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  1. G4tt4B0

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    I forgot to mention one aspect I noticed. It eats citadels from strange angles. Was chased by Vanguard, got citadeled from around 15deg angle and around 8km range. Then more frustrating was when Montana chased me, opened between 10 and 12km, first salvo at around 30 deg angle, 2cits, another salvo at perfect stern to her, 3cits. He must have been laughing really. No matter the angle, I was eating cits like in e.g. Zao sometimes. Also gun arcs are still bad and any average player knows that it pays off to wait a bit till you show more side or you simply have to give up half of your already weak alpha and stop using two turrets completely (which is not a savior in some cases either).
  2. G4tt4B0

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    Around 50 games, my resume is - worst investment in WOWS so far. I really tried to get something out of it, but after all, even with fast rudder, it is more frustration than fun. If you want something enjoyable, just play CA instead of BB with almost CA rudder. So called accurate guns are somehow hidden or what, I don't have a feeling it is accurate. Even had 2 games in row without single decent grouping. It is not there. And way too often I do 0dmg on BBs and way too often overpens on CAs where I'd bet I get pens and citadels with eg. Kii. If you want accurate BB on tier 8, just stick with NC or Alabama with 9pottent guns. After some hesitation I purchased Hood, despite not great reputation. And I found it much more potent and able to score on top than Vanguard. I don't regret doubloons for hood at all.
  3. G4tt4B0

    Game & Balance Improvements

    BB AP vs DDs 1. want to see a number on which you judged this to be "improvement"? How many dev strikes over a period do BBs deal to DDs? From my experience this is a complete fail change! 2. you are forcing BBs to ignore shooting DDs more and more. 3. you are forcing BBs to use HE more often and as anybody who can read, this is very popular. Once you load HE and DD happen to escape from visual range in the meantime (of course this is quite likely) you unload it to whatever is around, reducing your dmg dealt in average. 4. you are forcing BBs to stay at more distance more and more. 5. this is increasing gap between DDs and other classes in ability to play the objective. It is enormously frustrating that when you loose all or most of DDs, game is over. And this is happening at least every other game. THIS CLASS IMBALANCE HAS TO BE ADDRESSED!!! I am mostly CA player but would like to enjoy BBs more. Played Warspite and Vanguard recently more often. Frustration is reaching very high levels because of inability to deal with both DDs and CAs due to dispersion. Even shooting static onshore installations in operation with Warspite is ridiculously inaccurate on a ship known for being one of the most accurate. In average 1 out of 8 shells hit... So why is this change adding up to this NO FUN? I admit it was still very rare to hit DD and take down decent amount of HP, but this threat should exist. And sorry but argument that BB will still deal lot of dmg to DD when you land many shells is not funny at all because we know how this is probable. Maybe for specific group of shotgun ship with God RNG salvo (Lyon, and 12barrel BBs). Other changes 1. buffs to IJN ships across the board - finally! Just afraid Ibuki might turn out to be a bit too strong. I liked it already in the shape it was before. 2.matchmaking for tier 8 - haven't noticed rly, still sucks a lot while I try to get something out Vanguard (more and more disappointing ship BTW) but having 2tier 8 instead of 1 in tier X battle doesn't look like a a change rly...Not that noticable so far. 3. Yueyang - fully supported change. Power creep removed after a looooooooong time. 4. too much of Halloween - oh man, it is one day in a year but it sticks in game for one more month. Was occupying scenarios slot for way too long already.
  4. G4tt4B0

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    Well, that what you can see on paper but trust me, torch is nothing compared to this on fire... You'd say it is just Atlanta or Kitakaze but all of the sudden you realize all your HP is gone...
  5. G4tt4B0

