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  1. Xinyue

    Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    I really enjoy the T10 rank. Before this rank season, I have never got any rank 1 because T8 ships are just not strong enough to carry or to prevent losing a star. It was so very frustrating to lose stars when you are at rank 5 or above. Getting rank 1 does not depend on your skills but on your patience. I just can't bear it. T10 ships are completely different. When the team needs you, you can always do something to help. And it was way easier to prevent losing a star in T10 ships. What you need to do is just focus and do your best, then you will either win or lose while reserving your star. The process of getting rank1 with T10 ship is just more enjoyable. If you have the skill, then you don't need to suffer (a lot). It took me 95 games to get rank1 with T10 ships. I have no id how many games I have to play to get that rank1 if I have to use T8 ships.
  2. Hey guys, I was just wondering how to open these 448 boxes efficiently... Can we have a button to open 10 containers at the same time? Open them one by one will take too long.
  3. Xinyue


    Nope, he was on the enemy team. It was not a team kill penalty.
  4. Xinyue


    Hey guys, don't you think that the GZ test 1 needs immediate buffs? The ship is SO UNDERPOWER. I just had a game where I was sailing a Tirpitz, and the enemy GZ test 1 decided to bomb me. I was at full hp and started to turn in full speed, trying to dodge the bomb. Guess what happened? ... ALL OF HIS BOMBS WERE BOUNCE!! HE DID 0/ZERO/NULL/零/ゼロ DMG TO ME!! AND THOSE BOMBS, AFTER RICOCHETED COMPLETE FROM MY SHIP, FLEW ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE GZ TEST 1 AND ALMOST KILLED HIM!! He was at full hp and after the strike, he has like 2000 hp. I was deeply astonished. This ship is so underpowered. Firstly, we all know that the GZ test 1 is extremely hard to play: You have to left click at least 1 time to use those weak bombers. I can not imagine myself doing this, it is just too hard. You have to first avoid clicking the wrong button (the left button is the right one, and the right button is the wrong one. OMG so fxxking confusing right?), and then you have to click it at least once! To make it worse, sometimes you have to click THREE times if you want to attack multiple targets!! Shouldn't WG reward those brave and skillful players who dare to play this horrible ship? Secondly, the bombers are too weak. We know that the Tirpitz has very weak armor, and an OP battleship like Yamato, the only T10 BB which has never been built in real life and which has the highest win rate and avg dmg among all other T10 BBs, could one shot a Tirpitz at any angle, at any range. I am not saying that the GZ should be able to do that, but at least she should have some kind of strike power instead of doing 0 dmg. Don’t forget the GZ is very hard to play, while a 3 years old could play the Yamato and get a 160k avg dmg. I just don’t understand why this ship is designed in this way. Just too weak. Whoever plays this ship, will have his game experience completely ruined. But, I still have confidence in WG. This ship has been put into the game for testing for only 1 day, right? The intelligent and efficient WG will for sure immediately notice that the ship is underpowered and then removes it from the game to avoid ruining players’ game experience. They will not leave it there any longer because there is no need to collect any more data considering the fact the ship is just too weak. I just want to kindly suggest to WG that give the GZ a big buff. Thanks.
  5. Hello hello. There seems to be something wrong with my client. After updating the new patch, the ARP voiceovers are no longer in the setting. (Setting - AUDIO - Battle voiceover). There used to be Kongo and Ashigara and so on. But now there are only "Standard/SeagalCap/Arpeggio/National". I was wondering if it is possible to use the ARP voiceover in this patch? Thanks!
  6. Playing poorly is acceptable and I am not being sarcastic. If you are in a DD and you ignore your allies' position, push into the caps alone, run into the enemies, and eventually get yourself killed at the beginning of the match, I am OK with that. If you sails a BB and you miss 90% of your shells, do less than 10k dmg in every match, I don't blame you. If you are a CA and you show broadside to the enemies all the time and accidentally torp your allies, or you are in a CV and you don't know it is important to spot the enemy DDs for your team, I don't blame you neither. I consider these behaviors to be acceptable, because no one is born to be a good player. People need time to learn and to practice, and eventually they will become better. I am OK with someone in the team playing poorly, even in high tier matches, as long as they are not intentionally doing so. I used to be very upset when people play poorly in the team, but then I realized that being upset and cursing your allies won't change anything. If you see someone plays poorly, don't blame him yet, just give him some tips/advice and see how it goes (I know this is very hard to do, but just give it a try. Currently I can control myself not to blame the teammate who plays poorly in 50% of the games. My next goal is 60%). Sometimes people will listen and learn form your experience, so next time you meet him, he might be a way better player. You can also learn from other people's experience. Win win situation. However, MISBEHAVE IN CHAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL. I just can not bear it when people swear in the chat and blame other people when they are the one who did something extremely stupid and should be blamed. Someone did something stupid and got himself killed, being completely useless to the team, and after that he blamed and sweated at you, while you had to clean up his crapand carried the game. I am so pissed off when this happens. How can a person be that brainless and shameless? And why there is no punishment for for misbehaving in chat?! Sometimes I even want to TK these kind of people but I just care too much about my win rate so I have to let them go. This is the worst experience in this game. I still remember clearly that match, I was in my yamato and our gearing push into the caps and was killed at the beginning of the game. He was very upset in chat and I totally understood him. But then he started to blame me, which was a little bit surprising to me because normally DDs tend to blame their CV or CAs right? But I was still fine with it. He was frustrating because he got killed, I knew that. However, he just kept going and going, blaming and blaming and swearing. I was completely confused when he called me "camper", "coward", "hid behind island", "not covering me", because I was at the first line, heavily focused by the enemy and had 50% of my HP gone already. What did he expect me to do? Push into the caps and smoke for him? I just could not understand why people has to be that brainless and salty. In that match I used all my heals and did around 240k dmg. We won, but that was a very bad experience for me because he just kept swearing and swearing in the whole game. Well, his did show off his creativity in swearing. Creativity is a good thing. To sum up, Don't know how to play the game? No problem at all. Just take some time to learn, and you will be a great player and have lot of fun. But just don't misbehave in chat, it won't help anything. And WG please, if there is no consequence then the reporting system is useless. Please make the reporting system work, thanks a lot. Poi!
  7. Xinyue

