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  1. k1TDpG

    Collector's Club Launch

    Yes, nice surprise. Thank you very much. I waited this for a long time. This year Lesta/WG made me very happy. Best online game.
  2. k1TDpG

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - General Feedback

    Just great, that is what I was waiting for. Only 2 small things are annoying: 1 - cool-down of ships 2 - only t5-6 ships, but I hope new operations will have other ranges of ships, including t7-8 and t9-10 ships, and for bosses you can use same approach as on Halloween - create some boss-ships based on regular with bigger amount of HP and maybe changed armor. Looking forward with hope Thank you for this mod coming to live.
  3. k1TDpG

    Cyclone Additional Notifications

    Good feature this notification. With it it became more playable as for me. What I want to be added - sea also should became a little more look as cyclone. Cyclone add some new experience on each map. Someone like it, someone no, but as for me it is better, than nothing. As for reality - fleet was not always able to run from cyclone.
  4. k1TDpG

    Armor Model changes

    Looks like it really didn't change much. I didn't notice difference, maybe it is not big and normally I can compare only Amagi, because other sold or not opened, but memory about previous ships is just what I see now. But it is feeling, that IJN became a little more lucky, maybe it is just imagination.
  5. k1TDpG


    And also some visual bugs: On loading: Invisible airplane Teams on load screen one over another Also find not good bug with voice in Division: When you play in Windowed-FullScreen mode and Alt+Tab to some other program, for example to answer someones message in Skype or some other messenger, then mic turns off even in Togle-To-Talk mode, but you can hear, what other players say, but they don't hear you. Not good - it should work normally like TeamSpeak with voice activation or like Skype.
  6. k1TDpG


    Also faced several times. Also faced another effect with practically same steps: 1. Description Spectator mode after you have died is bugged. 2. Reproduction steps After you have died in battle select a player using LMB. Camera works very strange and looks like have binding to wrong coordinates. Issue steal present even if you use mouse buttons to change ship. Camera have center of rotation near 500m-1km from ship. Change to free view and using Space to change ship resolve problem after 3-4 attempts 3. Result You look to at ship from wrong angle and after rotation at some angle completely don't see ship. 4. Expected result Spectator mode should operate normally --Maybe it can be related to death in moment of salvo.
  7. k1TDpG


    I want to add some info: 1 - not related to map or battle type/mode. Reproduced in any Random/Co-Op and in any type of battle Standard/Domination etc. 2 - looks like reproduced only with Manual Fire Control when player choose secondary target. 3 - shoot at any ship (not only DDs in smoke), I specially test it in Cyclone against BB. http://imgur.com/a/XdhfG steal don't see, but counter of hits increase http://imgur.com/a/XVQgF and at last I saw him again http://imgur.com/a/IwekE It is really very bad bug, because it can be used to aim main guns, especially at DDs in smoke using your own secondary tracers
  8. k1TDpG


    Also face with this issue - looks like easy to reproduce and stable issue.
  9. k1TDpG

    Cap circle border visual changes (3D and minimap)

    +1 Please return Buoys! They was more visible and more natural look on water. This lines looks very bad.for me. Buoys looks more natural in water. And if possible - make them blink Very good idea.
  10. k1TDpG

    Fail Divisions

    Very good improvement. It is usually not increase team spirit, when they see, that someone bring toy in Division.
  11. k1TDpG

    Shell Normalization

    AP looks normal, difference is not big, but HE shells is really crazy. It make enemy ships, and my ship to be on fire after 1st or 2nd salvo. It will make game to be World of HE again. Something really wrong with HE fire chance.
  12. k1TDpG

    Premium aircraft carrier

    +1 Also waiting for premium aircraft carrier
  13. k1TDpG

    US Cruisers need some love

    I think you try to use cruisers not in best way. Cruiser is not so powerful on guns, as battleship. On lover tiers it is not so visible because of not long fire-range on battleships, and also BB is not a good choice on 1-4 tier. But as soon as you get new tier - difference and roles changes. Battleships is not a cruiser target, especially 1vs1. Cruisers can maneuver and avoid damage, have bigger DPM. Try to focus on enemy DDs and aircrafts first, fire support to team battleships as second goal. Because cruisers is universal support. Same situation with cruisers and DDs - at 15 km torpedo's can't hit cruiser, except he goes with same speed and direction for a very long time. And also try to play with different ammo types - at long range against battleships use HE, but on close range Pensacola and New Orleans can penetrate even battleship armor and make full damage to citadel.
  14. k1TDpG

    Premium MM? What for?

    In the evening it is something like 35k players. And it is just Beta. I think after 1 month MM will be much better because of more tier8+ ships and update of server. Also many players in vocations. I am expecting x1.5 players count after September 17. Lets hope for better future. Also I hope, that after release accounts will be fully synchronized, and clans appear. Also I am waiting ranked battles - it should be very good.
  15. k1TDpG

    Fighters stucking after fire barrage

    Also see this bug. So now this ability can be used only against bombers, because any even single fighter can destroy all your fighters if catch them during ability. From my experience - if you will click random places to move fighters - they will unlock them after 1 minute, but it is too long. Meed to be done something, because this new feature is too risky to use in real battle.