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  1. Varian_Dorn

    Öffentlicher Test von Update 0.10.8: Runde 2

    Habe mir erlaubt deine Antwort mal sinnerhaltend abzukürzen. Hätte ich fundiert belegte Fakten würde ich sie mit Links unterlegen. Meine Aussage basiert auf einer subjektiven Beobachtung was die oft gesehen Stimmung gegenüber bestimmten Schiffen und Schiffstypen angeht. Abgesehen davon stehen mir derlei Äußerungen genauso zu wie du sie in deinem kleinen Disclaimer für dich selbst in Anspruch nimmst. Dahingehend reichlich dreist von dir andere dafür so anzugehen. Man verzeihe mir das ich nicht jede Facette, jede Nuance bei meinen Postings mit Disclaimern und Erklärungen anreichere - tatsächlich hatte ich zumindest einen Funken Verstand vorrausgesetzt. Mein Fehler. Davon mache ich die Tage anscheinend mehrere.... P.S.: Wer jetzt einzig und allein auf diese letzte Anmerkung von mir Antworten und diese Ausführen möchte - spart es euch. Bin mir sicher, dass im nächsten Thread garantiert jemand begierig auf eure Weisheit wartet, ich brauche sie nicht. Ich weiß von allein, dass ich ständig abwechselnd ein Depp, ein [Zentrum eines Rektums], ziemlich Genial oder echt Nett bin.
  2. Varian_Dorn

    Öffentlicher Test von Update 0.10.8: Runde 2

    .... einfache Beobachtung, basierend auf den weiterhin... gemischten Gefühlen, die einige gegenüber Flugzeugträgern im Allgemeinen und Russischen Fantasyschiffen im Speziellen haben. Simpel gesagt, die Deutschen Schiffe gewinnen hier schon allein dadurch, das sie weder Russisch noch CV sind.
  3. Varian_Dorn

    Öffentlicher Test von Update 0.10.8: Runde 2

    Edit: Ich bin dumm.
  4. Varian_Dorn

    Öffentlicher Test von Update 0.10.8: Runde 2

    Ich dachte Deutsche Schlachtkreuzer kommen zuerst? Ihr habt ganz schön Nerven nach allem was jetzt schon passiert ist und noch immer passiert uns jetzt auch noch die Russischen Fantasieträger zuerst auf die Nase zu drücken - besonders wenn es doch zumindest halbwegs offensichtlich ist das die Deutschen Schlachtkreuzer wesentlich interessanter und gefragter sind. Und was lese ich da mit der Missouri im US-Forum? Mal ehrlich, wird einem als WG-Angestellter nicht ab und zu zumindest kurz etwas unwohl? Oder seid ihr da alle schon solide abgestumpft? Wehe das kommende Transformers-Event wird auch wieder nur eine reine Verkaufsveranstaltung!
  5. Varian_Dorn

    More than meets the eye... again :-)

    It can be a bit much, I give you that. I'm eager to see the exact event details and the date.
  6. Varian_Dorn

    More than meets the eye... again :-)

    Indeed. And while I can see the... well, need to monetize some stuff... they've gone way off the deep end with most collabs recently. Godzilla vs Kong, the most recent round of Blue Steel.... basically giant middle fingers to everyone who wasn't willing to pay. As I said, I remain sceptical how they'll go about this one, this time around. But I really hope at least some of it will be free (read: achievable through missions). Roll out!
  7. Varian_Dorn

    More than meets the eye... again :-)

    Well, me being me, I bought the full package - but I also received two extra captains, those being Megatron and Optimus Prime. And yeah, there was this random luck factor. But my point remains: this was the last event that wasn't all out in your face and gave away a lot of nice stuff for free. And if you did pay money you got some nicely crafted captains and camos. Besides, this time around they have a carrier included, with Starscream! as a captain. Oh, I really hope they once again nailed the voices and maybe, MAYBE, put in the proper music again. The score and soundtrack of The Movie is awesome. EDIT: here's the original trailer to The Movie:
  8. Varian_Dorn

