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  1. Nit0

    6.3 SET YOUR personal Keys before a BATTLE!

    Yup, my first game today I watched my Essex sail into B cap, and cursing the game for being unresponsive, when in fact they had reseted keybindings to default
  2. Nit0

    Midway in 0.6.0

    Try to split up in two strikes at the beginning of the game. (3 bombers as one strike and tb and fighter as one). Two reasons for this. 1: You help the team to scout two cap points for dds 2: Usually enemy CV will only focus on defending one of your attacks. Pull that strike back, while you are free to kill enemy dd with the other attack. As for later on in the game, splitting up attacks like this is not recommended, since you most likely are hunting battleships or cruisers instead of destroyers then.
  3. Nit0

    How to counter strafing?

    Lets say you are heading toward a enemy ships with several squadrons of bombers / tp and on the way you see the enemy fighter squadron flying towards you. 1: Split up your squadrons, send some back where you came from, and maybe proceed with tp (most interesting target usually). If he follows the TP, you are free to use your minimap and send your bombers towards enemy ships while at the same time control the tp. 2: Try to bait a strafe, if you have a feeling that he can strafe and kill you, do a sudden change in direction. If he strafe now and miss, you are open to proceed to your target while enemy fighter is busy doing nothing (strafing ) 2b: If he didn't strafe, you end up being even closer to him now. Keep changing directions untill he attempts to strafe, or until he is close enough to lock on to your squadron. If he is jlocked on, best option is to fly over allied ships. Look for catapult fighters or fly toward your own fighter.
  4. I can prioritise a cruiser if I'm forced to fly over him to attack a battleship. If I have to fly over him, my planes will be shot at from both cruiser and bb. And if there are enemy fighters incoming you may end up in a situation where it is best to just attack your closest target.
  5. If you view your airplanes using V-key you will hear the sound from fighters firing, even when the planes are only flying and not attacking. And you get the same sound if you look at the bombers with the V-key.
  6. Nit0

    Essex strike Vs Midway strike.

    A really good hit from one Midway bomber squadron can do about 16k. Usual dmg is between 5 and 9k. So one extra squadron helps a lot.
  7. Nit0

    Essex strike Vs Midway strike.

    So another question for those of you with Midway experience: 2 1 2 or 1 1 3 and why? I have yet to try 1 1 3 Midway, but I am considering it now.
  8. So, both ships have the same strike setup, 1 1 3. However Haku gets one additional bomber in its strike setup compared to Taiho. I'm strongly considering to sell my Midway and go back to Essex. Mainly because I found more success with that ship, but also because of the Haku actually getting more squadrons while Midway stays the same as Essex. I have tried 2 1 2 as well, but find it hard to do well with this setup. Any thoughts on this matter is appreciated :)
  9. Nit0

    Essex upgrades...

    Ok, so I just bought my Essex. With the Lexington I went strike, and with that ship you end up with no fighters. My plan for the Essex is also to go strike loadout, but this time around I will also have a fighter with me. Since the Lexington didn't have fighters, I could really focus on her AA when it came to upgrades where I had to choose between improving my fighters or improving AA. So, I'm not quite sure what upgrades to go for this time around. - Flight Control Modification 1 for better servicing time, Air group modification 2 so I can improve my fighter squadron or AA gun modification 2 so I can improve my self defence against enemy strikes? - Flight Control Modification 2 for faster airplanes (so my bombers will have a better surviving chance), Air group modification 3 or AA gun modification 3? Any opinions from experienced carrier captains is appreciated
  10. Ok, I'm currently have a 0 1 3 Lexington, and I'm using ASE captain skill on it atm. My AA defense is 95, so really good at self defense (kinda need that when having 0 1 3 setup). I have been considering to switch out ASE with AFT though, to increase the range of my aa's (and my Lexington will be 100 in AA then). Any thoughts?