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  1. Hi there,


    Sorry I have only just replied but I have been busy at work last few days. We are currently recruiting. What sort of thing are you interested in doing? Are you keen to take part in clan wars? We noticed you are already a commander in a clan, how come you want to join us?


    Cheers, Bramble.

    1. Painternator


      I am up for doing anything tbh. Never done clan wars before so I dont really have an idea of what the whole thing is. Yes I am a commander in my own clan, I created it so I could gain the discounts and upgrades that come with clans, since they help out enormously. This won't affect my choice in joining you guys if you'd be willing to accept me. I wanted to join you guys as I often have no one to play with and it seemed like a good opportunity since you guys seem committed to the game

    2. bigbramble


      Ok that's cool. You are welcome to join up. I'll throw you an invite to B0TS casual. You will need to leave your clan so I can invite you. Here is a Discord link, feel free to come along and say hello :) https://discord.gg/vg2GhN


      Cheers, Bramble.