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  1. Zip__

    FInaly WG Rewards bots

    About time we got some recognition
  2. Zip__

    Win Rates

    I’m sorry but I don’t buy that at all. You’re saying that that one player is responsible for any win or loss because they are the only common factor? There are more common factors then just the player.
  3. Zip__

    Can we get a Camouflage filter in port?? please!

    Like this one?
  4. Zip__

    Premium shells in WOWS

    WoWs is expensive enough as it is thank you
  5. Zip__

    super containers

    If you’d written this post over a week ago I would most definitely have agreed with you! In the last week though I’ve received 3 super containers and I’ve received; Krasny Krym 30 days of premium 50000 free exp I can’t complain anymore
  6. I claimed this offer yesterday afternoon on Twitch and today i still hadn't received it! I contacted WG and they advised me that i would need to convert my game from Steam to the WG launcher in order for this to work! Can anyone confirm if they've been able to claim it through Steam? I claimed the Kappa offer through Steam last month with no issues.
  7. I’ve just thought that this may be an April Fool’s Joke from WG and anyone who’s bought a space camo for 8000k will get 7000k refunded to them on April 1st with a message saying “Ha ha fooled you. Have a happy April Fools” Anyone think that’s possible?
  8. The thing is WG won't take any notice of this thread and still continue to charge exorbitant prices for not very much. The money grabbing really puts me off this game.
  9. Zip__

    Commander Kappa

    Got it. Had to log out of the game and back in again
  10. Zip__

    Commander Kappa

    Same question. Did mine about 30 mins ago but still no Kappa!
  11. Just met @iJobyin a Co-Op battle, of all places
  12. Just played a game with @Negativvv We won
  13. Personally I feel a bit sickened by this "Free Giveaway" to returning players. I purchased the Giulio Cesare bundle (which cost me about £40 - £50) and i also purchased the De Grasse (£20 - £25). So i've spent £60 - £75 supporting the game yet people who've been inactive are being given this stuff for free. I have supported this game both through purchases and activity and the only thing I have ever received for free (not by grinding out an event) was a bonus voucher for 20% off purchases from the premium store when WoWs was celebrating it's 2 year anniversary! And there is certainly no "Free Giveaways" for loyal customers. I purchased Xmas containers from the store and won an Admiral Graf Spee. Not too bad I hear you say, but i already have the HSF Admiral Graf Spee (which i bought in another bundle from the store). I contacted WG customer service to ask if it could be replaced by another ship or have the doubloon equivalent, seeing as that's the way the containers were working if you already have the ship in port. I was told by customer service that the two ships were "entirely different" and that giving out a new ship or doubloons equivalent would "spoil the mechanics of the event". I tried to convince them that statistically the two ships are exactly the same but was told they weren't. Now i'm not saying that i am entitled to a swap but i thought that what I was asking for was very fair and when WG are giving out free ships to returning customers this would have been a nice time to reward loyalty. I think you've scored an own goal here WG.
  14. Zip__

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I bought 20 big santa gifts and got a Graf Spee! That would have been great but i already have the HSF Graf Spee. Seems WG see the 2 ships as different!