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  1. Nit0

    Hakuryu Tips

    Yes, go for 6km torps. In general I like Hakuryu torps better than Midway, since they have higher alpha damage per fish.
  2. If you look at Azalgor profile in, this is usually the sort of posts he comes with, nothing productive at all. Doesn't mean everyone in the community is like that. Same goes for ingame chat, very often you find a very bad loser who blames everyone else. They are hard to ignore, but luckily they are not the majority. It's just that they make a lot of noise.
  3. Nit0

    How am i supposed to support my team?

    I would avoid a Salem, Des Moines duo, unless they are stationary and you can surprise them with Hakuryu AP bombs. I did just that yesterday against a DM, getting 30k dmg in citadel hits 😁 In your situation, hunt destroyers, you will usually find at least one who have over extended and are outside teammates aa bubbles.
  4. Nit0

    Atlanta in the New Era (0.8.x) Captain Skills

    Call me crazy, but I prefer Atlanta without AFT. With lower max range it is safer to hunt destroyers. It requires a much more aggressive play, and that's what I like about it. And I would never sacrifice CE, unless you plan to sit behind an island 100% of the time.
  5. Nit0

    Is it worth keeping T8 premium carriers ?

    I think only you can answer this question for yourself. Personally I enjoy them, but we as a clan tend to play tier 6-10, and for me it's nice to have a bit of variety when we are playing tier 8 games. They feel to be on par with Lexington in strength.
  6. Colorado is not really that bad, amazing guns compensate for slow speed. You have 21.5 km range at tier 7, that is very good and you outrange even some tier 8 ships. US BB line is very solid, and a good start on this class of ships. They kinda are the jack of all trades, and from tier 8 you can go all out on AA and hope some cv will challenge your build 😁
  7. This!! 👍⬆️ I don't mind at all if 1 or 2 ships are firing at me when I'm in a Myoko, with enough practice with WASD, you can with quite some confidence "tank" a ship or two. If I have a enemy battleship firing at me instead of an easier target on my team, I consider that a good thing. You go dark if you get focused by many ships or are in a bad position to actively dodge incoming fire.
  8. Nit0

    Cruisers - How to?

    You will sacrifice a lot of of dpm if you leave out DE (fires are important part of dmg in a ijn cruiser) and EM (makes it more difficult to deal dmg on the move, and that's what you mainly do in these ships).
  9. Nit0

    Most underrated cruiser?

    Yes, I think this would be my #2 for this topic 😀
  10. I would go for something different (battleship for example), you will become better in the game if you have experience in more than one class of ships. Go for the nation you find most interesting, just remember that German battleships require good knowledge about when it's a good idea to brawl. It's not the easiest battleships to play.
  11. Nit0

    Most underrated cruiser?

    So what do you consider the most underrated / overlooked cruiser atm? (a hidden gem you could say 😁). For me it is New Orleans, after they moved the ship to tier 7, I have had a lot of fun in this ship.
  12. Nit0

    CV Rework: Some tips for beginners.

    Have you considered that some of us may like it, even though you don't?
  13. Nit0

    The T8 Saipan

    It's not my favourite tier 8, but she is ok. I really like the torpedo bombers. Rockets are a bit lackluster against destroyers though. I have 91k avg dmg in Lexington atm 81k in Enterprise 86k in Saipan So, I do about the same amount of dmg with all my t8 american carriers.
  14. If you fly over your "weak flank", use a fighter. It's more likely enemy cv will attack here than on the other side where you have a lemming train.
  15. Nit0

    Midway build?

    I agree, no concealment on Midway (you won't have sneaky planes like Hakuryu no matter how much you try). Just be careful with your carrier, concealment will almost be 16 km if I remember correctly.