    HMS Vanguard - T8 Royal Navy premium BB proposal

    My experience so far (I liked the look + rudder shift buff and had coupon ready so gave it a try): It is fun to play, I like responsive ships. Similar to GC style on tier 5. Guns are ok, HE is needed much more frequently that I am used to otherwise you get frustrated fast with ding dong dung when up tiered (i.e. most of the time). However, for some reason I can't carry despite having dmg per battle similar to other tier 8 BBs, can't finish in top positions like I am used to in other ships. You absolutely can't go brawl especially if there is some HE spammer in vicinity. The moment such CA or even DD targets you, you don't let him have fun for long because you are dead in no time. It melts like crazy. Kitakaze, Atlanta, Cleveland not to mention Wooster etc., these things eat you alive no matter you have quite high HP pool (I have similar experience in Lion but that one has significantly better heal to partially compensate for it). Overall mixed feelings, fun to control ship but that fun can have very short lasting without being able to punch back in this stupid island huggers HE meta (ruining game experience in general for already way too long!).
  6. G4tt4B0

    Daily Shipments

    Same here, didn't get to premium Halloween container, back to square 1....
  7. G4tt4B0

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    Hi there. With more than 10k battles, seems like I play different game. Where is this urge to buff DDs against BBs coming from? It is well known and constantly published by CCs too, that DDs (ignoring CVs for now) are influencing game results the most. So instead of addressing this imbalance, we get another buff to this class. It is badly frustrating to be dependent on DD players because DDs can play the objective and once these throw the game it is done. Why is this arcade lobby being accepted without much hesitation? Cases when BB makes a good dmg on DD are very rare and should be there. Just like DD is huge threat to CAs and BBs, it should work the other way round. DDs need BBs as a target so this clear nerf to BBs will discourage BB players taking these ships out more. BBs involvement in killing DDs is relatively low because of pathetic dispersion and reload time. And lets face it, DDs way more often die to enemy DD than any battleship AP hit and often, then they cry "I had no support". Yeah sure, when he jumps on enemy DD torpedo, BB which doesn't follow him all way to cap in order not to be instantly deleted by those same torps + HE island hugging spammers is to be blamed. Absolutely zero support from me to this change. I mostly play CAs but also fair share of BBs which I consider state of the art, it is just beautiful to watch them sail so why more and more nerfs (another one is around the corner - concealment nerf to everything but DDs) forcing you to leave them in port further and further. It is radar which is affecting DD gameplay waaaaaay more than BB AP pen shells!!! And it was USN CLs line which had major impact on DDs, not BB AP so why you addressing non existent issue? Do something to balance objective play across different classes instead please. I play DDs too but never felt like BB AP is my concern, I need BB to be there to be my target. These are my 2 cents, please stop working hard on forcing me to quit playing this nice game you have invested so much efforts to.
  8. I rarely post but this time I felt I absolutely have to. I watched some CC test of Wichita so I knew what to expect but now I felt it in real, met one in randoms and that was disaster. It's enormous concealment which is heavily ruining all tech tree CAs of its and above tiers is making it heavy OP monster in combination with improved US 203mm pen angles. It can move around map unspotted, unleash full AP salvo to cruiser which can't have a clue where this guy is and devastate him. Played in ZAO, got several citadels from such a close distance that he couldn't miss. Can't imagine I'd be on the same tier CA or RN CL which is supposed to dominate in concealment (Edinburgh has 9km, this US P2W CL has 8.7km I believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). He did it to several other CAs, unleash salvo or two, get undetected and again and again. It has enough armor to withstand return fire as she has more than enough time to angle before anyone turns guns to her. Such a heavy AP volley from this close distance is a way too OP. Even with lower HP pool, you can't compare several citadel hits with more normal pens from other ships in return. Hope this concealment is not a final version. The guy did 1550 base exp on lost game with ease, on and off tactics Please don't power-creep like this WG! Heavy cruiser better concealment than light ones - NO NO NO! And if you really plan to screw up concealment expert bonus for CA/CLs , BBs and CV (yet another DD protecting change, srsly? BTW), then this thing will get even higher advantage.
  9. G4tt4B0

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    Just stack on all economy flags and you'll get it. Three are now four types if i am not mistaken. Also maybe you have camo with bonus earnings. You can make 250k with Acasta for sure too.
  10. G4tt4B0

