particularly Gangut and Knyaz Suvorov. Yeah, I know the KS never existed, but it still looks really interesting. I will say that I would've preferred them to go with the Imperatritsa Mariya over Gangut to add some variety (and a royally good name). I also hope they eventually add Borodino in its historical configuration.
  6. Herwarth

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Can anyone pass me the link to download the latest version of the unpacker? 'Cause I can't find it.
  7. Herwarth

    Viribus Unitis

    It feels like Königgratz all over again...
  8. Herwarth

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    This makes Turenne worse then, since they had an actual dreadnought design available. Personally I'd love to have the real Radetzky, but WeeGee keeps refusing to add Predreds. About those designs, design C could be a decent Tier III if they gave it a good enough reload. However, if they decide not to add the real thing, I'd still like to have a 6x2 240mm version, just to get something that looks almost identical to the original.
  9. Herwarth

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    I also found some pictures of Tegetthoff with green paint. No, Viribus Unitis didn't have funnel caps and Szent Istvan also had a platform on its funnles with searchlights, so yes, it's a combo. TBH the ship's colours can be modded and the funnel cap looks OK. I'm just happy we finally get to see a Tegetthoff class battleship comming to the game. Another idea for WeeGee: Since they don't want predreadnoughts, how about, as a placeholder until they fix them, adding a ship that's almost identical to the SMS Radetzky, but with a pair of twin 240mm guns instead of the 2x2 305mm ones, so that it has a uniform battery of six twin 240mm turrets. That way the ship's a dreadnought and it can be placed at Tier III (with, say, 22 seconds reload, just like Nassau used to have).
  10. Herwarth

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    I'll admit I'd prefer the Prinz Eitel Friedrich to be as it was designed, but considering how utterly horrible Kaiser's fake upgrade is, the fact that the one made for Prinz Eitel Friedrich looks good is a saving grace. There's still the Mackensen itself, which could go at Tier V as a german Kongo, and Graf Spee, which could be added, I guess...
  11. Herwarth

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    I finally got arround to doing that. You can download it from my forum page (it's the same Bayern file). Here're a few previews: A Hull: B Hull: Also, MAJOR NEWS!!! Austro-Hungarian dreadnought SMS Viribus Unitis is comming to the game, for the moment as a german ship. Here's the link: Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/9yhm7f/tier_4_german_battleship_viribus_unitis_dev_blog/
  12. Dreadnought's camouflage does not show up on the ship.
  13. Herwarth

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Sorry, life happened and I've been quite busy with college. Also, please sign me up for the appreciation thread.
  14. Herwarth

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    If Mikasa had better accuracy and slightly more punching power, it would at least be playable. For the secondaries, they could divide the different gun calibers like they do with AA guns and give them different ranges, with the 150mm guns having 1km or 1.5km more range. Maybe they could also give them a main gun reload booster consummable, or really good accuracy at close range to make them better brawlers (I mean, they were literally made to brawl). Maybe also give them close-range torpedoes like Mutsu's.