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  1. ANOTHER middle finger in discounts.

    I think the offers are perfectly clear, people just don't understand them on their own fault. Keyword, Mission. But I do agree that maybe WG needs to implement a ELI5 way to communicate with their playerbase.
  2. ANOTHER middle finger in discounts.

    What is it with the recent wave of people feeling entitled to spend their money in imaginary discounts!! ...geez
  3. Limited ammo

    I can answer these for the OP: 1 - OP is a BBaby with PTSD caused by DDs. Still untreated hence the post. 2 - OP doesn't care about the game because OP is the center of the Universe.
  4. To sum it up, you tried to buy the doubloons using the coupon, for some reason that attempt crashed and you bought nothing. (contact your ISP and tell them they made you loose a fantastic deal and you want compensation from them). Then, WITHOUT a coupon you decided to buy 4000 doubloons TWICE and decided to bother customer support that you wanted the bonus for a deal you didn't had a coupon for and EVEN IF YOU did would only apply to ONE purchase.
  5. Wargaming permits teamkilling

    We are moving from punishing the team kill (intentional or not) to only punish the people being torped by having his game ruined with no consequence to the offender. If WG really wants to change this for whatever reason (I'm guessing game retention rate for team killers was too low) might as well remove friendly fire all together, that way no ones gets penalized which is still better than only the victim being penalized.
  6. Wargaming permits teamkilling

    Removing the only way some people would learn why not to 2nd line torp.... Catering to the lowest common denominator will end up with people needing to learn even less about the game.
  7. What has happend to the Missouri?

    Next in the series, why is the Earth not flat.
  8. @OP Thanks for the wall of text, constructive feedback with 150 battles done is like writing fake news. My guess is that you don't understand the game at all and are just complaining under the cover of giving constructive feedback. (its the usual M.O) (you're not the 1st to do it and won't be the last either).
  9. Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    The 1st world problem of trying to hardcore game in a Mac. :D
  10. Wide spread torpedoes

  11. "Retarded"

    Taking words for their face value is a bit ... well, foolish. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/hateword_sanitize_the_world
  12. "Retarded"

    Reverse logic?
  13. "Retarded"

    So for example, someone attacking a group of people for using words s/he/it doesn't like is hate speech?
  14. I'm never shy of some spanking on a reversing, friendly torping, HE firing Tirpitz :D