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    My main server is SEA(ASIA server).
    I'm here for just spying EU forum. :P
    Thank you.
  1. horned_owl

    [Basics] Spotting mechanics

    I've just heard there are some penalties when DD's engine boost is activated. [source] EDIT: link is added now
  2. horned_owl

    [Basics] Spotting mechanics

    Thank you very much for so helpful guide!
  3. horned_owl

    Poor guy..

    There were not enough Tier X player yet...or late night match?
  4. me too. There is that sign. I guess it is a sign showing there are too many people in the queue. or...
  5. horned_owl

    The development process of World of Warships

    That seems to be the biggest secret in the world of warships... Can I drink it ?
  6. horned_owl

    Desync, movement delay

    Good news. It was better if they told when ... or, soonTM ? Anyway, I can wait with hope.
  7. Great modpack, thanks a lot.
  8. horned_owl


    Just soon, but not now. I've heard that clan will be available by the end of OBT.