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  1. Nit0

    Scharnhorst skills for user coming back

    Since it's a premium ship, I use my FDG captain on it. The reason for why I have not chosen the extra range for secondary is simply because of the 105mm guns. They won't pen anything that it can hit at maximum range anyway, and it most likely won't hit anything it can pen at maximum range either (dd's). So I have gone for the middle ground, chosen one secondary skill (yes, it's nerfed, but still have it's use), and that is better dispersion. Range is 7.9km on secondary instead of 9.5km if you go full secondary. If I had chosen range, I feel like I had to choose IFHE too, and that is 6 skills. I rather have Fire Prevention and Adrenaline Rush then :)
  2. Nit0

    How to Play HMS Fiji consistently Well

    Edinburgh is an excellent cruiser at it's tier, and one of the more comfortable t8 cruisers to played when uptiered to 10. Solid firepower and excellent concealment, combined with a lot of tools at your disposal. Neptune is a bit more tricky to play than Edinburgh, because it loses the great concealment. On the other hand, it's DPM is great. Minotaur is a beast in the right hands, or a dead ship within the first 5 minutes in the wrong hands 😁. In general I would say the British light cruiser silver ships all are fun to play, and worth to keep from tier 6-10.
  3. Nit0

    WU KONG - which captain skills to use?

    Ah ok, I thought it was the same ship, but with a different name. Well, at least the concept is true to the Chinese spirit. Copy paste everyone else, and make small adjustments 😁
  4. Nit0

    WU KONG - which captain skills to use?

    What is Wu Kong again? Charles Martel? These latest Chinese ships annoys me, why introduce this to the game? Next up is Lichtenstein battleships? 🙄
  5. Thank you 😊 I can sleep well tonight knowing this fact 😃
  6. Nit0

    Molotov - which captain skills to use?

    Well, you will face 32mm plating when fighting tier 8 battleships, but I wouldn't sacrifice fire chance for something you only fight periodically 👍
  7. Nit0

    Molotov - which captain skills to use?

    I wouldn't go for IFHE, you already pen 30mm with those guns. Most battleships at tier 6 and 7 have 26mm deck armor (with some exceptions).
  8. Nit0

    Thanks for destroying the game completely.

    You are not done with this game (or any other games for that matter) until you are done writing that you are done with the game 😇
  9. Nit0

    Molotov - which captain skills to use?

    My current build, but I would have changed my current set up from Superintended to Adrenaline Rush.
  10. And only your opinions are the right one, and everyone who disagree with you are narrow minded and biased. And since noone find your opinions worth anything here, you just have to keep going after your last threads was locked. Sorry on behalf of myself and everyone else on this forum, we are all narrow minded for having a different opinion than yours (I know, you call your opinions for facts...).
  11. The thing is, noone believe you when you say you don't care about stats. Why? Because you keep making these threads over and over again. You sir, are obsessed about stats, otherwise we wouldn't have this conversation on this forum for the 12th time.
  12. Sounds like a bad excuse for your own shortcomings in the game.
  13. I had a game like that a few days ago. DD on our team refused to play because it was a CV match (my fault 😂). He sat his DD next to my CV and spammed chat rest of the game with "well done". He had a 42%wr and about 10k AVG damage. Our team barely managed to win that game (enemy team was about 10 points below us when time went out). If that guy would have participated in the match, we would most likely have lost 😁
  14. Nit0

    Saipan build after 10.0.0 in randoms

    This is my captain skills for Midway, and I use it also for Saipan. Bomber Flight Control I have chosen mainly for Midway, and not Saipan (even though it won't hurt on Saipan either) to work together with Midway legendary module. If I had this captain only for Saipan, I would probably change from Bomber Flight Control to Demolition Expert or Aircraft Armor.
  15. Nit0


    On what cruisers have you put it on?