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  1. Yes, a ship in the first bundle. Of course it is Saipan and I could not care any less. Congratulations on the Wichitas and Massachusetts though.
  2. USNavy_12

    0.9.5 - Armory Update

    Yeah, it is slow - can't see an advantage over the old interface. At least every menu point is working. That is UNTIL I click on ships. There are so many that it loads and loads and loads - but never finishes. Only way out is the escape key. Maybe a bunch of submenues would help there.
  3. Hm, did we have that rental Bayard before or after the IFHE rework. I enjoyed her quite a bit. Would be a possible purchase.
  4. USNavy_12

    Soviet tokens - anything other than Mikoyan etc

    Him, the commander - not him the camouflage obviously.
  5. USNavy_12

    A fletcher we are missing

    Oh yes, O'Bannon! Potatos play an important role there :)
  6. USNavy_12

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    me2 - and that's new
  7. USNavy_12

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    So, they still shink this idea is great. They must be stupid... When you want us to play lower tier ships put snowflakes or something similar on them...
  8. If someone wants an advice: just fire the guy who had the idea for that training center - and while you are at it probably fire the guys who cheered him up praising his idea as well... It seriously hurts to see you trying to [edited]up your own game so hard. Almost every new idea during the last patches was horrible. When you think: "Nothing can be worse than that CV rework" you manage to come up with this? If that would not be so sad it would almost be funny...
  9. USNavy_12

    The BIG news

    So that CV rework was a deaster already, now the developer brains seem to be on total meltdown. It was nice as long as it lasted. Who could possibly want anything like that...
  10. USNavy_12

    the "carry harder!" thread

    After a while, this one seems to fit perfectly. In the stupid t6-8 MM with 4 carriers it was not enough to have a double kill on enemy carriers and finishing the only enemy DD and two cruisers ;)
  11. USNavy_12

    CV Rework Discussion

    So, premium CVs got rereleased, as if the game was not fucked up enough. I think I did not play a single game without CV today. The T7-9 games mostly had even four carriers in them. Relentless carriers, no matter how many planes you shoot down, they keep coming back 30 seconds later. The two games I played with my pink Myoko today (just a reminder: not the best AA cruiser) ended up like shown in the the pictures. You can try whatever you want: you just will die further or later. Can it really be the idea in a ship game, that four carriers are alive at the end of the game and all other ships are dead? Those games both were losses, but what does it matter? They were NO FUN at all, and that is the point. This CV rework is so messed up, it is unbelievable...
  12. USNavy_12

    General feedback

    We had a nice game that was living from a delicate combination of balancing spotting and concealment, spiced up with tools like smoke and the countermeasures hydro and radar. The game had surpises, you might not have known into what ships you will run and how to reach them. An occasional carrier was mostly okay to deal with, since you could see the different squadrons on the map. AA did something, you could even click on the unfriendly fliers to support that. A very good game, otherwise i would not have played the amount of battles (almost all of them random and solo) here that I did. Unfortunatelly all this ended on thursday morning. We are left with an abomination of what I used to play and love. As soon as there is a CV the whole delicate combination of balancing spotting and concealment fails. The positions of all enemy ships are known within 45 seconds on a large map, while one carrier squad reaches the enemy team long before the last ones afk in the loading screen pop up into the game, flying around in insane speed like a saucer from mars. There are no more surprises, conmcealment is no longer important. The whole gameplay experience got totally dull and boring from one day to the other. The bad thing is: We told you so! Experienced players told you that it will be a desaster, still you go through with this rubish. My fleet is on the way to be mothballed. Most captains are already reset and soon they will wait for things to get better, hope never dies. I will check from time to time, my premium account time will end early 2020. Unfortunatelly it will mostly bleed out unused. What thievery.
  13. USNavy_12

    Ranked Season 11 and rewards

    Half the sentence is even in the picture :)
  14. USNavy_12

    Sorry but i have to say it

    No panic, but lots of truth. This goes on a few months now. Whenever I see the developers talking about their new fixes and plans I think: What a [edited] idea. That is pretty new. I know that they still want to earn money with World of Warships - but you could really have the impression that they try everything to make the game worse and try to get rid of their players...