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  1. Playing this for three years. Never contacted the customer support or wrote a ticket. For teamkilling? Man I must not be important enough...
  2. Bretagne spezialist werden...?

    Okay, drücke ich mich anders aus: Im Gegensatz zu den folgenden Schiffen ist sie eine unglaubliche Schalftablette ;)
  3. Bretagne spezialist werden...?

    Kurzform: Bretagne ist Müll, aber alles was danach im französichen BB Tree kommt ist speziell und alles auf eine andere Art auch gut (wahrscheinlich die abwechslungsreichsten BBS die man spielen kann, da sie so unterschiedlich sind)
  4. Zeigt eure Super Container !

    Ja, die ersten beiden Supercontainer aus der neuen Kampagne... 100 Flaggen für 20% besseres Reparieren (endlich wieder mehr als 300 im Lager) und natürlich ein Spotter Plane Modul. War das Achte, wenn ich mich nicht irre - ein paar sind ja verbaut, langsam weiß ich aber nicht mehr wohin damit. Achja: Anzahl von Radar oder Hydro Modulen ist natürlich immer noch 0,0000
  5. Are you probably confusing XP with HP? It is experience (to research the next ship) not hitpoints. Or am I missing the irony in this? :)
  6. The Buffalo, first impressions?

    Quite nice average damage with her, even some 150k game even when - of course - everyone shoots at you. Unfortunatelly the ship failed to win a single game yet, at the moment it's a potato magnet. Most likely this will change over time, but at the moment she is bad karma for me ;)
  7. When the costs to retrain are 250K you will actually need 200k silver and 125k commander XP. When you keep him on the Cleveland I do not know why there schould be the need to respec it. I would not. My 19pts Cleveland captain usually works on my Atlanta, at the Moment I do not even know if I will put the 19pts on the Cleveland or probably on the Worcester. I only know that I will have 5 more ships in my harbour when the CL line goes live and that I will need a bunch of highskill captains (I expect the CL line to need at least 14 points) so I am just piling up on elite commander XP to make that possible. So extra XP will be welcome and I do not see me losing anything here. In fact I will have new ships to polish and that is a good thing since I have maxed out all lines with the exception of the IJN carriers (I suck at carriers and can't motivate myself to go on with the Shokaku). Will there be playing involved to polish the new ships and get them ready? Yes. But isn't that the game? I thought that is what is it about.
  8. When that Mission gives you elite captain XP you can use that to respec your captain for the Pensacola - but nothing will stop you from using that same XP to retrain to another ship (for example the Cleveland from where the captain did come)
  9. Cleveland may pretty well go into T8 maches now and a Baltimore can go down to T7 they can easily be in a match today - and it was hardly ever a problem ;)
  10. System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct

    So, second game of the day. A friendly Omaha drives into my line of fire while fighting two enemy ships from a friendly DDs smoke. That salvo does 2979 damage to the Omaha and he survives the game nontheless. I immediatley turn pink for two games? This is either very retarded or needs some serious fine tuning. This can happen all the time, especially infight with a fast shooting ship when you are in scope.
  11. I got the Bretagne from the Missions in 7.1, so now I am leveling Normandie. Not getting the more ships from the missions was okay. Other guys have luck, I usually do not (I look at you, christmas crates...). Okay, that is a little bit of "[edited]you" for me, but okay. That there is a campaign now that gives extra camos and crates when you wer lucky enough to get the T8 ship and even new missions today where you need the T7 or T8 ship just pisses me off (and that does not happen easily). [edited]you, you don't get anything from crates. Fine. But putting missions out that say [edited]you once, [edited]you twice and [edited]you trice feels pretty disgusting. Sorry, this is just bad design.
  12. Server day at 4 CEST or 3 CET. But stuff is usually available from 6 or 7 in the morning, not immediately after the reset.
  13. WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    Okay, what he said ;) 12 of 16 achievements done today. PVE was annoying. And the last 4 might cost me some nerves (Bismarck, Russian and IJN DD in special. There is no good ship for mixed damage ;))
  14. WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    Seriously? Shinonome is the free premium DD you get for completing the second permanent campaign. That one is available since how long? Must be close to a year now - available all the time. Even now. No silver or dublones required.
  15. Yamamoto Kampagne

    Als ob der dafür Frischfleisch braucht ;)