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  1. Voted No. (would vote YES for all game modes though). IMO either the mechanic is completely removed from the game or it should be kept the same for all game modes. It is bad enough that some classes are already discriminated in some game modes, we really don't need that to extend to mechanics...
  2. Black Friday for the EU server was a complete fail last year. Not sure if we are gonna get unified deals with NA but I wouldn't hold my money for WG (unless you want some t-shirts).
  3. Fastest way is to uninstall.
  4. Don't worry, a major nerf to smoke is bound to happen soontm.
  5. But...the best time to play IJN the weekend when the food crawls out of their rocks.
  6. Live with it, you're still gonna give them your money anyway which proves their delay it isn't that big of a deal in the end.
  7. I'm not against the buff, there is nothing better than having more damage farms around but let me get a question right back at you. How do explain the Gneisenau and Scharnhost differences then?
  8. Only if they also give smoke and radar to all BBs. Oh!! and maybe a cloacking device consumable too.
  9. Rule #1 of fight club: - Never, ever expect a buff to a DD.
  10. "Why doesn't WG take my money" pl0x fast now.
  11. All that sh*t only to agree with me? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ must have something better to do. Anyway, I'm expecting the NC to be tweaked a bit in the near future too, WR is below Tirpitz's and damage has a marginal difference.
  12. #1 - Unique, probably, don't think you'll find another player with those exact same numbers. #2 - I never said that but let me reply just in case you still want to insist in your pipe dream, I'm 100% sure one guy stats are NOT representative of an entire server population. When do you think they'll buff the NC?
  13. Like the Scharnhost and Gneisenau... guess what buff didn't happen here. Edit: ELI5 before some offended virgin misunderstands me, I'm saying that the fact of them being sisters ships was not the reason for the change.
  14. He didn't read my post, he thinks I was claiming that single picture of a poor potato stats is representative evidence of something when it was used as a single example. It's a lack of attention span problem. Can we get back in scope now? When do you guys think the NC is getting its buff? 0.6.6?
  15. He said the North Carolina needs a buff or did he say that the picture does not represent statistical evidence?