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  1. geschlittert

    Your opinion on the IJN cruisers

    -Stealth and accurate guns with both decent HE and AP but horrid surviveability and DPM, best cruiser torps -as a DD? not too afraid as the ship doesnt have radar. as another cruiser? only dangerous when having to push into it. as a BB? same as the cruiser one but you can actually overmatch the whole ship -if i want to lower my WR, they have low carry potential. other than that, it's actually fun to play harder ships from time to time -the guns stay very similar (from furutaka onwards), the stealth stays similar and the torps stay similar tbh
  2. Overall pretty good list, even though i would place the petro A tier in randoms
  3. geschlittert

    U-Boote Sammelthread

    Was für ein Schmarrn. Gute Spieler erkennen halt viel besser, was nun gut fürs Spiel ist oder nicht, welchen Einfluss gewisse Änderungen haben werden. Den Mund lasse ich mir sicher nicht verbieten! Wäre genau gleich zu sagen: ein schlechter Spieler jammert nicht, er hat ja sowieso keine Ahnung
  4. geschlittert

    Oh my... you wont believe who is the/a new NA CM.....

    NA forum is a joke anyways
  5. geschlittert

    Ships you didn't expect you'd like

    UK heavy cruisers. they are surprisingly good at winning games
  6. geschlittert

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    You write bs all the tike, which is why i have you blocked (which makes the forum experience just that much better) @ColonelPete
  7. geschlittert

    The Pointlessness of Team Blaming

    I think you don't understand what we are saying, are you? There is a huge difference between accepting defeat and telling all teammates that the game is lost...
  8. geschlittert

    Matchmaking in der Kritik

    Doch, das ist in dem Fall Unicum :) >60% -> Unicum (solo, wohlgemerkt)
  9. 1. Thunderer 2. Bourgogne 3. Moskva Ich hasse! leicht gepanzerte BBs, komme mit deren Playstyle nicht wirklich klar.... Wenn ich es mit meinem geliebten GK vergleiche, hat der im Solo 5 Prozentpunkte mehr als das Franzakenspeedboot und sogar 6 mehr als die olle HE Schleuder. Zur Moskva. War sollte ich sie spielen, wenn es die Petro gibt?
  10. geschlittert

    The Pointlessness of Team Blaming

    And i am asking you again, why exactly do you enjoy dragging other people down?
  11. geschlittert

    The Pointlessness of Team Blaming

    ? You said that you write in the chat at the beginning of the game that the game is lost. This is called "being a [edited]"
  12. geschlittert

    Jean Bart: I need some help with this ship.

    Still, the rule of "stay as far away as you must, get as close as you can" even applies to slava. is the engagement distance bigger? yeah. should you sail around at the backline all the time? No
  13. geschlittert

    The Pointlessness of Team Blaming

    @Redcap375 how exactly does it help you or anyone if you call the game lost from the start? Stop being a defeatist who drags others down. Making your own mood sour? sure, can't stop you. But leave the other players alone.
  14. geschlittert

    Chance of getting 11 losses in a row with a ship

    0,3% isnt even that low