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  1. I have played many games that seems unwinnable, but by miracle is turned around. Sometimes it's the best players on your team that is still alive, especially if you lose 5 players quickly. The enemy team get overconfident and do stupid risks against said good players, and suddenly you (or your team) have evened the odds. But you going afk because of a bad start will never help your team in a situation described above (it's usually also the most fun games, when you fight against the odds and win). Good players never give up.
  2. Nit0

    gives missouri Money as usual ?

    It's 40% bonus, compared to other tier 9 premiums that only have 10% bonus. It's still a good credit earner.
  3. If a BB snipes your light cruiser, it's on your lack of skill when it comes to situational awareness and reacting to incoming fire that is to blame, not their "luck" for hitting you.
  4. Nit0

    Sumbarine counterplay.

    Most of the people commenting here have no experience shotgunning either, or experience playing submarine at all, or they have tried and perform like crap, but still write as if they are experts on the matter. It's a lot of stuff that should be changed about submarines, personally I think the game don't need a new class, but hey ho, it's not our decision. I have played submarines now, about 50 game's or so. I'm no expert, I average about 50k damage at tier 8, but I do better than most of the other players writing here, because they (those I have checked stats on) have zero submarine games, or have yet to do a 100k dmg game in one (even though they claim it's easy to shotgun battleships left and right). I think the best you can do is to play submarine (and all other classes), that way you are better prepared when facing one in battle.
  5. Nit0

    Karma Grief

    Sure, this sort of things can happen. It's the same as the very conservative Bismarck player who sails detours around huge Islands whole game, but then have their 1 minutes of glory against several enemy ships as last player on his team, ending on top because of ramming a full health enemy ship. That was just one example of a bad player ending up on top, but I wouldn't say it's the norm. Most of the time it's the unicum players who is on top exp wise, and it's not because they are sniping whole game from 10-line.
  6. Nit0

    Karma Grief

    I promise you one thing, if you sit in 10 line with your CV whole game, you won't be on the top of anything.
  7. Nit0

    Karma Grief

    That is not true. Yes, it can be the reason for why you are on top of the team score, but not necessarily. You can also get there by capping, defending, killing destroyers (won't get you that much damage) etc. You can easily be on top of the team score without being the biggest damage dealer on your team.
  8. Nit0

    Patato ship Worchester

    It's not an easy cruiser to play, but I like these sort of light cruisers (together with radar mino, plymouth etc). You can be the best support for your dd's capping, especially in a division with a dd it's a great support ship.
  9. Nit0

    Best cruisers to grind

    If it's your first cruiser grind I recommend something you can kite in. - French is a solid choice, fast and excellent at flanks, being a nuance against enemy battleships. - Italian, another great choice with good ships at every tier. - German, more versatile cruisers that can fill more roles.
  10. Nit0

    Wargaming: You win, I give up!

    If I was to leave this game, the first thing I would do is to leave this forum. Why bother caring / following a game you don't play anymore?
  11. Nit0

    How CV should work

    Did I say so?
  12. Nit0

    How CV should work

    But you talk about something with zero experience, you don't even understand how current cvs work.
  13. Nit0

    How to get good with Colorado

    True, but at least you get from A to B within acceptable time 😁
  14. Nit0

    How to get good with Colorado

    If you want to learn the game, play random. Coop can be nice to test out stuff, but nothing more. Colorado is not a beginner friendly ship mainly because of it's slow speed and new players lack of knowledge about what good positioning is (this comes with experience). It's difficult to say what you should do differently without a video example of you firing the guns at something, but Colorado have good guns for it's tier, don't think the other tier 7 battleships have it easier. I would say it's worth grinding through Colorado even with its frustrations (slow speed), you can learn a lot by playing it, and North Carolina is a very nice reward at Tier 8.