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  1. USNavy_12

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    No resistance. I really want to join the lottery! Thanks for doing this.
  2. USNavy_12

    [] Unique Camouflage

    Found some time to test it. Works again for me. Thanks for the good effort ;)
  3. USNavy_12

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    Yepp, that. Running like normal.
  4. I would have prefered the West Virginia in her heavy modernized spec after Pearl Harbor. That was a very pretty ship in my opinion.
  5. USNavy_12

    the "carry harder!" thread

    This one from tonight qualifies, I guess ;)
  6. USNavy_12

    Anniversary Event

    My Midway is already looking forward to a coop battle. Don't want to ruin a game with her as well (yes, I am great at CVs - did not keep me from wanting to own them ;))
  7. USNavy_12

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    Indeed. Mail, confusion, no ships. Mistake. Would have been fun to take them for a spin though ;)
  8. USNavy_12

    [] Unique Camouflage

    First of all: Thank you for taking care of this. This was the only mod I used for the last two years. Unfortunatelly it does not work for me either. I did try it in 0.7.7 and now in 0.7.8. WoWs just crashes when you try to log in. The WoWs logo just spins and spins and spins. As soon as I delete the mod again logins work. Even tried some of your camo reworks from the other thread, they work just fine.
  9. USNavy_12

    [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    So, two days ended without an offer to swich teams. Played to 37k+ XP on both days, still nothing. Of course I ended up with 48 loyality on sharks and lost out on 50 tokens and 10 additional containers. Annoying.
  10. USNavy_12

    GoNavy Premium Tarnungen Worcester etc.

    Ne, da gibts nur die schäbbige Adler oder Hai Tarnung, aber nicht die Stars and Stripes "Go Navy" Tarnung die man bei der Worchester direkt kaufen könnte. Leider.
  11. USNavy_12

    Can we get an option to opt out of Epicenter?

    I always tell the team that there is a reason why it is called epiCENTER and not epiMAPBOARDER :) Good game mode!
  12. USNavy_12

    [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    NO offer to swich teams on Day 4, and I played up to 1600 points on eagles.
  13. Playing this for three years. Never contacted the customer support or wrote a ticket. For teamkilling? Man I must not be important enough...
  14. USNavy_12

    Bretagne spezialist werden...?

    Okay, drücke ich mich anders aus: Im Gegensatz zu den folgenden Schiffen ist sie eine unglaubliche Schalftablette ;)
  15. USNavy_12

    Bretagne spezialist werden...?

    Kurzform: Bretagne ist Müll, aber alles was danach im französichen BB Tree kommt ist speziell und alles auf eine andere Art auch gut (wahrscheinlich die abwechslungsreichsten BBS die man spielen kann, da sie so unterschiedlich sind)