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  1. USNavy_12

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    So, they still shink this idea is great. They must be stupid... When you want us to play lower tier ships put snowflakes or something similar on them...
  2. If someone wants an advice: just fire the guy who had the idea for that training center - and while you are at it probably fire the guys who cheered him up praising his idea as well... It seriously hurts to see you trying to [edited]up your own game so hard. Almost every new idea during the last patches was horrible. When you think: "Nothing can be worse than that CV rework" you manage to come up with this? If that would not be so sad it would almost be funny...
  3. USNavy_12

    The BIG news

    So that CV rework was a deaster already, now the developer brains seem to be on total meltdown. It was nice as long as it lasted. Who could possibly want anything like that...