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    Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often! tasks not updating

    Hi guys thanks for the reply. I was using tier 10 Des cruiser in that round. So i don't know wits wrong why it's not updating tasks. As you can see going by the points 439653 + 51421 for damaging Japans ships = 491074 , ok not finished task 8 but should have updated the points
  2. Hi all i have been doing Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often! tasks,by now i should have finished tasks 8 and 9. Now before that round my points was stuck on 439653 for task 8 for task 9 my point is at 293969. Tonight i played a round in random battles,you can see by looking at the image. I have just about finished task 8 or should be finished task 8 going with the points i got in that round. They are still stuck at the same points after playing the round . Hope this get sorted very soon.