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  1. G4tt4B0

    Ranked Battles

    Worst season so far, ready to quit very early as I can say I had fun in only one game rly where there was no smolensk and I hydroed 2dds in GK. Smolensk, smolensk, smolensk, stalingrad, smolensk, smolensk, Kremlin, smolensk, smolensk, smolensk, stalingrad, kleber - ruining game round and round. There was no more cancerous season IMHO. Smolensk took over top cancer from CVs. It doesn't matter WG that you create new tempting content like black ships etc. if you drag fun factor to the very bottom like this I am not willing to sponsor it
  2. This is quite strange condition. I am sure I lost range in my Missouri down to 18,5km in the middle of battle, I did not know why at that point, then looked it up in forum. But I am not getting any compensation. I am unsure about day and time, but it did happen otherwise I would not know about the bug as it really...ed me off at that moment with full broadside JB being out of range all of the sudden. I don't think this system works well and compensation is not according to published condition.
  3. G4tt4B0

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    Absolutely agree. Regardless it is OP or not (some still think so), it is killing gameplay experience. T10 games are all about spammers in ssoke these days, get couple smolensk, stir with Minos and any kind of fun is gone. It is terribly annoyting to play against it! WG you really want to make annoying game?????? To mino at least you can angle and you only get sporadic dmg , and you can delete it if with a bit of luck while against smolensk you cant do anything and my expetience also is it gets very rarely citadeled for some reason. There is very little couter play to it and only under special conditions! I have to repeat myself - Smolensk is reason I will not pay anything to you WG! There are some other candidates like Enterprise which is OP for so long and you still don't consider it game killer so be it, your choice. No financial support from my side for this!
  4. G4tt4B0


    I'll state it simple - no penny sent to WG unless Smolensk fun killer is "fixed" (which will be not as we all know...)
  5. G4tt4B0

    0.8.5 - Rogue Wave event

    Another heavy arcade headless chicken mode. Well, if some like it be it. I'd happily skip it if there was not premium ship reward behind this sh....! Basically I am forced to play something I hate so what can my dedication to result be? It is also a trap for number of victories and rewards tied with it. Why anyone wants to play arcade in purely 2D world (water surface ships) when there are tons of titles way more suitable for brainless shooting is beyond my understanding but well, there are worse things happening these days. Simply I want to get through this pain ASAP.. How can you call this "DD" play I don't get... It has nothing to do with DD battle style.
  6. G4tt4B0

    Azuma needs buffing... it doesnt help the team!

    Seems like important point is being missed out in comments - balance! Regardless you buy ship or not, ship should have something for it to compensate for its down sides. And this is a problem with Azuma. Why to release Kronstadt and Alaska which both are very valid if not OP and then go out with useless Azuma? There is noticeable pattern with IJN ships too. Irrelevant more and more. WG should aim in correcting this and anyone can point this out! I bought Azuma myself as I like IJN CAs in general, regardless I knew it can't carry. It can probably do well in divs but as a lone wolf it is fully up to the team and not Azuma whether you win or not. And I second any request to buff it. I hate static bow tanking, island hugging which is more and more valid play style ruining game experience. And with CV rework, you are forced not to play basically any IJN line. And my suggestion for Azuma, give it some armor so that it can use guns. No sense it being this big, clumsy and carry no and armor. I like gun handling but hate that it can't use those guns way too often as it gets punished way too much for shooting, regardless HE CA or AP BB starts paying attention to you. But let's see what Yoshino will look like, wishing it will address Azuma issues straight from the start, doesn't seem like so far though. And btw - Hood is good (unless CVs pay attention to you). Definitely way better than Vanguard which is a bit similar to Azuma in a sense it is useless, has no armor, but has unreliable guns on top of it.