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  1. titanshipwreck

    Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often! tasks not updating

    Hi guys thanks for the reply. I was using tier 10 Des cruiser in that round. So i don't know wits wrong why it's not updating tasks. As you can see going by the points 439653 + 51421 for damaging Japans ships = 491074 , ok not finished task 8 but should have updated the points
  2. Hi all i have been doing Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often! tasks,by now i should have finished tasks 8 and 9. Now before that round my points was stuck on 439653 for task 8 for task 9 my point is at 293969. Tonight i played a round in random battles,you can see by looking at the image. I have just about finished task 8 or should be finished task 8 going with the points i got in that round. They are still stuck at the same points after playing the round . Hope this get sorted very soon.
  3. titanshipwreck

    Can't access clan port.

    Hi that's what i have been doing @thiextar and yes it's just the clan button that's broken and not the port. Sry for the late reply.
  4. titanshipwreck

    Can't access clan port.

    Hi,thanks for the info but no good. I changed port number from the game client and reset the router no joy. I guess i will just have to wait and see if the new update will help.
  5. titanshipwreck

    Can't access clan port.

    hi guys hope you can help. I seem to have problems getting into the clan port. I can enter the port by hitting the naval battle button but if i click on the name tag at the top next to profile i get this..... "CLANS ARE NOT AVAILABLE we are sorry for any inconvenience" I have tried resetting my firewall,that helped letting me see the chatbox but still doesn't show clan port.
  6. titanshipwreck

    Twitch port in game

    You would think WG would let the twitch prime members into the port by now without needing to do anything else since it's been awhile.
  7. titanshipwreck

    Twitch port in game

    Ok thanks for the update.
  8. titanshipwreck

    Twitch port in game

    I wish i knew.
  9. titanshipwreck

    Twitch port in game

    Hi, i am a twitch prime member and when i went to click on the port in game to check out the twitch port,nothing happens. Is there something i have missed out ? I have my account linked to twitch ect.
  10. titanshipwreck

    How can my viewers earn twitch drops ?

    Thank you for the video.That's me sorted.
  11. titanshipwreck

    How can my viewers earn twitch drops ?

    Hi all, i broadcast on twitch and i have linked my twitch account to WG account. Now i know doing this will give me a chance to win twitch drops by watching other channels but my ? is. Can my viewers earn twitch drops from streaming wows or is there something else i need to do ?.
  12. titanshipwreck

    Can't pay for santa gift / page error

    @World of gaming, any joy on this matter ? I would really like this sorted thanks.
  13. titanshipwreck

    Can't pay for santa gift / page error

    Hi all i was in the middle of paying for a santa gift for one of my clan members but when i go to hit pay with paypal the page keeps giving me error on your site. It keeps telling me to try in 10mins or 20mins.But when i do it's still the same. Now i bought one myself and got it fine with paypal. So could this be a problem with your website ? As i do not see any problems at my end. error "An error occurred while you were attempting to make a purchase. Please wait 10-20 minutes and try to make a purchase again. We apologize for the inconvenience. ". Its letting me buy it for myself but not for others in world of warships. The person am giving it to lives in spain and he said i shouldn't have a problem sending the gift.
  14. titanshipwreck

    Beta Client Download Speed

    Hi i seem to be having very slow downloads speeds or no download speed as am updating the game to update 0.6.15. Am not even hitting 100kbs.Am on 200MB broadband so my speed should be 26mb download speed which is not. So far am at 15% for the past hour when i should already have it downloaded. My internet connection is good as i have checked it. Anyone else having slow download speeds with the beta client ?.
  15. titanshipwreck

    Error - game frozes up

    Am having the same problem ,game logs out or it crashes and trust me its not my ram or my graphics card. Am using 18gig of ram that's including 2gig from graphics card.