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  1. deadly_if_swallowed

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    I'm laughing so hard right now :> Thanks for refunding at all, I guess, but are you really happy about it?
  2. deadly_if_swallowed

    Radeon 5700xt....

    ROG Strix RTX2080Ti here with the same issue. Exactly 3 minutes and 45 seconds into battle every time. edit: due to the size of last update I had to reinstall WoWS on another drive. Now the game runs much smoother and without any crashes so far. So I guess the update solved the crash issue for me. I don't think it was a faulty SSD - although quite old, it now serves as dedicated StarCraft drive and works like a charm.
  3. deadly_if_swallowed

    Sensible CV change incoming

    45 seconds are only one and a half BB reload cycle. Considering the plane speed at T10, it should not be that much of a handicap, should it? Then again, in reality it will probably just turn out as El2aZeR said: Midways will intercept DDs in or near the cap, far away from any sign of AA support.
  4. deadly_if_swallowed

    Sensible CV change incoming

    long overdue imho
  5. deadly_if_swallowed

    Is it possible to reduce game file size?

    May be worth checking your game folders for old screenshots, replays and updates (are they still archived?). My WoWS folder with screenshots of the last 2 years is about 40 GB so there must be something bloating your folder. Other than that, if a 60 GB game is too much for your drive to handle, you may want to think about buying some external USB 3.0/3.1 HDD or external SSD. They really are affordable nowadays and you can clean your system drive for better overall performance.
  6. deadly_if_swallowed

    Your Favourite CV: tier for tier

    before rework: T4 Langley (before they removed manual attacks) T5 Zuiho (before they removed manual attacks) T6 Ryujo 1-2-2 T7 Kaga and Saipan, both had their moments T8 Lexington 0-1-3 back when CVs didn't have defensive fire, Enterprise later T9 Taiho T10 Midway (probably weaker than Hakuryu but much easier to handle) after rework: none
  7. deadly_if_swallowed

    European research tree?

    Please, make Reichtangle the Pan-European flag. Anschluss for ze win.
  8. deadly_if_swallowed

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Just had to share last night's gem with the CV captains cabin. I presume throwing away planes has become a thing now? The top 3 enemy ships alone shot down 190 planes, the whole enemy team totals at 271 plane kills.
  9. deadly_if_swallowed


    WG trying their best to have me quit playing this game for good?
  10. deadly_if_swallowed


  11. deadly_if_swallowed

    Need just a clarification on selling CVs before deadline

    You know, some of us simply hate and detest the style of gameplay WG forced upon us. It's not even a matter of CVs being stronger or weaker than before, but rather the changed gameplay mechanics and controls themselves, the simple and basic fact they changed RTS to squad simulation. If you like it, fine, enjoy your game then. Just don't judge people who do not.
  12. Try Nicholas with AA specced captain ;) long range aura is 1.8-5.8 km, 3 flak puffs with AA module, you have DFAA, 180% dps on selected side, aaaand you get T4 MM.
  13. deadly_if_swallowed

    Side effects of nerfing CV

    The old T6 Cleveland
  14. deadly_if_swallowed

    [nerfing rare premiums] steel compensation

    This is getting a bit too specific on Cesare again. Our trustworthy sloth was talking about premium ships in general if they get changed significantly. Doubloons are worthless now. The ONLY things that you can do with them, and what you cannot do by other means except for real money, are buying "old" premium ships, premium camouflage, premium time, and converting ship xp to free xp. But long term players like myself already have quite a few ships in port, stashed up a bunch of free xp, and maybe have enough premium time left from Christmas boxes, bundles, containers etc. There is literally NOTHING that I would want spend my doubloons on at the moment and I doubt there will be anything in near future.
  15. deadly_if_swallowed

    FPS from 120 to 40, GPU usage @ 30%

    My GPU, an ASUS ROG Strix 1080 Ti is at almost 98% load when playing Warships. Is that normal for single GPU? I recently switched to a single 1080Ti, replacing my previous dual 1080 SLI setup. Fps drops are from 144fps down to 80-90.