    NEW Missouri

    So, they make her harder (read: more expensive) to get yet again and STILL have the nerve to ruin one of her key features - not only for new buyers but for those who already have her too, reducing her credit output and replacing it with a infinitely repeatable mission which at any point can also be simply removed when they so choose (easing us into "accepting" the new income by not fully taking it away at first but making it easier for them to fully take it out once the current rage dies down). Dear Wargaming, EITHER make Missouri hard / expensive to get OR make her easy to obtain but nerf her stats. Doing both is yet another overdone d*ckmove.
  9. So, apparently The Transformers make a return to WoWs for the celebration of the 35 years anniversary of "The Transformers - The Movie" from 1986. I'm really excited about this. Not just because im a huge Transformers fan - but because I still maintain that the last Transformers event, despite some players rejecting it for personal taste (you don't have to like anything, your choice), was one of the best events we had up to that point and, looking back, since then as well. Why? Well, there was of course the option to buy stuff - but you were also able to get everything for free by just doing some missions, and it wasn't anything overly difficult either. Plus the camos are very well made, the voiceovers are great and I especially like the fact that whenever you use one of the Transformers commanders the music in battle also changes to the tunes of the classic TV series from the 80s! Like them or not, but from a player's standpoint about what was offered and how you were able to get it this was absolutely fantastic. I really, really hope the follow up in a similar fashion with this second event. I'm sceptical, given Wargaming's recent track record, but one can hope. Here's the newslink, btw: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/189
  10. Varian_Dorn

    Hipper versus Prinz Eugen 0.8.9

    You know you necro'ed a almost 2 years old thread here and that there have been a few changes to the game in the meantime, right?
  11. Varian_Dorn

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    Ok, 3 observations here: 1.) Flamu is trash. He often sells his opinion as fact, even if it is far from fact - and does so in the rudest and most obnoxious way. The only good thing about him is that all the rage kids out there have an anchor (pun intended) to hang on to. 2.) Compared to the wide playerbase there is still not enough information available to truely scope the impact the current submarine gameplay has, or rather, will have. Probably one of the reasons WG does this "half-release" in 0.10.7 3.) To anyone coming in with serious claims of reality: if you want reality, go join the freakin' navy. World of Warships does a decent job at emulating certain aspects of real warships - but reality was, at best, always just a small part of the picture. One of the oldest examples for this? Just read up on the firing range of a Yamato class battleship. Then think of the explanation why the ship doesn't have this range in-game. And then think of the fact that open sea has hard borders for ships to skid along on. Reality? Seriously?
  12. Varian_Dorn

    De Ruyter - Tokens.

    Ah, the idiocy of WG to first dish out one of the new ships through Prime Gaming and still make people grind up and spend the tokens on the same ship during the event. What's the freaking point of giving me this vessel when I still have to "unlock" it in the event to progress? And no, I don't care about some odd sense of "fairness" towards others who don't have Prime Gaming - and neither does Wargaming, they only do it so the Prime Gaming people have the same total grind to go through and thus also be more inclined to buy tokens. Seriously, just don't hand out those ships like this if there is practically no advantage to it other than the odd vanity of being able to drive it some 2 weeks earlier.
  13. Varian_Dorn

    Contact list empty

    @Wargaming Upon closer inspection I discovered that all my contacts still seem to be there - they are just not displayed. The window still shows me 0 contacts but when I attempt to re-add them I only get the option to remove them. I already ran WGCheck on my installation, which basically came up empty. Can anyone help me out here or is this a rather unique display bug that hopefully will be gone with the next update? Is ANYONE else experiencing this?
  14. Varian_Dorn

    Russian CV hilarity

    In any case, it seems rather premature to bring out the torches and pitchforks, as those carriers only recently entered "public" testing. I'm sceptical too when it comes to Wargamings track record regarding especially russian ships - but then again, there sure will be tweaks and tunings before those new ships go live. It remains to be seen how they will fit in once we get to their release event.
  15. Varian_Dorn

    Russian CV hilarity

    So, it seems mr. op here prefers to be repeatedly hit by single torps, thus having multiple chances at floodings, instead of one volley that deals more direct damage but also limits flooding chances to exactly that one attack. Are you guys purposefully whiny and stupid or is this indeed your natural state? (in reference to, in moments like these, overdramatically picking on one aspect you don't like and ignoring other aspects running counter to it) And yes, me and a buddy also laughed out loud about the idea of a whole tree of more russian wet-fantasy stalinium-based ships... but I have to admit, gameplay wise, that is a different approach, reminds me of the all-or-nothing attacks coming from hybrid ships.