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  1. TZUNAMI_1 Hotfix is here

    where is the correction I'm curious ????? AA keeps shooting at my planes with AOE flack !!! but another question this correction nerf hakuryu and numbers to the squadron ??? 12 to 9 or I see wrong on the official website? !! wargaming block free respec captain without announcing and seriusly I did not see anything to change yesterday !! ?? is a joke ???? !! if you keep making these mistakes the game goes' to get fucked together with all the players move and fix things !!! people are going to other shores !!!!
  2. TZUNAMI_1

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    i have the same problems, after this patch......
  3. TZUNAMI_1

    BRETAGNE bug

    the main battery does not go beyond 16.5 kinometers instead of 18 after upgrade