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  1. So i thought i'd give this game another go.

    poor Hipper and Eugen :/
  2. dedicated 10gb of ram to wows, wgc client still crashes

    PMed you an old install file without wgc :)
  3. Should i buy the friederich de grosse? ( tier 9 german bb?)

    Freddy is a feckin sniper rifle compared to her French peer. Sure, her accuracy is not Montana-level but it certainly isn't bad either. I absolutely enjoy Freddy, even more than Bismarck and GK. Freddy is somewhere between those two - very tanky with big guns and good reload on the 406mm and definitely more maneuverable than GK which is more island than ship. And thanks to that maneuverability she is the last ship of the line that goes well with a full secondary build. Since she will be discounted soon, I highly recommend you give her a try.
  4. Helmut Schiffmann- new german commander

    As for his perks, I am absolutely fine as I use both of them on my Hindenburg. Expert Loader with 75% buff would have been much better though. So sad it got changed after the announcement.
  5. Notsers CV video

    If playing CV means "sending planes to hang around an enemy DD on the other side of the map" to you, maybe it really is not a class you should play then. There is much more to it. If a BB gets deleted by 12 torps to its side, it usually was a good play by the CV player getting his planes into a position from where he could land this drop, whereas the BB probably misplayed and/or was out of position. Do you see anything wrong with cruisers getting deleted by a well placed BB salvo? Or DDs getting rekt by CL shells? I think not.
  6. Notsers CV video

    That, sir, does not make CV play balanced. That would make CV play dull. You'd change CVs from being the arguably most demanding ship type to the most brainless one in an instant.
  7. What is the point of the karma number?

    be friendly in chat: gain Karma play well: lose Karma It's just cyberfapping, really. It could have been something more but it is just too easy to abuse. I think there were some achievements to be won by getting a compliment during an event (WG anniversary?). And I am fairly sure NA used to have Karma as mission objective on a more regular basis. I simply try to have a nice looking number. I am currently at 356 so the next screenshots will probably be 360, 400 and 444.
  8. 0.7.4 King of the Air +AA Defence Expert Achivements

    Perfectly obtainable with Saipan in a double CV battle kappa... Imho the best option for the CV achievement would have been removing the float plane counter. Just make it "destroy 50% of the enemy carrier based aircraft" (or 60% for all I care, since float planes don't count anymore then). Or ship tier x5. Was that too easy?
  9. Gneisenau advice

    The 6 shells are nothing to write home about to say the least, but damage will stack up eventually. Tbh I do not have accuracy issues with German guns. Ever since I played high tier RN ships, Richelieu, and Alsace, all German guns feel like sniper rifles to me.
  10. Floating BUOYS

    Sorry, can't resist the urge to... :>
  11. Friedrich the Great, or the art of fail.

    You can switch to premium consumables without doubloons. There is a small drop-down arrow so you can switch to credits. 22.5k credits per premium consumable instead of 15 doubloons. Yes, high tier ships are very expensive to maintain, especially without premium account or premium camo, so you will have to play some mid-tier battles in between (which you probably do anyway). But these consumables will have a significant impact on your battle performance. Maybe this will help you gathering better experience and make you fear HE a bit less. Because seriously, fires are no problem. Fires are your friends. Fires buff your reload (Adrenaline Rush) and can be fully healed back.
  12. Friedrich the Great, or the art of fail.

    German BBs have secondaries. They do not rely on them. Secondaries are a gimmick, a nice cherry on top. And hence, they don't have to be closer to enemies either. edit: get yourself a Richelieu and/or Alsace. We will talk about "great guns" again later :> I don't know about you but I prefer guns that can hit targets.
  13. Friedrich the Great, or the art of fail.

    Exactly. You see the flaw in your argument about accuracy? The ships you mentioned to back up your statement (except Republique) all rely on some thing else.
  14. Friedrich the Great, or the art of fail.

    Ever played RN or Frenchies? :> In terms of accuracy I'd choose my Freddy or Kurfürst over any of these two nations' high tier BBs anytime (except maybe Republique as I have not played her yet). Yet of course, Yamato's and Montana's accuracy are still top dog.
  15. Friedrich the Great, or the art of fail.

    Call me old fashioned but I still use a full secondary build and CE on Freddy. She is the last ship of the line that can get away with that. She is much more powerful than Bismarck thanks to her 406mm guns while being more maneuverable than Kurfürst which is a frickin island. Just whatever you do, don't sit still (or choose the time and place veeery carefully). Despite their appearance, German high tier BBs are excellent when angled away - their backward gun angles are much more convenient. So luring enemy ships into chasing you certainly is an option. As always, there is no "first always do this, then do that". Most of it is just guts. I like to play rather risky anyway, sometimes turning full broadside in front of a heavily armed enemy, hoping for the best, and I get away with that surprisingly often. Maybe because the enemy thinks no one can be that stupid.