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  1. Varian_Dorn

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    A nice Naval Legends episode, well done… except for one quite major detail: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_battleship_Bismarck#Discovery_by_Robert_Ballard The Naval Legends video portrays Bismarcks end as if that last torpedo hit ended the ship and directly caused it to sink; this is simply NOT TRUE. And while the general concensus is that Bismarck would have eventually sunk from ALL the sustained damage (probably including some sustained during the fight with Hood and Prince of Wales), the following facts remain: - Bismarck was most likely (read: by all evidence that was found) scuttled by the surviving crew to prevent the Brits from being able to examine the remains in any way - Without scuttling it is believed it could have taken up to a day for Bismarck to eventually sink - The torpedo bulkheads were not penetrated I hereby strongly request the correction of that last bit; after all, this is about history, not some Hollywood flick that requires an ending with a boom. As a german I take some offense on this incomplete (and by suggestion incorrect) depiction of history. If you are unable or unwilling to correct this I respectfully ask to take down the video; the world does not need another nicely done flick supporting pridefully spread false and/or incomplete stories.
  2. Varian_Dorn

    German Tier 9 Super Heavy Cruiser Siegfried

    Brand new? This thing was in testing long before the Mainz was announced (at Gamescom). I really hope Siegfried is finally released soon and is at the very least a solid contender.
  3. Varian_Dorn

    Down yet again

    … I was literally seconds away from an epic win on the Ark Royal when that stupid server went down again. How about a little warning next time? "Server will shut down in xx minutes" or something. Unless your crappy tech runs so bad these days it really was a fully unexpected total crash. Any plans for some compensations yet? It's about damn time again. Some Supercontainers or Doubloons maybe... you can shove those WG containers up yours.
  4. Varian_Dorn

    SCHARNHORST problem!

    Can't say really. But in my book Scharnhorst was and still is one of the more constantly good ships, despite various patch changes over time and evolving meta. Scharnhorst remains to be a good choice premium.
  5. Varian_Dorn

    SCHARNHORST problem!

    Close range, huh? Torpedoes, anyone? Last I checked, Scharnhorst had them. Otherwise I agree with the others, your stats indicate you're doing overall fine with her.
  6. Varian_Dorn

    Siegfried - Tier IX

    Was ich sehe ist eine Sonderflagge. War die schon länger bekannt? Ist die die Siegfried denn nun quasi fertig? Hat jemand eine Ahnung, wann sie kommt, oder besser, was sie kosten wird? Seit der Gamescom ist es merkwürdig still um das Schiff geworden.
  7. Varian_Dorn

    German Unity Day: a proud shoutout from a german

    No need, I have to admit I occasionally get these dates confused as well.
  8. Varian_Dorn

    German Unity Day: a proud shoutout from a german

    Actually, what you are thinking of is the fall of the Berlin Wall, which occured November 9, 1989. Germany Unity Day however, almost a year later, celebrates the "basic" completion of reunification, at least on a formal standpoint.
  9. Greetings everyone! 29 years ago as of today, Germany completed its historical reunification with its Eastern States, which were separated at the end of World War 2, falling under soviet jurisdiction. When the Cold War ended, partially due to the fact that the Soviet Union began to collapse economically and politically and partially due to great advances in peace talks and negotiations, the border that existed literally came down and Germany began its long journey to reunite, restructure and rebuild. And while this journey still isn't over, I'd like to think that more good than harm came from this so far. Now, usually I'm not going around puffing my chest out in any particular way proudly about being German… I'm just me, and I do like living here, but that's it most of the time. However, somehow, when I just woke up today… it felt different. With all that's going on in the world these days, I find myself being appreciative of the good things that came both my way and came from this one day we Germans celebrate at least somewhat as a national holiday - even if we just like the fact that most of us don't have to go to work today. Being born in 1980, I do remember the news and images still... when the border was opened for the first time in 1989, our brothers and sisters from the East driving and walking over freely into what was back then known as West Germany... I'm actually having a tear in my eye right now. So, share a Story about said times if you have one. Celebrate a little too if you want. Enjoy the new ship Wargaming has released today, presumably for this Occasion, if you like. Ah, and before I forget: this is in no way a political thread, nor do I wish to come across as some odd nationalist… the sole purpose of this is merely being happy for a moment about the good that can happen if people band together and stand up for what's right. Have a nice day, whereever you are, whoever you are. And thanks for reading.
  10. Varian_Dorn


    I'm way more interested in Siegfried... but if Friesland is now released for free xp… I wonder what this actually means for Siegfried. Both for cost and release date.
  11. Varian_Dorn

    Benham + camouflage "Master of the world" = Broken Guns Sound !?

    I enjoy the way the gunfire audio is changed with those master camos, especially on Harugumo. Kinda gives a proper vibe for the camo.
  12. Varian_Dorn

    When will Siegfried etc arrive?

    Anywhere between "sooner than we might expect" and "remember what they did with T-61"... or at least somewhere along those lines. By the way… anyone got a heads-up on Viribus Unitis? Me thinks this ship has been in "testing" now for quite some time.
  13. … he sold his Scharnhorst at one point. Granted, he got it back later, but still... … he. sold. Scharnhorst. Says it all, doesn't it?
  14. Varian_Dorn

    Join Battle bug

    Cant get in. Game says: "You have been disconnected. Technical issues found." On Login, cant get past that.
  15. Varian_Dorn

    Developer Diaries: Soviet Battleships

    Seriously? Wait… don't answer that.