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  1. Flex0r75

    Public Test 0.5.16 - Patch Notes

    "Gneisenau: Anchor shackles on hawseholes" You'll never guess how 'hawsehole' is pronounced
  2. Flex0r75

    Matchmaker crashed?

    I just was in a queue for over 5 minutes in a T6 ship when finally giving up...
  3. Flex0r75

    Enough is enough, I'm abandoning carriers. Why bother?

    Haha, here, have some Doubloons, you cheapskate! No one would spend the time to retrain high level captains, luckily you don't have to
  4. Just do it, you won't be sorry. I held off for this exact same superstition. Last Sunday, after 2 crazy games in the Umikaze and Isokaze (16 torp hits each, massive base xp for the tier etc.) I had enough and the very next game after enabling it I played a game in the Minekaze and got 6 kills including a double strike on 2 Aoba's at close range (less than 2 km)
  5. Flex0r75

    Competition - Win a Tacobanana

    So I had a great run on sunday scoring 16 hits in the Umikaze and then again the game after in an Isokaze with 172k damage, off the charts Anyway here are the screens Great initiative, sir! Actually had 2 Tachibana codes myself and gave one away to someone who posted the funniest ladyloving ladies joke which was much less appreciated by the mods than your competition It's not enough for first place but that's okay since I have this great ship already anyway!
  6. Flex0r75

    Positive Thread!

    I have kept all IJN DD's except for Tier 3, 6 & 7 all the way up to the Shimakaze as I do love playing them. This was a first win at x2 and premium and flags with 2550 base XP doing 172k damage sinking all 4 BB's of which 2 were a tier higher than me and a Kuma. I remember the enemy Furutaka giving me trouble and asking my 2 remaining teammates in BB to help me by killing him while I focused on the other remaining enemy in a Kongo. Also I never got bothered by any of the 4 enemy DD's so my team absolutely helped me win the game for everyone Thanks for the tip regarding screens, I was using the forum built in uploader which crops the images to the amount of becoming nearly unreadable especially when uploading a damage done tab screen. And I can recommend enabling replays as the game immediately after in my Minekaze I sank 6 ships including a Double Strike on 2 Aoba's at close range I had unfounded fears that once I enable replays all my games would be crap
  7. Flex0r75

    Positive Thread!

    I looked up topics you started and saw you have a competition running to win a Tachibana using a Tier 2 DD Sampson or Umikaze and this was the Isokaze, so are you sure this is a valid entry?? Or am I missing another competition you are hosting? I did also have this game prior to the Isokaze game yesterday, which was in an Umikaze with same number of torp hits so that might be relevant I also have the team scores and damage done screens for both games if it's worth entering
  8. Flex0r75

    Positive Thread!

    I had exactly that yesterday after this game in the Isokaze. I actually enabled replays after that game BTW, how did you get your screenshot to span the entire screen in stead of my small thumbnail?
  9. I enabled my replays and played a game in my Minekaze. It wasn't as spectacular as the 172k damage with the Isokaze but I did get 6 kills and a Double Strike on 2 Aoba's at close range Now I could at least see how I did that with the free cam as many kills happen off-screen
  10. You know you have to enable replays when you start your day with games like these. 32 torpedo hits, 16 each match Umikaze: Isokaze:
  11. Flex0r75

    Lose concealment when on fire

    I don't know exact figures but fire does add to your concealment range a couple of miles
  12. Flex0r75

    1,400,000+ XP what to do with it?

    I used it to skip tier 1-7 of US DD and BB lines. Already played the Benson up to the Fletcher (again using free xp after getting fed up with it) and only need about 100k to unlock the North Carolina. Also used a lot to progress through IJN lines faster and I never had to take out stock ships to battle. Yup spent a lot of cash over 3 month period on WoWs but as an MTG-online player this game pulling me away from MTGO has actually saved me money Just benefits of double income, no kids
  13. Flex0r75

    unlogical decisions during the game

    haha, better than hearing that on the defeat screen, at least
  14. Flex0r75

    Tachibana give away winner announcement

    It was inaccessible for me at first, later it came back, locked and scrapped by RogDodgeUK so I could at least pick a winner
  15. Flex0r75

    Possible Free ship for the EU

    My thread was deleted for being too provocative, but it served it's purpose. Lemme just say that you don't want to start a competition about jokes involving ladyloving ladies