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  1. Michey802

    Rank 1 for the first time

    Only thing i can think of is if that day has a lot of bbs in the queue then it might be usefull enough. Might have scared the enemy bbs away so they arent effective and the enemy team crumbles.
  2. Michey802

    Rank 1 for the first time

    https://wows-numbers.com/season/id,10/ this is also interesting. Ship stats for only this season. Im sure some already seen this, but worth sharing anyway. Some surprices in there and some things that are common knowlege backed by facts now *couch shima couch*
  3. Michey802

    Rank 1 for the first time

    I assume these players all started at the same rank. insane winrate
  4. Michey802

    objective proof this server hit rock bottom

    I agree, i would have loved to play worchester in ranked but im still at the cleveland... so had to pick other ships
  5. Michey802

    Rank 1 for the first time

    This morning i finally got that great feeling when you rank out after a relatively hard grind. Not something i plan to do again with future seasons, i'm sure i lost a few years off my lifespan bc the stress LOL (i'm sure some can relate) I want to tell my thoughts and experiences regarding this season and some aspects of ranked in general, idk maybe some find it useful. I started this season somewhere at rank 20 something, i usually rank to 15 for the easy rewards and the flag. This time it all went so well and got farther without too much issues so i thought, why not give this a real shot. Till rank 15 i used my Tirpitz, its a ship i'm very comfortable with, this is an important piece of advice, play the ships you are comfortable with. No matter what people say is the best ship for ranked, you need to be able to play it well enough and comfortably enough or you wont last the grind/reach your goal for the season. When i had to switch to t10 ships i picked my Moskva, its a tanky ship when angled correctly, strong radar and can snipe well if needed. With just this ship i got past rank 10 in no time, but then things started changing. After reaching rank 8 i had a hard time being effective, the meta changed slightly. I got focused a lot more, died faster, lost more often and no hope of keeping a star that way. Its important to recognize when its time to change ship, jumped into my Yamato. I had a bit of success with Yamato, however it didn't feel very comfortable to play in this environment, the slow shells are easy to dodge at range so i had a lot of issues with taking out HE spamming cruisers. Even though Yamato was highly recommended i didn't like playing her in ranked so i switched to the Republic. Republic was a beast, i loved playing her till rank 5, despite the 32mm HE magnet hull it felt tanky enough but those guns really put the hurt on cruisers and battleships if they presented a broadside. However, meta changed slightly again, people angle better in the 5-2 bracket and my effectiveness with the Republic went down a lot. So switched to Minotaur (radar ofc) had a good success rate till rank 3, when yet again my winnings got harder yet again despite being in the same bracket. At this point i wasn't sure what t10 i had was a good choice, its not a bad idea to simply pick a ship you like anyway, even though it might not be the most "optimal" for ranked. Zao/ Hindenberg it was till i got to rank 2 and 2 stars. Getting sidetracked for a second here, because i know of myself that losing a star that you just gained during a hard battle before is very frustrating, i chose to set a personal goal: gain 1-2 stars a day and leave it at that. When you are playing in a frustrated mood you make mistakes more often, you get too impatient, you aren't enjoying yourself any more. Setting a personal daily goal is tactical (in my case atleast) So back to my grind, gained a star a day after 1-3 games a day. And then 1 day i lost 3 stars in a row... omg that was very triggering, i logged off, came back a few hours later and gained 2 stars back. I broke my own rule out of frustration, last weekend i really went to grind to that rank 1 but it was a back and forth rollercoaster and i rage quit after being 1 win away from my rank 1, and then lost 3 games in a row. After calming down i went back to my working ways, i log on, win that star and do something else. Those last 3 stars i gained with my Conqueror, for me it was more comfortable to play then the Yamato or Republic. It has the tank and can deal with bow on ships very well, i played the support role, helping my team put pressure on ships that threaten our objectives. Regarding the keeping a star if top scorer on losing team, imo a bad idea. The base xp is measured by individual performance, however its more the teamplay that wins fights. For example: as a dd player you can give your team an advantage to smoke up cruisers near a cap, so they can fire/radar more safely. However a selfish dd player could keep his smoke for himself, thus increasing his base xp, but risking a loss because his support is at a disadvantage. Since this game doesn't know yet how to put a score on good teamplay i think noone should be able to keep a star in a loss. Regarding the Stalinium Stalin Approved Balanced Stalingrad: i hate the damn thing, the luck i get is, if there is 1 in the game its on the enemy team. Anyway, my main problem with it is the improved AP autobounche angles. a number of times i was perfectly angled and it still penned my cruiser for atleast 10k dmg. I don't care about its crap concealment, a ship as tanky as that can keep shooting, thus being visible anyway. For people that are thinking about reaching a high rank before a season is over: Get past the 15-11 ranks asap, if you wait too long the less skilled players will over saturate the said bracket and make it hard to win. A friend of mine is having this issue, he waited too long and finds it impossible to get to the next. Its about the same thing with the so called weekendplayers. A less skilled team can lose in an instant when making mistakes, it created a very unstable team where personal performance to win can easily be overshadowed by crappy teammates. Overtime the grindiest of the grindiest of players can get into the 10-6 bracket so don't sit in there too long either, but its less time sensitive as the 15-11 ranks. Seriously when i see that some people spend a couple 100 games just to get to the next RANK i get a knot in my stomach. These people do what our gnome overlord Jingles says on occasion: Throw enough crap at the wall and hope some of it sticks. I don't consider myself some unicorn player, but i try to play it smart, knowing when its time to cash in (stars) and log off for the day or play randoms. If you read all the way till here and have some advice for others who are having issues with ranked, then please say so below.
  6. Are those stats for randoms only? I bet a good number of players are in ranked right now
  7. Michey802

