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  1. Then somebody on the enemy team saw you as a threat and called focus fire on you. And his team even responded to that. Depending on the overall MM in that battle, Warspite could indeed pose an immense threat. She has great AP pen and accuracy. Getting rid of such an enemy as early as possible can take a bit of pressue off the allied cruisers.
  2. @almitov Being a bit off-topic but I just have to defend poor Monty as I just cannot agree to GK being superior :) I do acknowledge some perks are more powerful (on paper) but Montana offers the much better package. She doesn't even have to fear a brawl against GK. Just pray you survive the driveby. To me she is the ultimate BB and she has become my benchmark for every other high-tier BB. Anyway, I now got Mongqueror myself thanks to some free-xp supercontainers. She is a huge upgrade compared to Lion. But man, she certainly is fragile. Best way to deal with a Conqueror is to focus her down with some allies. Despite the RN super heal she cannot sustain continuous damage as well as other BBs can.
  3. Not really a BB-line but just a single ship: Scharnhorst. She has it all. Accuracy at her max range is questionable but so is almost every other BB. As for Gneisenau: I played her with a full secondary build and that did not work for me. If I ever got close enough to brawl with my secondaries and torps (btw the B-hull felt inferior in this regard but you need the rudder shift), the main turrets could not keep up the pace. They just turned too slow. Yet I wanted to get close so that my secondaries get some work. As said, it did not work. I switched to aiming module in slot 2, took a more tanky captain, played her mid-range, got over it eventually. Only much later, I trained her a new captain. One that doesn't work that well with any other ship in that line: I went full AA, 14 points so far: And let me tell you, this ship is any CV's worst nightmare. You know by now that Gneisenau attracts planes. She is long and fast, hence doesn't turn on a dime like Warspite does, has weak deck armor, has weak torpedo protection. Basically a prime target for any CV. But confront his planes with a whooping 360 dps at 7.5 km, most planes will die even before he can react and retreat (or drop). This way you play at a rather safe distance anyway since you don't push yourself into unnecessary brawls, but you also provide valuable AA protection to your allies. The rest comes with time. Her accuracy is not bad at all but you need to get accustomed to it. Last time I played her, I got a Clear Sky achievement against a... Ranger or Lexington. Can't remember that well but it was hilarious.
  4. Belfast has some lumber stored on deck. The manly version of a bench :)
  5. What? Why? She is the most agile of the lot, her guns are superbly accurate, her AP shells can penetrate the weirdest angles, her hull armor offers decent protection, her citadel sits quite low, and her turrets have great angles so you can fire full broadsides more easily. She is a great addition to any fleet. As for the topic itself, a 1v1 situation is quite unfavorable to say the least. That applies to every ship. But as always, it depends on the overall situation. A lone Conqueror is blind, i.e. has no sonar, no radar, no plane to help spotting behind islands. So she can be ambushed. And from what I have seen in game and in replays, she is qute slow and sluggish so close quarters might be a nightmare for her. And, as already mentioned, breaking turrets is always a good idea to cripple your enemies. If you know you need to get some pressure on your enemy but you cannot pen him from the angle he is at, always aim for the turrets. Even if the damage counter shows a 0, permanently destroying 1-2 turrets always feels rewarding.
  6. Where can I get this mod? :O
  7. Edinburgh has smoke?
  8. That would be New Mexico and Fuso (and arguably Dunkerque) with their glorious sigma values of 1.5 (and 1.7 respectively). Colorado, however, is and has been for as long I play this game one of the most accurate battleships in the entire game.
  9. Hipper and Eugen used to have the fastest reload of the T8 heavy cruisers (203mm guns) before the USN buff and before the French line was introduced. Would be nice to restore this characteristic to strengthen her multi-purpose capabilities.
  10. This. Even though Mutsu only has 2 torps per side on relatively fixed mounts, they still help a lot in battle since you can use the torpedo lead indicator to estimate a target ship's movements. Giving that to a majority of RN BBs with their superp HE (screw angling) and super heal, that extra information for aiming your shots might be a bit too much.
  11. Such ribbon missions are best done with gunboat DDs (preferrably Russian), CLs that can take advantage of smoke/island cover, and German BBs past T7 with secondary build. Other ships will struggle hard to get the ribbon count up, although it is not entirely impossible. Seeing the ships you played so far, I suggest you try this mission with Leander and/or try to get Fiji asap. Fiji is (imho) the king of all T7 cruisers in terms of damage output and will easily get the necessary shell count. I cannot judge how advanced you are with cruiser gameplay itself but I recommend watching a few of Flamu's commentaries covering specific ships you play. You don't have to like him or his attitude, you don't have to copy his playstyle. But his high skill level gives you great insight to certain tricks and tactics.
  12. cyberfapping - nothing more, nothing less
  13. "Flamu prefers using it" is a rather poor argument :) We all know players like him can make any ship work, no matter how poor or unpopular it may seem. He uses the 419mm guns for the sheer shell volume and fire starting capabilities (and good HE alpha to be fair), but so far I have not seen him using or commenting on the potential of 457mm guns. The one time he mentioned them (iirc) he deemed them inferior because you lose a third of gun volume but he did not mention the AP penetration capabiliy nor the accuracy. I guess we will see a commentary on this soon, and I think he will still like the 4x3 guns better than 4x2, but that doesn't necessarily mean the larger caliber is that much worse. Just different; maybe a more conventional BB play.
  14. #MEGAZAO
  15. Let's put it this way: Lion with stealth build has 11.5 km detection range. Conqueror can get it down to 11.0 km (according to wiki - I ran out of free xp by unlocking Lion), and I bet Monarch is around a similar range. I would want this first above every other trait. And tbh, I chose AFT as the second lvl4 skill to get my Bofors working at 5.1 km edit: Sorry, I misread your post. But still I choose CE first. It was a good pick on Warspite so I see no reason why it wouldn't work as well on the other ships of the line.