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  1. HNRDecado

    Clan battles season 9

    I honestly think if they announced CVs will be in next season multiple clans will crumble and a lot of players would just quit, we tried it the feedback from everyone I know is this was the worst and most boring season to date let’s just call this a failed experiment and move on
  2. HNRDecado

    Clan battles season 9

    Couldn’t agree more, I normally put in 200+ CBS a season because I really enjoy the mode but this season I’ve not 140 and that’s one of the best in the clan, this season just hasn’t been fun atall; and AA is just so pointless, having 3 ships tucked in together and the CV still getting off it’s drop is insanity. i also agree with @IDevourer and think there should be a limit on the amount of each ships people can take, you’ve always had the limit on BBs and now BB or CV but nothing else, this would have the added effect of stopping the full kleber/ DD line ups if we ever get a season without CV again
  3. HNRDecado

    The pathetic state of Ranked

    So would hidden stats mean your not allowed entry into the glorious mode of ranked?
  4. HNRDecado

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an issue so one sided in the game before, if that doesn’t tell you to keep this mechanic I don’t know what will anyway it’s not a bug it’s an unintentional feature
  5. HNRDecado

    Le Terrible - Available To Rent For 7 Days

    I guess it’s a matter of disposable income, personally I waste for than that amount on random stuff on an almost daily basis, I wouldn’t do it here daily but every now and then to try a ship, sure why not, again just my opinion and something I won’t even notice going, but I guess it remains to be seen how often they do this
  6. HNRDecado

    Le Terrible - Available To Rent For 7 Days

    Actually for such a small amount it’s worth trying, atleast in my opinion Others games are doing it so this game must, sorry disagree completely It doesn’t change the game atall it just adds another ship to play in the same games/ modes Yes I did, I don’t buy premiums without doing some research, checking stats/ streamers opinions etc, this just lets me try it for myself to see it I can make it work and if I enjoy it, seeing others play it doesn’t always give the full story I’m honestly curious how are they trying to trick anyone into paying to try it out? I cannot for the life of me figure out how they are tricking anyone You know what Your paying for, people just don’t wanna pay the £3 to do it, I’m not paying £3 and getting assigned a random premium for a week, I know I give them £3 I get LT for 7 days,
  7. HNRDecado

    Le Terrible - Available To Rent For 7 Days

    There you go, he did mention there would be an article in the portal about it soon
  8. HNRDecado

    Le Terrible - Available To Rent For 7 Days

    If the price of £3 to try it out puts someone off who’s on the fence then I’m not sure they are that bothered tbh, it’s a tiny amount to be able to try a ship and see Who cares what other F2P titles do? This isn’t some extra content or some special areas/maps/games modes if it was I’d agree let people try it for free to see but this is a ship nothing extra, people should already have s good idea by looking at reviews and just testing a little for themselves to see if it works, i honestly find it hilarious that people are finding the amount too much, and the argument that’s it’s too much for the port slot just doesn’t cut it for me, that’s not what your paying for, your paying to try the ship the port slot is just kinda there and doesn’t change anything and is not the reason people are paying for it. I guess a massive chunk of people just seem to expect to get everything free, Personally I like the idea and look forward to seeing what other ships this pops up on!
  9. HNRDecado

    Le Terrible - Available To Rent For 7 Days

    I suppose that depends on the pixels your buying, MMO/ online games don’t last forever, I have old PC games I loved but will never run again, also your paying ALOT more the the permanent feature than £3 why the hell should they let people try premium ships for free? Seriously you know WG is a business and making money in a F2P game is all about the shop, you don’t NEED premium ships, they don’t even have to let us try them, but they are and I like the idea, i mean if I don’t like it meh crap happens I’m not going to miss £3 if I like it and buy it I get the price taken off, sounds like a good deal to me, and Ofcourse free port slot can’t forget that gem I guess it depends where you live 😂😂 for me in the north of England a pint is around £3 give it take a little! While I agree that for just a port slot it stupid money, but to try a ship out and use for a week? Yeah sure, what’s the price of a weeks entertainment in Belarus 😂
  10. HNRDecado

    Le Terrible - Available To Rent For 7 Days

    You have literally just describe playing a game? We all pay money for temporarily playing with a few pixels, what’s your point? and £3 isn’t exactly whale worthy, It’s what; 1 beer?
  11. HNRDecado

    Le Terrible - Available To Rent For 7 Days

    You know that’s not a bad idea, I wish I had the ability to rent some of the premiums before I’ve bought them as a test run to see if they work for me, But if your not seriously considering buying it then yeah it’s an expensive port slot (and steel for this particular one) but in most normal updates just a port slot
  12. Doesn’t have a heal, doesn’t have torps, doesn’t have DFAA Belfast is totally underperforming and needs a buff #BuffBelfast
  13. Ofcourse, and if the AA is good I’ll play me Des Moines/ Wooster a lot more than I do now and if the AA is knackered and CVs are OP then looks like ill play some CV until they fix it! (Assuming I’m not a total pleb in the new CVs like I am in the old CVs)
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  15. HNRDecado

    Match Making 1 Up 1 Down

    Always play T10 never be downtiered