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  1. G4tt4B0

    button to reset all captains

    Why would you set it few days shorter than until next patch? Lunar New Year, Dockyard etc. goes in a patch cycle, captain reset "button" has to be different for a reason. I wanted to play it differently, change few things, play with skills and then reset it all at the end and start form scratch with all experience earned. Now I waste time going through all of them as I missed it by a day as the date was special for unknown reason.
  2. G4tt4B0

    button to reset all captains

    Thanks for info Oh well, that makes sense to add extra date to remember apart from patching cycle. GJ WG! Not only ruining game investments but also making things nice, easy and logical as usual. This skill change was really worth it, doh.
  3. G4tt4B0

    button to reset all captains

    Where is the button please? It is not on links above. I desperately need to reset all as they are messed up by automatic reassignment. I changed couple I used during the patch but want all to be unassigned
  4. G4tt4B0

    0.9.6 - Changes to the Modules Tab

    Straight from the belt - why we can't see names of ships which you can/have already researched? Is this supposed to be for players who can't read? Same direction is with Armory recently. Pictures without descriptive text. Why should one remember picture meaning? Now I have to browse through them to find the right one. Are you trying to follow Windows 8 path with panels which failed miserably? Also not directly related but WHY I CAN'T SEE SHIP EXP in port??!!!! This is way more valuable information than anything else! Now I have to go to equipment everytime I want to know how much exp I have.
  5. G4tt4B0

    0.9.4 - Ranked Battles

    One thing this season - only blind can't see that Sinop is a tier above all other T7 BBs. If someone was in doubt until now, this season is a proof. So sad to see classics like Nagato, Colorado to be of absolutely no use compared to something which never seen an ocean. This season was just about one BB. There are stronger/weaker CAs and DDs but there is still some variety of good ones while with BBs none! Yet another update, yet no remediation. Well, lousy balancing efforts can't suported. Obvio....
  6. G4tt4B0

    Ranked Sprint: Arms Race

    And again monkey race mode. In a game with (not anymore probably) motto of slow pace, strategical game. Sort your mind WG! You made a rally car game from WOT, what are you trying to achieve here? This game makes less and less sense and doesn't deserve to be called World of Warships! Upcoming completely made up mechanics of submarines will make it even a worse joke! I am really holding my money back for long time as the direction it took is opposite the one I would like it to be.
  7. G4tt4B0


    OMG -- Arms race in random rota??!!!! I was worried this will happen and it is here! Monkey race intead of strategy slow pace game! At least give an option to opt out this mode (like in WOT) or remove game basis ruining mode completely please.
  8. G4tt4B0

    0.9.1 - Ranked season

    WG congrats on keeping tier X ranked absurd Smolensk ..itshow! This is a parody on balance really. There is such a tremendous fun difference between games with and without Smolensk! You made the game highly political tool and not even hiding it anymore. And please, those praising for removal of save star mechanics, please do think it a bit more. That would be a complete end of ranks. Even if there are SOME who go for save star, they definitely prefer to GAIN a star and have to show some efforts. Not having a save star would make progress harder and remove any kind of motivation in many games where usually DD throws it early making such game no point to play at all after few minutes. There will always be ships bettter for save star while not matching with ships who carry the victory. This is a problem of different ship classes having different chance to affect match result. Ships like Yoshino don't have any other option than to farm from distance as WG made this ship totally irrelevant and willo hardly save star anyway. There is just one ship which can do everything, is threat to any ship, guess which one is that.... Just press LMB as soon as you see enemy and keep it pressed while watching your damage grow beyond limits steadily ... Plus arms race....yeah sure, players focus on stupid arcade bonuses instead of WAR GAMING
  9. G4tt4B0

    British Battleships

    Vanguard was the worst rip off back in the time it was introduced and I bought it in discount. At least it had decent AA back then. After CV rework it even lost that one and has crappy AA (no compensation of course... THX WG), no armor, absurd firing angles and is shooting rubber so it doesn't matter that it is acurate and has fast rudder shift. It is more fun as it is more responsive but after 3 games you realize that you are useless for the team. Don't know Gaskogne which is supposed to be bad T8 BB but this one is right next to it or even worse. Hood is way better in its tier, has more to offer even though CV rework aslo took away it's special AA.
  10. G4tt4B0

    0.9.0 - Other Changes

    Possibility to make all strange camos invisible and replaced by standard ones: This is one of the best things you implemented WG. Finaly game doesn't look like cartoon soup and you can still have bonuses for various camos we have. Really appreciate this change! One thing I'd like to change though. I have black version of Atago and this camo is amongst "Decorative" ones. Black camo is really cool and I'd like to keep it on but it is in the same category like e.g. new year ones which are just horrible. I'd be better to separate black camos into dedicated category. This caused me thinking I play my standard atago and only at the end I realized it was Atago B which I have with different modules. Both look the same if I hide decorative camos. Cheers
  11. G4tt4B0

    Balance changes (DEBBs, Hosho, Midway, Salem)

    Interesting. Tried Tirpitz - awful. 14km Missouri perfect broadside constant speed for whole 3salvoes duration - one pen, one overpen out of 24shells fired. There should be couple citadels but shells went widely left and right all salvoes the same. Tried FDG in coop, dispersion was ok. Still Bismarck to try but I don't expect anything. Way I see it - Bayern to Tirpitz I got worse than before. Will see over the time and especially in Narai for Gneisenau where I am used to do lot of citadel DMG. Note - had accurancy mod mounted on all ships mentioned.
  12. G4tt4B0

    Balance changes (DEBBs, Hosho, Midway, Salem)

    German BBs - has anyone noticed any improvement? Tried Bayern, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst so far and I was getting absurd bad dispersion with even Scharnhorst now. Not a single decent salvo.
  13. G4tt4B0

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Comon, this is so absurd that there must be some surprise we will learn along the way towards New year which will make these directives and PR build possible. If I am wrong then amen to this game rly. Have seen a lot from WG but this is just completely different league. It can't be even taken as a joke.
  14. G4tt4B0

    Ranked Battles

    Worst season so far, ready to quit very early as I can say I had fun in only one game rly where there was no smolensk and I hydroed 2dds in GK. Smolensk, smolensk, smolensk, stalingrad, smolensk, smolensk, Kremlin, smolensk, smolensk, smolensk, stalingrad, kleber - ruining game round and round. There was no more cancerous season IMHO. Smolensk took over top cancer from CVs. It doesn't matter WG that you create new tempting content like black ships etc. if you drag fun factor to the very bottom like this I am not willing to sponsor it
  15. This is quite strange condition. I am sure I lost range in my Missouri down to 18,5km in the middle of battle, I did not know why at that point, then looked it up in forum. But I am not getting any compensation. I am unsure about day and time, but it did happen otherwise I would not know about the bug as it really...ed me off at that moment with full broadside JB being out of range all of the sudden. I don't think this system works well and compensation is not according to published condition.