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  1. CaptainJacko

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    As a full time sub player in NavyField, I believe subs can work. Of course there needs to be properly hard counters for them. In NF of course you had crew whose levels directly affected the ships capability. I realise that's not the case in wows. I saw someone mention an air timer and that needs to be the case, without a doubt. As well as depth charges we need hedgehogs. They were an absolute nightmare as a sub player in NF and were a huge counter. Potentially useful on CA's and BB's if WG aren't going to give them depth charges. Homing torpedos should not be a thing. It's ridiculous and unnecessary. If you can shoot whilst hidden, at least make it skill based. Deep water torpedos should hit subs. I don't know if that's already going to be the case but if not, it needs to. I can't think of anything else yet but my head keeps flitting back to NF and the fact that subs can/do work.
  2. CaptainJacko

    Thirteenth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    Someone didn't spell check before this went out. SINGALS ;)
  3. CaptainJacko

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    Well as it stands the UK is f***ed so we'd appreciate 90% off across the board. Thanks!
  4. CaptainJacko

    Update producing dropped frames

    Hi all I've looked around to find where to put this, so if it's not correct I apologise. I stream this game quite a bit on Twitch through StreamlabsOBS and I've never had issue, up till the most recent patch. Since then I now get anything between 20-50% dropped frames, making the stream stutter and eventually just stop. I've tried several different games (ESO, AC Odyssey, Division 2) and none make this happen, only WoWS. Is this issue known about and if so, any fix? It's worth noting: My system is more than capable, no issues hardware or software wise, otherwise I'd notice it streaming other games. Internet is fine - download, upload and ping all fine. FPS and ping in game is absolutely spot on. Anyone else getting this?