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  1. kountouriotis_gr

    [ALL] Greek fonts for EU client

    Thank you !!!
  2. kountouriotis_gr

    GPU 99%

    Anyone any idea ?
  3. kountouriotis_gr

    GPU 99%

    Update Unplugged the cable from the graphics card, plugged in to the onboard card, started the game and the gpu usage decreased to 70-80% (which is normal considering the weakness of the onboard graphic adapter)
  4. kountouriotis_gr

    GPU 99%

    Well this screenshot shows my problem causing my system to restart most of the times i try to play. It happens only while at port. Entering the battle the gpu usage decreases to 70-80%. It began about one month ago. It is very weird that the problem appears only while i'm at port. My video card is a Nvidia gtx 750. Tried several drivers, did a fresh game install, formated and installed win 10 again. Problem still there
  5. kountouriotis_gr

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    Yesterday at Ranked Battle. Me on my Amagi, battle begins and after 1 minute or less an enemy Mogami spotted. Aimed, fired, boom. Mogami sunked. It's just wrong
  6. kountouriotis_gr

    Anyone else noticing citadel on new mexico

    Last month i managed to do citadel hits in NM with my Fuso. I wasnt able to do that before
  7. kountouriotis_gr

    HE spam is killing the fun

    Yes, the developers must remove the ability of HE spamming from cruisers. Also they have to remove the ability to move. Cruisers have to stand still and do the sitting ducks role so the BBs can whipe them out sooner.
  8. kountouriotis_gr

    Automated Comms please - EU is multilingual

    I seriously doubt that there are Greeks who refuse to speak English though they can
  9. kountouriotis_gr

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I have the Amagi and the Ibuki. But that's why my primary ship is the Fuso
  10. kountouriotis_gr

    I can't even charge from the available payment methods...(Greece)

    Oops sorry. My bad
  11. kountouriotis_gr

    I can't even charge from the available payment methods...(Greece)

    Strange. I've never experience problems in online transactions via with paypal (i am from Greece also).
  12. kountouriotis_gr

    IJN Mogami

    I do not sell it with the hope that wg will sometime understand and make it again a decent ship
  13. kountouriotis_gr


    Some people are not answering in chat cause they do not speak English. My division teammate for example.
  14. kountouriotis_gr

    Dear WG. Stop giving out kill missions. Thank you.

    Is it just me or other captains too completely forget about the missions when the battle begins ?