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    wows replays on utube

    anybody know why you don't see the fall of shot on wows replays in utube ????
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    extract from 6.3 patch notes Note: Schuka-class submarine is currently not available in-game, and will be micropatched into the game March 30, from 06:00 PT/ 09:00 ET to 07:00 PT/ 10:00 ET. April Fool's Day is celebrated the world over, and we wanted to offer you a special gift: It's an eventual free Port slot! With a (non-playable) submarine in it! You'll find it in the Port immediately after the update releases. If you enter the Port during the week immediately following the release of Update 0.6.3 you'll get that shiny new port slot, a Shchuka-class submarine, and a Commander. Again, you can't enter battle in any mode with the submarine, dismiss its existing Commander or recruit a new one. You can't sell the sub, but you can hide it by applying filters in your Port You won't be able to level up or retrain the Commander who's also added to your account You can't mount camo, upgrades or consumables beyond Commemorative and Signal Flags will be allowed When the sub is removed from your account, all Commemorative and Signal Flags taken off it will be transferred to your Inventory You won't be able to see its armor layout in Port The sub and its Commander will disappear in the update following this one, but the sub's Port slot will be added to your account to use as you see fit. Hopefully, you'll put a newly-researched ship in it!
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    ​Had same problem, bloody annoying. Went to 'windowed mode', in settings. at least now I can end/finish and not have to reboot comp.