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  1. CaptainJacko

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    As a full time sub player in NavyField, I believe subs can work. Of course there needs to be properly hard counters for them. In NF of course you had crew whose levels directly affected the ships capability. I realise that's not the case in wows. I saw someone mention an air timer and that needs to be the case, without a doubt. As well as depth charges we need hedgehogs. They were an absolute nightmare as a sub player in NF and were a huge counter. Potentially useful on CA's and BB's if WG aren't going to give them depth charges. Homing torpedos should not be a thing. It's ridiculous and unnecessary. If you can shoot whilst hidden, at least make it skill based. Deep water torpedos should hit subs. I don't know if that's already going to be the case but if not, it needs to. I can't think of anything else yet but my head keeps flitting back to NF and the fact that subs can/do work.
  2. CaptainJacko

    Thirteenth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    Someone didn't spell check before this went out. SINGALS ;)
  3. CaptainJacko

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    Well as it stands the UK is f***ed so we'd appreciate 90% off across the board. Thanks!
  4. CaptainJacko

    Thank you WG Brilliant Idear

    So far I’ve played most of my ranked matches in my Midway and I’ve not had one person being salty. Might be the exception here but I think I’ve had more karma my way than ever before 😂
  5. CaptainJacko

    EU Server Gone Down?

    Incoming compensation post for EU! Win haha.
  6. CaptainJacko


    I'm asking this as a genuine question rather than being a stupid troll, but have you played in CVs, specifically in high tier? It's just that I play the Midway and while I have fun, my XP doesn't come easily and the advice about sticking close to AA ships is actually sound. For me it's about an initial spotting run with my attackers, then assess where ships are, where the AA ships are, are there any caps I can interrupt, who is sailing alone, are they AA, how good is their AA? I take your "CVs are a totally unbalanced class" statement with a pinch of salt. Yes, they are strong, but are they easy to play? No. If I make a mistake and stray even close to a ship with good AA, my planes get shredded. If however I see a lone ship and know my chances are good AA wise, I'm going to hammer you. Relentlessly. Sticking near-ish to AA ships and dodging are the counters, especially against DBs and TBs. This and being proactive with the AA area function on your ship are all counters. I'll admit the attack planes are harder to dodge with their speed but I use the Tiny Tim setup, so my chances of hitting are considerably less. When I'm not in my CV I don't see them as a massive pain in the arse with 0 counters. Sure, I get hit by them a fair bit but that's the gameplay. I also shoot a lot of their planes down too. Don't take this as trolling, it's not. I'm just giving you my perspective as someone who has and does play both sides.
  7. CaptainJacko

    Edinburgh needs buffing

    See I loved the Edinburgh and used it so much in ranked battles. I thought it was a bit of a beast, honestly. It's not an easy ship to get right and there are times you curse it for its lack of plating and so on, but really, what ship do you not do that with?
  8. CaptainJacko

    Update producing dropped frames

    Hi all I've looked around to find where to put this, so if it's not correct I apologise. I stream this game quite a bit on Twitch through StreamlabsOBS and I've never had issue, up till the most recent patch. Since then I now get anything between 20-50% dropped frames, making the stream stutter and eventually just stop. I've tried several different games (ESO, AC Odyssey, Division 2) and none make this happen, only WoWS. Is this issue known about and if so, any fix? It's worth noting: My system is more than capable, no issues hardware or software wise, otherwise I'd notice it streaming other games. Internet is fine - download, upload and ping all fine. FPS and ping in game is absolutely spot on. Anyone else getting this?
  9. CaptainJacko

    Stream Give Away Saturday 29th

    Nice, thanks for this! Got a couple hours spare so can tune in. I also stream warships (haven’t in a while but will get back to it). In fact, PM if you can? :)
  10. CaptainJacko

    How NOT to Minotaur

    How I survived this with a semi-decent score I’ll never know... does highlight the ludicrous rld rate of the ship though. Minotaur Shell Shower
  11. CaptainJacko

    Decision - assistance required!

    Quality haha. No one has called me lad in quite some time lol.
  12. CaptainJacko

    Decision - assistance required!

    I'll be buying a 10 point commander to sit in her if I get the Musashi. And same for the kron if I go for that.
  13. CaptainJacko

    Decision - assistance required!

    This alone is what's tipping me to the Musashi. I can smash out 750k again in no time if necessary. Thanks for those that have replied so far!
  14. As I near my 750k free xp mark, I'm left struggling to decide what ship I want more, the Kron or the Musashi. I can and do play both ship types regularly (Kurfurst and Minotaur) and have no real preference over which I'd prefer. I know there are pluses and minuses to both, but I really can't decide. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope. But seriously, thoughts? Help please!
  15. CaptainJacko

    Halloween salt

    Not true I'm afraid. We killed him before the portal was sealed (about 50 seconds or so before).