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  1. i7-7700k, 16GB DDR4 RAM, GTX1080 (I know I overdid my PC setup a little but I guess it will last some time now)... but still, WoWS sometimes crashes or gets stuck during loading screen. The only real advantage of a faster PC is being able to re-join battle quicker after restarting the game client or rebooting. But it does not prevent encountering the problem by any means. Which is quite sad, really.
  2. So I can just check the matchmaking and decide not to press "ready" if I am not satisfied? Cool :)
  3. Wait. That means accuracy at more than 8 km is better than zero? What is this wizardry?
  4. Just what if... - minefields could detonate incoming torpedoes - mines could be spotted by Hydro and remain spotted for ~15 seconds after Hydro wears off - spotted mines could be neutralized by secondary guns - ships could deploy their paravanes as consumable The latter seems like some pve/scenario thing but the rest might add an interesting dash of mircro-action to random games as you could effectively use minefields as shield against torpedoes.
  5. Place some mines along the map border :>
  6. Asking for a friend mayhaps? :>
  7. Then again, you could stick with Gneisenau's native language in which SHE (die "Gneisenau") was female as well :P
  8. What results? EU lost against RU!
  9. If I may add (again), I did try both builds and ultimately decided against IFHE on Atlanta as the benefit (that I hardly even noticed at all, if there even was any) was simply too little to justify giving up 4 points on AA perks that allow me to be an AA beast that and still take Hydro to hunt DDs and spot torps that pass by my waifu island for my teammates. That's why I use my Iowa/Missouri captain, not my Cleveland captain. Your ship's setup is totally up to you. And I think that is something we can all agree on. You have your raw alpha dmg numbers but that simply did not work for me as I focus on other utilities.
  10. Picking a consumable that only comes into play when there is a stupid enemy carrier present? :> MAA pumps the dps to insane levels (for a T7) so you don't need Defensive Fire at all. I tried IFHE when I was training my new Cleveland captain but ultimately ended up not using this captain on Atlanta anymore because the reduction in fire chance lowered my overall damage significantly while I did not feel like causing any more alpha dmg than a non-IFHE Atlanta would.
  11. I understand you are grinding German cruisers. Getting Prinz Eugen will do no good then because you will get her 1:1 sister ship at Tier 8 anyway. Their only difference is Eugen having 2 cm stronger armor slopes at her citadel but she pays with a tiny bit of mobility. Eugen is more of a collector's thing, or for people who want to play a German heavy cruiser but don't bother grinding through the line. She is, however, a veeery sexy ship and one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, model we have in game. I second Aotearas: In terms of uniqueness you will hardly find a better suited ship than Scharnhorst. She is a great CA/BB hybrid and never gets boring. Kutuzov is powerful but might become monotonous at some point. Alabama seems to be a decent pick but she might be a bit subpar to North Carolina's 2.0 sigma, depending on how much you value main gun accuracy.
  12. It's a collectible item! edit: I did this mission yesterday as I did not play at all on Saturday. 33.5k base xp with 3 French ships that share 2 captains. Took me 35 games. Absolutely despise Dunkek. Disgusting mission :/
  13. However, it is quite rare for a weekend event to be live from Friday to Sunday, not from Saturday to Monday as usual. Is there any scheme behind it or does WGEU decide this randomly?
  14. I use Atlanta with my Iowa/Missouri captain who has full AA build (CE, AFT, manual AA). Since the AA dps gets pretty insane, I don't bother taking Defensive Fire but take Hydro instead to farm DD tears who think they are safe once Radar times out. If a BB with big guns looks your way, sod your instincts and turn full broadside. You cannot tank BB shells anyway and most frontal/aft pens will citadel you. So just turn broadside and hope for overpens.
  15. Nope. I have bought, sold, re-bought, sold again Pensacola, Cleveland, and Yorck a couple of times. But never a T10. And although I am not overly fond of Minotaur (simply not my type of ship), I don't think I would ever sell her.