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  1. The new Myogi - Actually fun?!

    To be honest, I never deemed her a bad or weak ship. But a very difficult one and maybe not suited to be a T4 ship that rookies have to go through, making her more of a stepping stone much unlike her T4 peers. But if you have learned more about battleships and go back to Myogi at a later stage, you just have to admit her strengths.
  2. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Just go for AA ;) Bringing tears to pleb CVs is such a treat after some horrible days
  3. Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Wow. Someone got triggered. Gneisenau is a fine ship. She is unique within the German BB tree (she is not even comparable to her sister), but she is a fine ship nonetheless. Took me a while to acknowledge it though. Eventually she became one of my favourite T7 ships.
  4. Smurfing, how many do it?

    Not exactly rerolling or smurfing in that sense but I do enjoy being purple with my NA account :>
  5. Sharks VS Eagles, not going to go for Eagles.

    You just wait. Sharks will have people playing Warships with their Guitar Hero controller.
  6. I bought a total of 11 or 12 containers and got missions for Kidd, Cleveland, and Monaghan. Since I already owned the first two ships I got boatloads of credits.
  7. 12.000 steel and 60.150 coal (and no idea what to do with it)
  8. hakuryu vs midways

    True. But every once in a while he will also be on your team.
  9. The Lion, IFHS or no?

    True. It's just the statement "IFHE doesn't work on BB main guns" that I was uncomfortable with. The skill works perfectly fine; your pen goes up. Matching important thresholds or being worth spending 4 captain points is a different story.
  10. The Lion, IFHS or no?

    There certainly are a few sections that become penetrable after picking the skill. Your pen goes up from 105 to 136 after all (GK with 420mm) They are just way less important thresholds than the 32mm bow/aft armor mark :>
  11. The Lion, IFHS or no?

    Wha? Is the wiki wrong then? "Increases the armor penetration of HE shells fired from both main and secondary battery guns" That should lead us to 136mm armor pen on GK main artillery (420mm). Ofc the secondaries become quite hilarious but tbh that build works best in coop, not in randoms.
  12. WHY!!!!!!

    he's playing for fun
  13. [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    Thanks Kev :) Your name looks so empty without a tag. Care to hang around in our channel?
  14. Could you do something with bots?

    I feel flattered :3
  15. So i thought i'd give this game another go.

    poor Hipper and Eugen :/