    Dragon Flags

    5000 games, 4 Tier X ships, and got 10 flags. Where are the other flags? Still waiting. = =
  8. Xinyue

    Changes to Weather

    Many ships are actually nerfed hardly due to the Cyclone. It has changed the gameplay in so many aspects. I am not sure if this is what WG wants to see. If there will be more Cyclones, I will just quit playing the Zao and some other ships, and start playing the Moskva, who has the fast shooting railgun, the battleshipish hit point, the anti-460 armor, the highest win rate of all Tier X ships, and the "bad concealment", which does not matter any more because in the Cyclone you always have 8km concealment so Fxxk Yeah! And, Cyclone is not the way to deal with the camping issue. If people want to camp, they camp more in a Cyclone.
  9. Xinyue

    Changes to Weather

    I am deeply confused why the Cyclone is considered to be a good weather mechanism and will be added to more maps. I have played around 4700 games and did very well with my Zao and Yamato, but sadly I found this mechanism to be totally unbalanced. It forces those ships who are not good at close range combat to do close range combat, making the player's aiming skill, the ships' long range and good concealment totally useless. For example, the Zao is a victim to this mechanism. In a Cyclone, the Zao have to fight something like a DM in close range, which normally is a very bad decision. And you are not safe if you are in a battleship. You don't have enough time to angle yourself properly in such a close range combat. It is all depended on your luck whether you will live or die. I encountered a Yamato once in the Cyclone, and that guy was showing his broadside to me when we encountered. I was also in a Yamato and I got 5 citadels from him immediately. He has no time to angle himself at all. And that is not because he plays poorly or something, it is just bad luck. The Cyclone does not encourage skillful gameplay and weakens many ships pointlessly. It is fine to keep it, but at least limit this totally unbalanced mechanism to just one or tow maps or make it optional.
  10. http://wowreplays.com/Replay/5650-Xinyue-Zao-Hotspot 220k Zao. Just shot and shot and shot, and for some reasons lost the game
  11. I would like to report a bug. So there is a mountain that can be seen only from an particular angle. You can sail though the mountain freely, and it is not shown on the mini map. I guess it is a bug or a spiritual mountain or something. ========== And here are some pictures of me sailing an flying Kegaro fighting other flying ships by lunching flying torpedoes! (I don't use any mod)
  12. Xinyue

    There is something wrong with my Kongo...

    thanks! love kongo very much.
  13. The health modifier shows that she has been heavily damaged. So, how to repair the ship? I cant' find the button for repairing!