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  1. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    1 spot open :)
  2. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    Hopefully final bump :) 2 spots still open!
  3. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    Still searching for 7 more members :) 3% US XP building has just been constructed!
  4. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    Daily bump - 10 spots left :) First building (US 3% XP) should be ready within the next few days!
  5. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    Daily bump :)
  6. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    Accepted 5 new members, half way to the 30 :D
  7. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    Accepted :)
  8. mbbb81


    Not a Belgium clan, but I believe we have one member from Belgium, if you dont find anything :) Feel free to apply for DK-CP just a casual clan for solo warriors that may team up if they feel like it.
  9. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    More are welcome :) 6 brave and mostly quiet souls has already joined :D
  10. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    Daily bump
  11. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    Daily bump :)
  12. mbbb81

    DK-CP Casual clan

    Hey! Just started a clan for the sake of having a tag, and to collect Oil for the personal wallet. ^^ However if anyone wish to join, just search out "DK-CP" and apply and I will accept asap. There are no requirements, of course a plus if you are Danish just for the sake of the clan description :) But really just a clan for solo warriors, with the opportunity to team up with members if you see it fit. I have not built any buildings yet, as it would require a lot more oil. But once gathered, I expect to prioritize the XP bonuses for Nations first, then credit discount on repairs. Status [30/30] Current bonuses: US Ships +3% XP T5/T6 -10% cost Upcoming: BB 10% repair cost
  13. mbbb81


  14. mbbb81

    Main screen graphics settings

    Now I know that I should just not idle in the main screen, and this will probably be ridiculed - However even 5-10 minutes idleing from countless players over the world would save on their power consumption by the "simple" addition of an option to only see a extremely basic static 2D main screen. Or a way to reduce graphic settings only for Main screen. You could even call it making the game "Greener" Pro's for keeping main screen as is Looks nice ^^ Generates heat in the room/house on a cold day Interactive graphical representation of the changes you do to the ships Cons for keeping main screen as is Generates heat in the room/house on a hot day For those that play on laptops, it may reduce the lifetime of batteries and components Can definitely be felt on the power bill if you are stupid enough (as me) to idle many hours a day, because you just had to do something else "quick" Flame away if you need to, I just wanted to put this in here, by the chance I might get this option at some point
  15. mbbb81

    Server down?

    maybe related to this, dunno: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/63316-psa-ranked-spawnes-are-bugged/