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  1. Server day at 4 CEST or 3 CET. But stuff is usually available from 6 or 7 in the morning, not immediately after the reset.
  2. WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    Okay, what he said ;) 12 of 16 achievements done today. PVE was annoying. And the last 4 might cost me some nerves (Bismarck, Russian and IJN DD in special. There is no good ship for mixed damage ;))
  3. WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    Seriously? Shinonome is the free premium DD you get for completing the second permanent campaign. That one is available since how long? Must be close to a year now - available all the time. Even now. No silver or dublones required.
  4. Yamamoto Kampagne

    Als ob der dafür Frischfleisch braucht ;)
  5. Yamamoto Kampagne

    Najo, Essex und Midway liegen ja im Hafen, mehr als knappen Durchschnitt kriege ich damit aber nicht hin, da muß ich immer drauf hoffen das der andere Carrier kein Vollprofi ist. Generell fühle ich mich jedenfalls in jeder anderen Klasse wohler ;)
  6. Duca d' Aosta

    Since normal XP is the same amount as the Captain XP you get and free XP is a percentage of the received normal XP your statement is just... well, a statement but a crappy one ;)
  7. When this is an all time statistics you should not foget: When I did level the Colorado through the open Beta it WAS a very bad ship. The guns were all over the place and you could hardly hit anything. When I ended leveling her the win rate was in the thirtees percent. Colorado was buffed since then, I play her from time to time and the winrate is well into the fourtys now. It is a good ship, but there are a lot of early players out there who did level her when it was not. This is still shown into the statistics.
  8. Sind ja auch die gleichen Geschütze ;)
  9. Is the Belfast REALLY overpowered?

    Well, I tried to play my Minekaze yesterday, of course I did end up in T7 matches four times in a row (thank you, friendly new match making...) and in every game there were one or two Belfasts on the other team. I did not do a lot, avoided them as good as possible and still ended up dying to their radar in every single game, always late in the game. So obviously they survive quite long and do absolutely slaughter the little DD. Of course their radar has got far more range then my torpedoes. As long as the Belfasts are alive you can park your lower DD in the corner or just scuttle it. From that point: totally overpowered for this kind of matchmaking. I did neither play or buy the Belfast myself, so I can not rate that, but being on the receiving end did patch the fun out of the matches quite successful.
  10. Grinding for the King

    Well, I don't call I grinding, I just call it playing - and I like to play them all (at least from T3++) - I usually level slow but steady (aka until the first win of the day), that's why I am still at Gneisenau in the German BB line and closing in to Bismarck. Clearing new content with money in a day and the complaining about a lack of new content would not make sense anyway ;)
  11. Kagero/Shimakaze F3 Torps

    I guess it is about 20 seconds per torpedo then (all bonuses included). 4 load in 80 seconds 5 in 100 seconds. Comparing the two you could say 4 torps every 40 seconds for Kagero and 5 torps every 33 seconds for Shima. Thanks, now I made sense of that ;)
  12. Kagero/Shimakaze F3 Torps

    I just researched my Shimakaze as well (but will not buy her until I know where the Japanese Destroyer trees are going to. I just noticed: Are the F3 torps on the Shima the same as the ones I used on my Kagero? The data looks identical, but the reload times seem to be off. I am currently on a 79.6 seconds reload at Kagero with .10% for captain skill and -15% for the upgrade. Shimakaze has a stock value of 131s when I reduce that by 25% it should be 98.3 seconds. Is my calculation wrong somewhere or are they just slower (explanation might be loading one more torpedo per tube?).
  13. Neuer Trend - Tarnung braucht keiner ?

    3) der Spieler darf noch keine Tarnung kaufen, da der Account Leveln noch nicht erreicht ist. 4) der Spieler steht auf Grau und will keine Tarnung. tbc
  14. Neuer Trend - Tarnung braucht keiner ?

    Oh, ich habe meine Texas vorhin das erste mal nackt gesehen und sie dann ganz schnell wieder angezogen... und danach habe ich mir bei 40 Schiffen nen Wolf geklickt um Automatik für Flaggen, Cameo und Verbrauchsgüter wieder einzuschalten. Ansonsten gibt es wahrscheinlich einfach geizige Leute - ich fahre nichts, was nicht bunt ist ;)
  15. World of Warships ab Tier VIII Premium Nötigung

    Ja. Ist normal. Mit Standard Account spiele ich auch nichts über Tier 7. Tier 8-10 wird nur mit Premium ausgefahren. Warum ist das so? Bei der Firma arbeiten auch Leute, die gerne bezahlt werden wollen. Wenn keiner was kauft geht das schlecht (Premium Schiffe für 40+ Euros sind dann in meinen Augen wieder eine andere Geschichte, nen Monat Spielzeit für nen 10er gönne ich mir aber gerne mal) Wer partout billig spielen will muß halt für jeded Tier 8+ Match danach ein paar Runden Tier 5/6 drehen um das verlorene Geld wieder einzufahren.