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  1. So you can't use a 30% coupon for the Armada bundle? D:
  2. Huehuehue Huge sum but actually a nice bundle per se (considering the moneyz I already pumped into pixel ships)... I already own all but 9 of them so I wonder how the doubloon compensation may look like. 12 years of premium time?
  3. Going from what's said there, the collision avoidance setting in the game controls should be forbidden as well. Ok, most of us turn it off anyway but still... Other than that, just have a look at WG's own title pic for this newspost: New policy: Do as you like, just don't get caught :>
  4. PM sent. See you at sea - with our clantag or another :)
  5. On BBs I think it is viable on some USN dreadnoughts (mainly T6 and T7) and on Warspite thanks to their exceptionally tight turning circle, especially if combined with steering gears mod. 2. Other than that, I think if certain torps are meant to hit you, they will hit you regardless of the additional ~300m of spotting. I rather spend the 3 points on BoS to minimize the damage over time. Vigilance is best spent on German cruisers imho, e.g. Hipper's torpedo detection can reach 5 km with hydro. This makes your allied BBs very happy.
  6. Hipper is something between okay and good at everything but excels at nothing. That's basically her key strength and weakness at the same time. I do find her quite tanky though, or at least better than her reputation leads to assume. She used to have the fastest reloading 203mm guns at her tier but after several buffs New Orleans surpassed that value. I would very much like to see that characteristic again. It does not have to be a huge buff but just slightly faster than NO. edit: Heal was debated quite a lot. I love both ships, Hipper and Eugen, and I would love having 1 heal (max. 3 with premium and SI) but I wonder if that might be a bit unfair towards her peers. Concealment is okay imho. Just the main gun reload needs some adjustment.
  7. Black Friday is quite unknown or just unhyped in Germany. Cyber Monday or Cyber Week seem more popular and that's when WG pumped out discounts last year.
  8. With the cruiser-heavy clan battles, all the Moskvas and Des Moines around for perma-radar, smoke is quite irrelevant imho or situational at best (as last resort option to escape). You can't hide a fighting BB anymore, CAs usually have island cover, and a smoke screen is usually a torp magnet anyway. I could actually see our teams taking torp reload over smoke (let alone pick an IJN DD in the first place) if given the opportunity. edit: woops. Jumped into conclusions that this was aimed at CW. Somehow got stuck with another thread's context :> Need coffee...
  9. Since Aslain's modpack has a camo remover I presume it's just a setting somewhere in the config files.
  10. Oh, we have Chuck Norris as special captain? :> (Yes, I know such screenshots. Ridiculous mechanic)
  11. just casually leaking sikrit tactics
  12. 10/10 clan; would join again.
  13. Clan Battles :P
  14. Tricky. But having less guns on Phoenix' stock hull will teach you to stay at the right range, in contrast to St.Louis' "fk it, I rush right into the pit". I realized that not too long ago when grinding my NA account (US cruisers only)