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  1. Zip__

    The best looking ship ?

    It has to be the Lenin in it's Victory Banner Camo...
  2. Zip__

    European containers.....

    I have no trouble reading what you wrote. You think you’re a smart guy with your words, but you’re really not. You read people’s posts and then try and make them look foolish by picking out a word or two and then be pedantic about it. I’m surprised you get away with it so often to be fair. Anyway, I don’t want to derail the OPs thread. I’ve said what I want to say.
  3. Zip__

    European containers.....

    He’s actually complaining about the RNG of the EU containers. He then goes onto say that his time is precious and that if he’s using it to complete directives he would expect better rewards. Do you ever read what people say, or are you just ready to give negative, unconstructive, unwanted criticism at every turn?
  4. Zip__

    KotS Camo Code

    Still working
  5. Arma 3 & LoLs to name but 2.
  6. I've played in much saltier communities than WoWs.
  7. Zip__

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Much appreciated. Nice gesture.
  8. I would say this is less to do with limiting the amount of vitriol WG receive from the community on WIP ships and more to do with poor reviews on mostly poor premiums released of late. That surely has an effect on the sales.
  9. I'm happy with that.
  10. Zip__

    25000 free exp for DM Donskoi?

    Changed the title for ya. O7
  11. Zip__

    25000 free exp for DM Donskoi?

    Read the question mate. I'm asking why it couldn't have been given as free exp. Never said i was getting ripped off, just want to know why we're having to pay to unlock the exp. Simple question.
  12. Zip__

    25000 free exp for DM Donskoi?

    I did read the patch notes and i'm asking why? Why couldn't they give free exp if that's what a player has used to research it?
  13. So the hull B has been removed from the Donskoi and anyone who had it would receive 25k exp, but it is locked to the ship and i have to pay 1000 doubloons to use it. Why? I used free exp on the Donskoi, as i had reset the line for the research bureau. Why can't it be given back as free exp too?