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  1. WG logic: Let's take away keeper ships from people and replace them with new fully researched ones. But we're generous to give you a stock version of your keepers. Thanks WG, can't wait to research another Khaba, like I need the XP on the Tashkent. The logic behind this is beyond stupid. I've kept the Udaloi because it was the most fun ship I had. Now you ripped her upgrades and captain apart and call it a day. Adding a check to your system for people that already researched the next tier, should keep their upgrades and XP. I don't need the XP on my Tashkent, I also don't need her upgrades, I need them on my Udaloi. I want to keep my Udaloi and her captain in my port, so what we gonna do, Kandly? :3 Unfortunally enough opening a ticket will be useless and you guys sitting out the next shitstorm is quite certain. Also there's an issue with preserving the stats of our ships. My Udaloi is not locked down, as every other swapped ship: No, I haven't done 144 matches since patch launch :V
  2. WaldemarKoslowski

    Khabar fire range nerved WTH?

    Got mine after the nerf, so never played her with the ridiculous range she had. Still I would never ever think about getting her buffed in any way. She is currently my best T10. I can just imagine how OP she was before the nerf and I absolutely don't see a problem working with her current range. Khaba <3
  3. WaldemarKoslowski

    Invisi fire

    I don't see a problem with invisible fire. It's a game mechanic that comes into play, if I invested enough time and dedication to actually get a ship and captain capable to do this. It is a reward for me being able to use this mechanic. It's not really OP, as most of the time, the stealth fire window is small and only works against isolated targets really well. The shell tracers give competent people also a fairly good idea where I'am and if they pre aim on this location, a competent player can pretty much put accurate shots on to me. If you got an issue with invisible fire, you should pretty much reconsider the way you position yourself.
  4. WaldemarKoslowski

    Santa's Convoy - The Mission!

    It's a new skill they want to bring with the next patch. It will give you a general idea where the nearest undetected ship is. Pretty much a buff for all those BB scrublords that constantly sail in a straight line and cry about being 'ambushed'.
  5. WaldemarKoslowski

    German Destroyers, It has been an honor playing you!

    I can't see how you can judge ships by playing them on the PTS. The gameplay is so different from the live servers that you really cannot compare it. Every ship can perform there, as people just test stuff, they don't care like they do on the live servers. Why should they? They just push caps, and get sunk, leave the match and play the next ship. You see stuff, you will never see on a live server. Sorry, but if you judge ships by how they perform on the PTS, you most likely will run into a huge disappointment when you actually play them on the live server. Personally currently at T7, I'm sick and tired of them. I'm beyond disappointed and they don't have a place in the current meta. Pushing caps and DD's with the hydro is beyond suicidal with the gun bloom you have. The torps are good, but especially at high tier not really a reliable way to actually play them. People tend to know about the secrets of WASD. The 150mm rifles are way too situational and become beyond useless, as soon as you're done pushing caps and need range to gun down opponents. The 128mm are not really worth mentioning, when you have struggles penetrating broadside on cruisers 6 km out.. I really don't see what they can do what every other DD can't do.
  6. WaldemarKoslowski

    Guide: How to wreck a game in less than 1 month

    4. German DD's stealth changes after ST tested them.
  7. WaldemarKoslowski

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    My pitchfork is still up and the torch is also still in my hand. Now let's talk about the next screw ups: german DD disaster and the new captain perks...
  8. WaldemarKoslowski

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Samplesize is ridiculous, you take a unicum player that constantly is sailing in a division with people that are on his level. What did you expect to find when you opened up his profile? Not to disrespect Flamu, I'm still wearing proudly my 'try hard' title he gave me :3 but he absolutely free xp'ed his way through the tree, which leads to only one conclusion: the sample size is not representable and the WTR is as usually screwed up on newly released ships. You haven't sailed those ships yourself, so you base your opinion on what? Flamus stats? I'm sorry, but thats not how it works. Anyway, back to topic, it was my approach on this topic, it wasn't meant to be anything but making fun of the perfect timing of screw ups WG(EU) managed to accomplish within few days.
  9. WaldemarKoslowski

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    You havent played them, right? It's not about them not being OP, its about them being absolutely useless in the random meta. Every other DD tree can overcome potatos in your team, you can actually have an impact on matches. The german DD's are big (pretty much every AP hit pens), they are slow and turn like freighttrains. The concealment penalty after shooting your guns forces you into locations you should not be. You are constantly looking out for locations that can be save, but you only know it, once you fire your guns and if you get spotted, well good luck surviving the shelling. Go ahead, test them yourself. If you get them to work constantly and with decent results, share your secret, cuz so far, noone seems to have figured it out.
  10. WaldemarKoslowski

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Just quickly made this before the shitstorm is over... [edited] Youtube seems to screw the end up unfortunally and i cant be [edited] to reupload it once again.
  11. WaldemarKoslowski

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Or as some in the german community (they could actually work for WG) say: give free alabama. NA shitstorm in 3, 2, 1.... Would be funny tho... :3
  12. WaldemarKoslowski

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    If you call it trolling, be my guest. As a german my self, I see nothing wrong in pointing out the massive amounts of WG fanboys. The german community never raised when stuff like that happens. Remember the shitstorm going through the germans forums back on the GNB event? Me neigther. Remember when Supertesters were about to get the only yet introduced USN BB? The shitstorm was so big, I couldn't even see it, right? Lets be honest for a minute. The 'everything is fine' bubble morale the germans have on the forums is sickening and won't help the community on being treated equally. Sorry if it offended you, but as a german, I'm fairly sure, I'm allowed to point this out.
  13. WaldemarKoslowski

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Not sure what you've read, but there are plenty of threads saying it's fine what WG done. Compared to this only thread, I've found more people being pro WG in a 8 page thread than in this 80+ pages thread. I don't mind what the coordinator says, because it's the same gibberish, as we get here. I'm talking about the players, that are fine with this.
  14. WaldemarKoslowski

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    [edited] People are actually fine there with everything WG does. And if you voice your concerns you'll likely get flamed. [edited], I knew damn well why I do not take the german community serious at all nor play with germans. The german Community Contributors change their opinion 24/7 and act like they are bipolar. My idea: WGEU will lead a german only server, the rest of the EU server will be managed by WGNA. Every problem solved and we don't need to bother with the stupidity you'll find in the german forums.