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  1. AkaZecik

    Cannot connect to battle

    Seems to be a problem with division: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/23745-cant-join-a-battle/ http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/24167-cant-press-battle/ Only those who tried to play in a division are having this issue.
  2. AkaZecik

    Cannot connect to battle

    Hi, I have some problems with starting a battle. I can enter the Port but when I press the "Battle" button I can hear the sound but nothing else happens (no errors, no messages). Game doesn't let me join the queue and I can't upgrade ships/commander skills. My friend is having similiar issues, we can't join a division too. I also don't see his presence in 'contact' pannel. I have checked NA and EU forum for info but found nothing (only ingame errors or connection problems). I have activated "ALBANY" code a second before noticing this problem and I can see a new ship in my port now, so game is connected to server correctly. I have a possible reason: we tried to join a battle in division but game got stuck in queue (timer reached 5:30 and probably could reach more - game didn't disconnect us at 5:00) so we quit WoW. Problem described above showed right after this issue (first try was one hour after this overextended queue). Thanks for help in advance! Edit: sorry for wrong section. Please move this topic to correct one as soon as possible
  3. AkaZecik

    Cruiser's squadron

    Hi, I wonder if it is possible to control e.g. Omaha's squadron (activated by T). If so, how can I do it? Can I fly away from my ship and attack the others?