    Best looking ship in the game - which is it?

    Tough question, so many good looking ships. Personal favs are all the t10 cruisers, montana, republic, tirpitz, iowa/missouri, lion and cruiseliner camo normandy
  8. Michey802

    USS Alabama

    Why stop there, didnt sertain scout aircraft have radar too? On serious note alabama is in a good spot on the balance scale imo. Very manouverable, good AA, punishing guns. Love playing her
  9. Id say Yamato got more nice targets to shoot at during past year, 32mm british/french BB's. Im sure not much has really changed for it. Actually the only nerf i remember was a heal nerf long time ago. If your getting bad games or are frustrated by a lot of overpens then get to know the game mechanics better (they have official videos explaining on youtube) and watch your replays and think what you could have done different.
  10. Michey802

    Why do I suck in my Derpitz?

    Tirpitz build and playstyl always changed for me when the meta changes, it probably will again with alle the hidden firespammers just released. I first went tank build wich was great against fires but after some months it started lacking, i always got rekt by AP and torps. Then the secondary buff came out and speccd more into that next to some tanky skills/mods but it still didnt wanna hold up. Then tried consealment and sec spec with 3 4point skills. I had no fun with this build. My current build im happy with, its a secondary spec, with ruddershift, torp detection and dropping any consealment. Main battery mod 1, dmg ctrl system mod 1, sec battery mod 2, steeringgears mod 2, target acq system mod 1. Direction center for catapult planes, EM, AR, BFT, Vigilance, AFT, manual secs. If the map allows it use islands to get close and let the fire rain. You need to use tirpitz speed to dictate range and manouverability to limit the (the effectiveness of) incomming shells and torps. Forget you have torps untill a special lategame oppertunity pops up. With this build the damage i eat has been alot less, and had more fun.
  11. Michey802

    Build for Republique

    Thank you for the input. I'll go for the tank build, seems the most reliable.
  12. Michey802

    How much Credits you have? (2018 Edition)

    My problem is that my xp gain is much faster then credits to keep up. Glad i bought missouri while it was still there. Grinding 2 lines atm
  13. Michey802

    Build for Republique

    Hello fellow captains, I was wondering what build(s) might fit me when i get to the republique. Im at the Richelieu atm having a ton of fun in it but im not sure what build would fit me when i get to t10. I am an agressive bb captain that usually has his ship at the frontlines, (and occasionaly going too far and regretting life choices) I understand there are different build for this t10 and im not sure which would fit me better so im asking for peoples experiences. Although my GK has a sec build it also has a lot of armour, wich the republique lacks. I love secondary specs but i want to live long enough to still be effective so a tank build that drops the manual is also an option for me. My montana and conqueror both have full stealth build. My yamato has secondary spec but the exeption of the mod, it has aiming systems instead.
  14. 2 recently actually, Dmitri Donskoi, not that its a bad ship or me playing it wrong (got almost 30k more avg dmg than server avg) but just cant seem to win in it. And KGV, hull is okay but i hated the guns. The AP was very underwelming, and HE gave me crap fire RNG, next the the dispersion. Put every single XP modifiers on them and spend any free xp on it that i had available. I thought missouri was back to normal, had no problems playing it in the last week. (Did have a problem with it before though)
  15. Michey802

    Tell me what's wrong with this screenshot

    Id say by the score and lack of dead ships, passive game. Own team failed to have a significant impact. Also poor t8