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  1. Looks like everyone is finding Lafeel in co-op at the moment. Was probably token farming like myself.
  2. Yes, but you only get early access to tech tree ships.
  3. The Kansas is a tech tree ship.
  4. Zip__

    Supercontainers and Steel

    Same here mate. I’ve never received steel from a SC either.
  5. Zip__

    wows birthday cake

    Very nice. Happy birthday
  6. The campaign is permanent so you will be able to complete it at your own leisure. Plus, I know there aren’t rewards for every ship between tier II to IV, but you can win rewards by completing the campaign. Players have long been calling out for there to be a reason to play low tier ships and now we have one.
  7. Zip__

    Patch broken

    I changed port too but there was no issue.
  8. Zip__

    3vs3 Sprint Battlemode

    That gets my vote.
  9. Zip__

    1.000.000 Free XP.. Now what?..

    I would recommend the Alaska.
  10. Zip__

    Supercontainer Premium Ship Drop List (Aug 2020)

    Steel was removed from SCs last year for the anniversary event. Or am I thinking of another event with SCs?
  11. Zip__

    Supercontainer Premium Ship Drop List (Aug 2020)

    I need 6 from the list. I’d be interested to know if steel will be available from the SCs for this years anniversary event.
  12. Zip__

    Puerto Rico Dockyard Event

    No need for this post. Old news, move on.
  13. Or you could say that the vast majority of the player base is just happy to play the game and don’t feel the need to post on the forum.
  14. Zip__

    Belfast coming back...

    I live in Belfast so i'm obviously going to have to get it
  15. Why are you so interested in WG manning up and increasing their PEGI rating? WG are not the only company who sell loot boxes and have a young PEGI rating, and they’re hardly going to come out on the forum and bow to your demands when it’s a profitable source of income for them. I’ve seen some of your previous posts on the forum and know that you are not happy with the way they conduct their business, but calling them out on the forum like this is something I don’t understand. No offence, but to me it just smacks of bravado. Them changing their PEGI rating will not satisfy your frustration, it would just be a notch on your belt.