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  1. How do I get more patches?

    Just play a few games and use an emblem instead. Like the top cruiser tentacle pr0n emblem :)
  2. Aor carrier follow a ship

    If you follow the average BB, your planes will have a looong way to go for resupply And sticking too close to said BBs will often result in you being used as a meatshield. Better set some ship waypoints to have it patrolling somewhere so you are less predictable for the enemy CV and still have momentum to dodge incoming attacks.
  3. Buff Nuremberg, WG.

    Makarov is basically a C-hull Nürnberg (the AA hull) with Russian armament. iirc she still has the 1/4 HE pen since her guns and shells are unchanged but gets a standard Hydro instead of the German one. Tbh, I always defended poor Nürnberg. But seeing how I cripple or devastrike them in mid-tier battles, I really think she ship needs something more. Yes, she has a pretty long range and good steering. But that can't be all, can it?
  4. Schrödinger's ship

    Well, in my case it's pretty simple: I sank that Edinburgh just barely after the points hit 1000. So there is a tiny timeframe in which such stunts can happen apparently. But the result looks hilarious nonetheless.
  5. Schrödinger's ship

    We finally have proof. A ship can be afloat and sunk simultaneously. As you can see below, our team managed to get 12 frags. But the last enemy ship is not registered as sunk. The detailed report confirms this - Edinburgh is not blacked out and is listed among the ships that I shot at but did not sink. Yet it says "destroyed by main battery" and she bears the sunk symbol. Yeah, science, b**ch!
  6. Mysteries of WoWS

    Graf Zeppelin and GZ Test 1. Sorry for ruining the fun - I'm German and don't get the concept. Going back to wörk
  7. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Remove detonations, please?
  8. WG programmers? You state something than act the opposite?

    This is actually quite true
  9. Segal's departing

    Yeah, I was wondering... Is that name a super creative way of retaliation or just a super uncreative filler? Can we get Hans Wurst or Max Mustermann as German captain? @RAHJAILARI Yeah, he can't cook. And he can't even carry a pot around or throw darts either.
  10. Edited,dirty trick clan.

    I can't read. So I replied to something from page 6 :)
  11. Players Killing themselves

    I have to admit I don't know what your point was. I just reacted as I got pinged here. This player gets outright blasted out the water before he can do anything. Yet in 42 of 100 battles he gets carried to victory by his team's combined effort (or a few good players that carry the rest along with him). edit: That guy has a couple of T9 ships. But you can guess how long it took with that kind of performance.
  12. Players Killing themselves

    I most certainly can: He is a clan leader. Among his clan members (which are mostly painted in a very communist colour) I also found this speshul snowflake: I came across some similar clans, filled with such players. Not going to name them ofc but whenever I have a player with one of their clantags in my team I know it's going to be a rough battle. If I get a division in my team, I know we already lost before the battle has even started.
  13. Edited,dirty trick clan.

    huah. potatoed xD pls disregard
  14. WoWs Warpack - Is it legal?

    Maybe you should remove the link from your topic to lower the risk of getting the whole thread deleted :) $16 per month for... what exactly? Except for torpedo trajectories (my clanmates know my painful luck with torps, enemy and friendly alike) and the risk of getting permanently banned, what else could I gain from it?
  15. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    Just a taste of yesterday's frustration. Not constructive perhaps but fitting to this topic (and I need to vent): 1 victory and 2 defeats followed afterwards. Same old story - lemmings on Two Brothers; teams not deciding (or ignoring the decisions) on which caps to focus; east spawns going west, west spawns going east, ending with a clusterfck in the middle; teams ignoring all caps with 8 ships hiding on the B line not having any enemies to shoot at... This was the Hakuryu player in my last battle: He ran 4-2-2, auto-attacks only, no strafes, kept all fighters grouped up and attacked single squads with them. The only reason why they didn't get wiped out by the enemy Midway was him not using manual attacks either.