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  1. Your list is already looking very good! In terms of targets: A lot of DD's tend to rush caps at the starts of games, which makes them easy targets for a CV. Espacially an IJN CV. Crosstorping a DD takes some practice. But if you are able to pull it off, you can influence the game heavily in your favour. Same goes for dive-bombing DDs. Takes some practice but is so much better. I had a Haku auto bombing my Yugomo. He tried it 6 or more times. Didn't hit a single bombe.
  2. HeHe9228

    Stupid bug that made me stuck and a kutuzov always under smoke

    Yeah you were pretty close. It actually only a 3 sec. difference between Belfast (103s) and Edinburgh (106s). We messed it up cause Kutu smoked first, but it is still a very long time you can sit there. Actually it was quiet obvious that there was more than just a Kutu... Basically every 8sec 24 shells (12 AP and 12 HE) coming out of smoke.
  3. HeHe9228

    Stupid bug that made me stuck and a kutuzov always under smoke

    For the Kutuzov: I was in an divi with him in my Edinburgh.... Don't think I need to explain it further, cause Verende196 and Earl already explained it!!!
  4. HeHe9228


    Hallo, wie die anderen schon gesagt haben, wird er wahrscheinlich deine Bomber mit der "Alt-Fähigkeit" (Strafing) der Jäger abgeschossen habe. Guck dir mal das Video von iChase an. Da ist das Strafen gut erklärt!!