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  1. Varian_Dorn

    Upcoming changes to Okinawa - a hearty thank you to the devs

    The new Okinawa map will make it more appealing to go for C and especially B. Even I think twice about if and how I can engage B and C on the current Okinawa layout.
  2. As the title says: Upon reading up about the upcoming changes and additions for the next update I hereby wanna thank the dev team in advance not only but mostly for the changes to the Okinawa map. While I'm sure that some, shall we say, "careful" players will find a way to mess up on new Okinawa as well as they do now on it's current Version the changes finally make the map a bit accessible in terms of strategy and tactics. By moving some of the landmasses into B and C caps there finally will be no excuses left for "careful" players to cruise all the way up north. I'm looking forward to that new update! P.S.: By "careful" players I really mean "braindead cowards". There, I said it.
  3. Whoop-dee-doo for anyone who only happens to have bought/gotten from a container the Black version of one of those ships… for now there is a mission grinning at me which I can't complete unless I buy the very same ship at full price AGAIN. If that doesn't at least leave a bad taste in your mouth… I don't know what will.
  4. Varian_Dorn

    Gold Rush for Tirpitz - Doesn't work on Tirp B

    Yeah… no. As I said in another thread it would be a nice Bonus if you wouldn't have to play 10 games to get the doubloons. That is, if you actually accept the fact that you buy a package with a "bonus" which is useless to you unless you already have the very same ship in your port already.
  5. Varian_Dorn

    PSA: Black Friday 2,500 doubloon mission

    Is one Mr. Conway or anyone else somewhat important still around? I'd like to hear an answer to my proposal.
  6. Varian_Dorn

    PSA: Black Friday 2,500 doubloon mission

    I was lucky today as I purchased ONE and only ONE Black Friday container which gave me Asashio B, the only ship of the 4 of which I didn't already own any version. I was even happier when I saw that, after my first battle with Asashio B, I also got the special mission (which is also NOT indicated amongst your chances for the container loot, or at least wasn't when last I checked)… and now I can't make use of this mission because it's limited to the normal Asashio. So basically I can either let that mission rot or buy a 34 euro ship to be able to play a mission, advertised as a nice extra and incentive to buy Asashio B, which would grant me doubloons worth about 10 euros. Mr Conway, with all due respect, the entire setup of this "special" STINKS. BIG TIME. And you know exactly why, don't play dumb/innocent here. It's basically a shady Approach to get people to spend not nly on the discount Black Friday packs but on the regular ships as well. Or, the other way around, to motivate those that already have the normal versions to get the Black editions. You really wanna help and "compensate" people, how about this VERY simple fix: change the doubloons mission so it can be completed with both the Standard and the Black Edition ships, in my case with both Asashio (dont have it, wont get it, not after this!) and Asashio B. And if this is truely meant as a extra for those who already have the Standard Editions, why make them jump through extra hoops with having to play 10 missions? Why not change it so that the 2500 doubloons are FULLY automatically awarded if you already have the standard ship? And Indicate this clearly in the shop, for example: "2500 Doubloons special bonus for owners of the standard (ship)" As it stands now though, this is shady and dishonest as hell. And don't try to mince words here, I'm not f***ing stupid. As I said: EITHER clearly phrase this and just give the damn doubloons to those that already have the Standard ships OR extend the desciption and the mission so both Standard and Black versions can complete it, that way having a mission would make at least some sense. But selling a ship with an extra that said ship CANNOT USE? WTF? What would you think if you, for example, bought a car with a cool paintjob which includes 2 baby seats… for a slightly different version of the same car which you would have to buy extra? Why would anyone bother thrwoing an "extra" onto something if that extra is USELESS with/for the initial item? Oh, and answer me this, to maybe help me with my case here: I only have Asashio B. I WILL NOT buy Asashio for the sake of this little mission. What am I supposed to do now? Apart from being pissed about this, of course. Me and many others. I really hope a few community contributors rip you guys a new one over this on Youtube. EDIT: Thinking some more about this, at this stage, after severeal people have bought the packs already, some of them most likely under the impression they'd get that mission to play with the pack as well… the only Action left for you guys (WG) now is to expand the mission so it really includes black and standard ships. Because if you don't many people will be pissed because 1.) they feel betrayed so much that they actually take you up on your advice and return their bought package, which will most likely lead to those people never buying anything from you guys again and spreading bad press or 2.) they feel cheated out of part of the deal but still want to Keep the ship, thus having a useless mission constantly reminding them about the way WG conned them, most likely also leading to bad rep and fewer customers in the future. FIX THIS. I told you how.
  7. Varian_Dorn

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    Late to the party, I know, but: we won't have any more instances when a destroyer gets hit by multiple torpedoes and lives, right? I have to ask as I had one quite memorable encounter where I (dd) was in close combat with another dd, we both exchanged torpedoes, I was destroyed, he got hit 4 times… and lived. Glad this will be stupid history in the foreseeable future.
  8. Varian_Dorn

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Actually, make that "by tomorrow night" aka next prime time, everyone will want to try out the new submarines. Gonna be a he** of a lot traffic then.
  9. Varian_Dorn

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Ok, let me go about this another way. First off: Server still down, just tried connecting to no avail. Second: Crysantos, I appreciate that you're trying to keep us in the loop, it's good to see you're keeping us up to date as best you can - however, if you are relaying messages from the server guys to us, please relay this back: How about some serious, full maintenance as soon as prime time is over? These issues ought to be resolved. And at least in germany there's a national holiday coming up, so those servers better work stable by thursday. Thank you.
  10. Varian_Dorn

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    " Due to maintenance work, players may experience difficulties when entering a match from 19:30 UTC to 21:00 UTC on 30 October. Riiight. How About "Full disconnect" and "Can't reconnect because the damn thing is down"?
  11. Varian_Dorn

    Server down transfering you.. Server down again for repair..

    Once again during prime time as well, these damn issues!
  12. Varian_Dorn

    EU server down?

    Unable to connect, just tried.
  13. Varian_Dorn

    T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    So, it seems that this event got sorted out for all to be happy after all. HOWEVER: Those who blindly spent their doubloons outside the event window should be extremely thankful that WG still gave them the T-61. When that much value is at stake you better make damn sure you carefully read the whole shabang before you do anything. I know that's what I did. Especially in case that something doesn't work you can rightfully claim that you did everything as instructed on your end. Or am I talking to people who assume that since they can pre-order tickets to the cinema online they obviously should be able to go watch the movie immediately and not during the CLEARLY ADVERTISED time? While I agree that WG sure has to improve transparency and maybe should simplify a few details on events like this (for example: Sign Up button is only available DURING such events, not before; some sort of personal tracker/info should clearly show you if you managed to meet the requirements) it utterly baffles me that once again it seems that those too impatient or stupid once again not only demand but indeed do get special treatment. Why does the world so often have to cater to unattentive persons who 1.) fail to accept that they screwed up but still demand others fix it and 2.) in most cases can't even pony up a proper apology for their rudeness once they do indeed get what they want? Read, think, do. Not read a bit, skip thinking and DO DO DO.
  14. Varian_Dorn

    T-61, what time today (Friday 10th) will it be credited?

    T-61 just arrived in my port. Let's go!