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  1. Operation Cherry Blossom - what went wrong?

    I found the Operation fun and engaging.
  2. Remember X marks the spot?

    May it raises awareness that a minimap actually exists.
  3. Suggestion: Alternative free xp conversion

    I have an idea. Introduce a new currency, Salt. You can collect salt only in random battles, conditions are: - 1st of the losing team; - More xp than 75% of the winning team; The above will give you: - An achievement called "Here is the stake, you already have the salt". - A random amount of salt. Salt can be used to convert ship XP into fXP.
  4. I can already tell this is gonna be a good one.
  5. Thailand Rescue Op

    The correct section for world news:
  6. Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    The best counter to radar is playing BBs. Mindless pew pew on all them radars.
  7. New Operation "Cherry Blossom"

    I always disregarded Operations and I probably played less than 10 before this one but I'm a fan now. What I like: Fun and relaxing; Not much effort needed besides a couple pointers to the team on what and when to do some stuff. Mindless pew pew. Allows a good xp and Fxp grind. Restriction to tier and class makes it easier for everyone. I've spammed like 20 games of this operation and I think I should be averaging above 4.5 stars per game, so very easy.
  8. New monitor....why can't I hit anything?

    4k needs dynamic crosshair and the UI will be super small.
  9. I always disregarded Operations but I'm a fan now. Fun and relaxing and allows a good xp and Fxp grind.
  10. Godawfully slow and laggy port

    Chat servers are running on a TI-83 plus. Also cluttering the port with 10 thousand "News" and videos without fixing it 1st probably didn't help much. Funny that the port is the only part of the "game" that ramps up my gpu fans.
  11. Less crashes after last patch?

    Game feels sluggish with random fps drops after the latest updated. Was working decently before.
  12. Commanders Gifts

    Inb4: Bots all over. Chat spam for "WTS 100.000.000 for x money"
  13. Another post about Divisions

    Just build a wall and make 3 man divisions pay for it. Ez!