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  1. New Game mode required

    I like this idea!
  2. Division Ready-up and chat window

    Well, I'm pretty sure WG designed this in 4k monitors and forgot that they don't have scaling in the game making the division windows fubar.
  3. I'm not sure it is good business to allow people to buy a premium ship that will put them in a tier they never played. Most likely scenario is the person is gonna be seal-clubbed and rage quit to the next game where he can p2w more easily.
  4. XP Conversion this month

    Won't happen, this is the best time not to happen even. Catches people that don't have enough time to grind the Missouri before it goes thus converting at a lower rate and also catches whales that don't have the fxp ready for the Musashi but want to have it asap to shoot HE.
  5. I played a couple of co-op games to rush the NY campaign and I was very surprised to see that the bots in co-op "play" better than some human players. Very surprised indeed.
  6. I assume it is the one with more "friends" reaching T5. It's a streamers competition if you ask me. Usual pleb can't compete with that. But, if you happen to have a "friend" that reaches tier 5 the flag and camo combo may be worthy.
  7. Create a referral link and pass it to your friends. Free 50 flags +10 camouflages for your first "friend" to get to tier 5. Person with more friends playing wins the premium ships. Detailed information here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/friend-ship/
  8. UI scailing for 4k and 2k resolution

    Would also love to be able to use my hardware to the full potential so +1.
  9. OP if you want it easier you need to pull out your credit card, if not you need to work around the enemy advantage.
  10. Same crazy GPU usage in port in a GTX 1070. Maybe cap fps to 30/60/144 in port?
  11. Idea: Captain skills

    The average Joe can barely understand the current system, that one would make their head hurt too much.
  12. Penalty for defending myself ?

    Implement 200% mirror damage from the start (not only after the shooter is pink), if you shoot/torp someone you'll get it reflected on you.
  13. Sketchy holiday camo price change

    What we need is an in game auction house to help people get rid of these useless flags and other consumables. I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be happy to offload those from the OP for a fair price in credits (lul). Additionally an ingame auction house would increase dramatically the player base and even quality by bringing a lot of new bots in. Wink wink WG!