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  1. Nit0

    Pan Asian cruisers...

    IFHE is an option for 152mm guns, but it's close to useless for 130mm because the increased pen capability isn't enough. Go for increased fire chance, combined with the amount of torpedoes and flooding chances you have, this is the way to go for getting damage.
  2. Nit0

    Béarn - Caveat emptor

    I would say Bearn is one of the more fun carriers at tier 6. Skip bombers are good against all targets, and very good for hunting DD. AP bombers works well against cruisers, mediocre against BB. In random battles at tier 6 it's not too difficult being a nuance with interceptor build. Atm I have average 14 plane kills (20 games total).
  3. Nit0

    Pan Asian cruisers...

    T8 is painful, short firing range in tier 10 games is a pain. However at Tier 9 and 10 it's much better. Better range on guns and torps, and better survivability with heal. It still sucks that you can't equip sonar though.
  4. Nit0

    Kaga or Hornet??

    Sounds like someone need to learn the magic of dodging torpedoes 😁
  5. Nit0

    Kaga or Hornet??

    I have both, but only have 3-5 games in Hornet atm. First impression I would say Kaga, easier to use because of fastest squadrons and easier to preserve plane reserve.
  6. Nit0

    Super CV's

    At least I stop hanging out in forums for games I don't play anymore. Move on with your life and find some other game to play, it's as simple as that.
  7. Nit0

    Recommendations for a T9 Cruiser?

    Only tier 9 cruiser I don't have is Dalian. Coming from someone who loves cruisers, I would say tier 9 is a good tier for this ship class. There are no bad tier 9 cruiser, but of course I do have some favourites. Siegfried: The difference between this ship and Ægir is it's amazing AP. The guns on this cruiser makes this the most satisfying tier 9 cruiser to play. Neptune: It's a lot of stuff you can nitpick about Neptune (especially the bad concealment), but the combination of firepower, torps and well positioned smokes makes this a fun cruiser to play. Azuma: Solid heavy cruiser for kiting. Easy to get high damage games. Drake: Versatile cruiser for both kiting (not as easy to citadel compared to Albermale) and to help pushing caps. You also have options to improve its lackluster range with "Eye in the Sky" captain skill and Spotting Aircraft Modification 1 (bought with coal).
  8. Nit0

    Chalkov vs Kaga

    As mentioned by Juuzaam, Chkalov requires more aggressive positioning to manage high dmg games because of planes being slow and you only have one strike per squadron. Kaga is more forgiving in that respect, but both these premium carriers are very good.
  9. Nit0

    Chalkov vs Kaga

    I would rather buy a tier 6 premium as the first one. It's cheaper, and more forgiving. Erich Loewenhardt is op, not sure if they still sell it anymore though. Other good candidate is Ark Royal.
  10. Nit0

    which one?

    If this is your first tier 7 BB, go for Kgv. Russian BBS are good, but requires a more aggressive playstyle = room for more mistakes 😁. Caracciolo I'm not a fan of, however it's a solid battleship line at tier 8, 9 and 10. British battleships offer a more forgiving gameplay and is therefore good for beginners.
  11. Nit0

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Atago and Amalfi are excellent at kiting, Edinburgh is definitely not. Edinburgh can however defend against an enemy push very effectively in the right circumstance with it's smoke and torpedoes. If you are comfortable (skilled enough) you can also help assist friendly dds capping in ways that heavier cruiser can't. It's a very different cruiser compared to Hipper, Atago and Amalfi when it comes to playstyle.
  12. Nit0

    WG donates to red cross

    Why bother following a game you are not playing?
  13. Send carrier straight to enemy. Strikes goes faster, and it doesn't matter if you die, since coop is a guaranteed win anyway. Play random if you actually want to progress in the game, coop is and always will be just an afterthought for WG, the game was never designed for it.
  14. Nit0

    Big Brake

    Be careful, Sweden once tried to become an imperium. If we anger them, they may end up retaliating with sending out Ikea brochures only in Swedish from now on.
  15. It's the same sort of players who will claim that you are cheating when they don't understand game mechanics