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  1. Hey Spunky_Chicken Oh hell yes we are interested. I will contact you with a PM shortly.
  2. Hey Gradius, Your stats definitely seem to be up to par, I sent you further info via a PM.
  3. Hey Er_DaNy, Thanks for showing interest in joining TTT! Your stats are looking promising, especially the recent ones (somehow your 90 day stats are better than those of 30 days). Try to be as good as you were 2 months back and for another 30 days. After these 30 days, post again in this thread and we will review your stats again and chances are we will offer you a tryout. Kind regards, Tuinhek
  4. Hey absolute_justice, Thank you for showing interest in our clan. As you said, the only ship class you would be competitive in seems to be CV. However, we are not looking for a CV only player, we have several of those already so im afraid there would be too much competition for just a single CV slot. Therefore we decided to decline your application. I wish you the best of luck in finding a clan that is still in dire need of a good CV player! Kind regards, Tuinhek
  5. Tuinhek

    I have a (AA) dream!

    You should definitely use manual AA, it will double the dps of your larger calibre AA guns and is downright disgusting to play against. Your long range AA has such long range that it reaches outside the screen of the enemy CV player and if you are in a cloud hes just going to constantly lose planes without knowing whats hitting them. (Sorry Dawn_of_the_poi_Empire, IJN_Taiho, Kooluch and any other CV player out there)
  6. Hey mt_wicked, Thank you for showing interest in our clan. However, after taking a look at your stats im afraid your stats just dont cut it right now. Keep working on your skills, up those stats and come back to us if you feel like they have improved significantly. Kind regards, Tuinhek
  7. It appears my Moskva was horny for some Ibuki stroking, Ibuki was so impressed she turned into a Submarine (yes, that is my Mosvka)
  8. Tuinhek

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Awesome initiative! Ingame name: Tuinhek, and i'd take a Dunkerque or Arizona!
  9. Hey EnCOMMANDER, Thank you for taking an interest in our clan, however recruitment is currently closed. To add to that, unfortunately your stats as displayed on warships today don't meet our requirements. Kind regards, TTT-Tuinhek
  10. Tuinhek

    Odem Mortis Community Cup - Discussions

    Hey guys, I would like to formally apologize to the OMCC organizers and the GWDYS for TTT derping hard in the training room during our series vs GWYDS. This should not happen again (hopefully...). note to self/all: try the training room before a match (not just check if you can enter a room, check if you can actually load into a game). Regards, Tuinhek (Gardenfence)
  11. Hey 15Peter20, I took a look at your stats and your stats are definitely decent, but not up to par with the rest of us. Therefore im afraid we would have to decline you for now. May RNGsus be at your side, Tuinhek
  12. Tuinhek

    EU vs. NA Showdown - 17th September

    Ill fence off the NA positions gardens, it will be super effective!
  13. Hey Hoolahoop75, Thank you for throwing in your hat, we caught it! But im afraid your stats on high tier ships are just not up to par with what we are looking for. I wish you the best of luck finding another clan . Tuinhek
  14. Tuinhek

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had a great game in my Monty today. Me and a Yamato(Mfour) decided to push into the enemy team when their only destroyer died early into the game. I also uploaded the replay for those interested. http://wowreplays.com/Replay/12300 Regards, Tuinhek, the gardenfencer.
  15. Tuinhek

    [Contest] Ranked Season 4 - Ironman Mode

    Doing it in a Pensacola is rather frustrating, every battleship shell that hits you is a citadel.