    New Arms Race Mode

    My opinion - I did not join this game to play heavy arcade thus I am not interested in this new mode and idea as such so will skip it completely. I respect those who like this but I hope possibility to opt out from it will remain going forward. e.g. like in WOT where you can untick some game modes in rotation. My other concern is that this adds extra granularity and divides connected players into more smaller groups (random, coop, ranked/clan,scenario, arms race) extending wait times in non peak periods.
  11. G4tt4B0

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    I like this RN event in general, compared to what we had so far: + it is actually competition as soon as you make it to Hall Of Fame phase. Unlike disaster with Eagles vs Sharks where there was no competition at all although it was presented as one. + nice art presenting it + missions are mostly ok + rewards are decent + mission structure, different phases within a week - additional complexity of two extra currencies! God, just doubloons and credits are ok for this genre, one extra if you think you need it but two? - missions limited for RN DDs are clearly unfair to many, those for V-VIII have rewards which you can miss, not a big deal, but those for VII-VIII with premium RN container as reward. SRSLY??? - although just temporary I believe, missing rewards for reaching position in hall of fame
  12. G4tt4B0

    Time to scrap saving star in ranked

    Not a good idea to remove star saving IMHO. Ranked are extremely frustrating already. this would make it even a lot more frustrating. At least you know you have a chance not to lose a star when somebody in team throws it at the very start or you get afker on team etc. Argument that ppl play for save a star is not valid as everybody prefers to gain a star 100%! There are more serious problems with ranked like powercreeps(OP ships), P2W most tiers, number of radars not counted in MM and meta where HE spamming from behind island or smoke is THE BEST!
  13. G4tt4B0

    Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    My 2cents - from what I experience in game and also numbers tell, Hinden is a monster compared to ZAO. It has everything for both distant and close quarters fight. Some say, that zao is better firestarter. SImple math, Hindi is better with reload module (8.8s reload) so it is a myth. Mostly you run reload and accept slower turret rotation (you still have better than ZAO without reload module anyway, and you have much better turret angles too). You can also use torps when in close combat with another tier X CA while in zao you are dead by time you show your full broadside in attempt to launch sth. Compared with ZAO, yes I fully support this reload nerf on Hindi (even with ZAO so called buff, I'd be happy with 10km torps but angles which you can actually use with being dead before it..). Compared to other cruisers, don't know but if already all time bow on Moskva gets 50mm bow/stern, then it is questionable. I simply feel like a god in Hindi while in ZAO and Minotaur I have to think 2xbefore I fire guns and can only fire them in the right position and place. I know nerf would screw up many players mood because they love Hindi, CCs also love it and that is not for no reason... As for Roon, I liked it, played nice but don't think it sticks out like Hindi. That one extra turret is missing there. I can do better in Ibuki even though it is again more situational.
  14. G4tt4B0

    Bug Reports

    Wrong turret rotation. Experienced some strange rear turret rotation on Atago and Charles Martel. Being aimed at left side, all of the sudden I find rear turret starts to rotate from the right side. On Atago, this was only one of rear turrets. I haven't noticed quick enough but maybe it rotated like 360 deg which should not be possible (like on eg Nurnberg). Noticed this only twice so far, never before patch 0.7.3
  15. G4tt4B0

    Monarch. What am I doing wrong?

    What the hell is this supposed to be??? Just bought this ship and can't believe what I am experiencing!!!! What is wrong with these guns?? Can't hit full broadside KGV without camo at 6km one battle, can't hit Des moines at the same distance, reversing and again full broadside another game!!! This is much worse than gneisenau with less guns!!! Really discouraging! Played many ships but with this I am still in hope that I am dreaming! Shells purposely go everywhere but no on target very short or very long on broadside ships, left and right on bow on ships. On paper it looks ok but it can't be true. And all games I play with aiming system mod 1 upgrade. I guess I remove it, maybe it will be better...