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  1. Nit0

    please give me a reason to play worcestor

    Worcester is a swiss army knife, so many tools available 😁 It's more a ship the team can rely on, compared to Smolensk that is basically just a dmg dealer.
  2. Nit0

    The Lenin

    Lenin is a very good ship at tier 8, but if you only are going to buy one ship at this tier, I would go for Gascogne.
  3. True, I experienced this twice yesterday. A lemming train works if there are some wolves in the pack. But if you have sheep leading sheep, you usually end up with your last description of a situation 😁
  4. A good tactic in a match like this, is to isolate the enemy. That means sometimes to be very aggressive, to create pockets where only a few of the enemy ships will be fighting. This won't work on all maps, and easier to achieve in a division. (A division of 3 pushing and asking remaining 2 to follow usually is more convincing than trying to push alone and get the remaining 4 randoms to follow). Anyway, I have experienced turning an almost certain loss to victory with this tactic. It's kinda a gamble. Your other flank is dead and it's 15 minutes left. Time to play risky and try to even the odds before it's too late.
  5. The lemming train mentally have increased too, too many people don't understand the power of crossfire. It's very frustrating when you see battleships leaving your flank the very first minute to join the other side. Spending 5 minutes of the match doing nothing. And then you have the teams who are willing to push, but only along map border. These sort of players can even push past the cap (around it, along map border) and not cap it in the process. Busy chasing someone to the corner of the map. Mind you, they only have the balls to push because they are 4vs1. It's a lot of weird things that can happen in random battles over and over again.
  6. Nit0

    Anyone been playing audacious the past month?

    It's more about damage over time with Audacious, I'm not the biggest fan of the carpet bombing myself, but it's nice when you get 3 fires they can't repair. I like Hakuryu ap bombs better, since you can more effectively deal with Island hugging cruisers (Des Moines for example).
  7. Nit0

    Do you ever feel like a front line tank?

    Brawlers requires a lot of knowledge, maybe the most difficult thing to master is timing. When it comes to this, I recommend to always pay attention to mini map before you decide what to do (if you first start pushing in a brawler BB, it's costly if you regret your decision later and want to get out of the situation). Count the ships in the minimap, do you have a weak enemy flank in front of you because the enemy team went to the other side of the map? What a lot of players don't realise in a situation like this, is that they have a limited time to push through. Your other flank is weak, and can only hold back for a limited time. So push through and help the other flank as quickly as possible. Even better if you can come to the rescue by flanking the opposing team over there, creating crossfire. If you are on the weak flank, it's your job to delay the enemy without dieing. Being a brawler isn't always fun in a situation like this. You take a lot of punishment, and it's not always easy to punish back. Often you have about same strength on each flank, this can be the most challenging decision making when it comes to timing a push. It's usually better to be safe than sorry, however....if the enemy is doing very well on your other flank, it's time to take some risks. The last thing you want is to sit in the stalemate battle on your side, and suddenly get 5 enemy ships from other side of the map rushing towards you (because they steamrolled over half your team within 5 minutes). A two front war always ends up in disaster 😁. Last but not least, look for what ships that are unkowns (not spotted yet). Maybe that Yamato or whatever that is not spotted is on your side. Also look at divisions, the enemy Gearing is trying to cap on your side, and he is in division with the Yamato. Well, it's a 90% probability that the Yamato is on the same flank then 🥳
  8. Nit0

    Lion is just utter Trash

    And this is not how it works for carriers? Or is it total anarchy, where the pilots sa, "screw this, let's make up our own orders"
  9. Nit0

    Lion is just utter Trash

    Captains on REAL battleships only control the ship, not the artillery. It's good this game is not going for realism then.
  10. Nit0

    Lion is just utter Trash

    Then play BB. And you still control the CV, even though it was better in rts. If you don't control your cv, you may end up A) dead B) too far away from the battle to make an impact C) never getting the chance to see Graf Zeppelin secondaries in action
  11. Nit0

    Lion is just utter Trash

    True, anything else would be a bit weird. You control it's weapon system just like any other ship in the game.
  12. Nit0

    Lion is just utter Trash

    A carrier is a warship, simple as that.
  13. Nit0

    Rolled Midway and can no longer play CV - HELP!

    Only 27 games, I'm sure it will balance it self out over time. I have had similar experiences with ships before (not necessarily cvs) with horrible wr first 20 games or so. Sometimes you have nights with impossible teams to win in (half the team dead within 5 minutes etc). 91k AVG dmg is not bad, that achievement goes to the 40%wr 50k AVG dmg midways. It seems like you know what is important, scouting in the beginning for example. You can try to focus dds who are capping in the beginning of the battle. Torp planes work fine too for this, especially when they smoke up. The bigger ships are usually cluttered together too much in the beginning, so it saves your plane reserve a bit too.
  14. Nit0

    Lion is just utter Trash

    It's not a problem doing high damage with the Lion, but to carry a flank with it is not easy, and that's the main problem. All other tier 9 BB I can push and tank some dmg, not with this one
  15. Nit0

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    I think it's one of the more fun t10 ships However, some matches can be very frustrating if you are facing a lot of he spam (looking at you Smolensk), at the same time it can be a fun challenge to figure out how to get this brawler into the right position without burning like a BBQ monster (fun when you succeed the challenges) 😁 I don't think it's the best t10 BB at it's current state, but nothing beats a GK all guns blazing and yourself in that perfect zen mode of brawling 🚣🥳