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  1. CaptainJacko

    Stream Give Away Saturday 29th

    Nice, thanks for this! Got a couple hours spare so can tune in. I also stream warships (haven’t in a while but will get back to it). In fact, PM if you can? :)
  2. CaptainJacko

    How NOT to Minotaur

    How I survived this with a semi-decent score I’ll never know... does highlight the ludicrous rld rate of the ship though. Minotaur Shell Shower
  3. CaptainJacko

    Decision - assistance required!

    Quality haha. No one has called me lad in quite some time lol.
  4. CaptainJacko

    Decision - assistance required!

    I'll be buying a 10 point commander to sit in her if I get the Musashi. And same for the kron if I go for that.
  5. CaptainJacko

    Decision - assistance required!

    This alone is what's tipping me to the Musashi. I can smash out 750k again in no time if necessary. Thanks for those that have replied so far!
  6. CaptainJacko

    Decision - assistance required!

    As I near my 750k free xp mark, I'm left struggling to decide what ship I want more, the Kron or the Musashi. I can and do play both ship types regularly (Kurfurst and Minotaur) and have no real preference over which I'd prefer. I know there are pluses and minuses to both, but I really can't decide. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope. But seriously, thoughts? Help please!
  7. CaptainJacko

    Halloween salt

    Not true I'm afraid. We killed him before the portal was sealed (about 50 seconds or so before).