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  1. The true power of divisions

    @El2aZeR is OP, plz nerf. But yes divisions give you extra power, but they are not invincible (because no matter what you try, you cannot carry each and every team).
  2. Rant / CV / AA / in-game exploits / a request

    No you don't, what you should have done was say in chat in the beginning: - if possible focus that Mino - don't get in Mino AA range because I CANNOT help you with planes there If people ignore you: then let them die, it's probably not worth sacrificing your planes for such people anyways. You didn't and so the mino killed half your plane complement whilst still denying you to that area. He gained massive XP and what did you gain? Right, nothing. That Mino AA bubble is a NO FLY ZONE. You only go in there if you really really have to ( and saving some random player that didn't listen to you is not worth it ). @Xairen my apologies for previous post, read all he as she plz
  3. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Grozovoi and DM and two missions were done. Thank god for enemy potato CVs.
  4. Rant / CV / AA / in-game exploits / a request

    He played 13 games solo and won 76.9% of them with a PR of 2571. As for you farming him in ranked: he played 19 Midway battles ( with the WR you said ) and 136 Hakuryu with a WR of 59.5%. So you telling me that he doesn't know how to play sounds a bit off. By the looks of it he knows very well what he's doing, he's using the strength of his division to the maximum and you fell for it ( prove being the Mino's 50 plane kills ). And yes, such a division is called a caner division, but we aint seen nothing yet. Enters the Worchester, it'll make these divisions even stronger. They certainly aren't fun to play against, but between the option of feeding them planes or simply ignoring their area I know which option I'd choose.
  5. How to understand this?

    I don't know how to judge this. For a potato it'll be a useless consumable, but in the hands of an experieced player… This gives the BB that much more power in punishing enemy mistakes. On the other hand, if it's this, or some gimmicky RN HE, or US BB Radar or DefAA then I'll probably go for this. It's interesting and certainly warrants testing to tweak all the numbers and such AND it's for the main bread and butter of the BB, it's main guns.
  6. No comment...

    Well, another WG created meta: the Halsey campaign has loads and loads of US CA/CL missions in it and the changes in the US CA/CL lines. If only they could balance out this meta with weekly missions that would require people to play other ships, then they might reduce this meta a bit. As for the radar imbalance, WG's "magical" numbers say it's ok... ?? Maybe some balancing in numbers might be needed
  7. What is this [edited]?

    Well, I guess I'll give Yuro's DM build a go then and sit in the back. No need to spot anymore as WG thinks this is fine? Seriously, main activity is damage farming? Was that employee drunk or something?
  8. And this rant had to be posted in the Newcomers' section because…. ?
  9. heavy cruisers?

    This. For the IJN you can have these guns already with Furutaka at tier V all the way to tier X ( but at tier VIII you have a choice with Mogami ). So you could say this is more a CA line. The US cruisers lines are about to be split in a CA and CL line from tier VI. The CA line is already in game, the CL will come soon ( the Cleveland at tier VIII is already in game ). Yes and no, the US CL are far more squishy armor wise than the US CA, so you'll have to play a bit more cautious. Also, because of the shells and caliber you lose a lot of AP power with the US CL line. But in general, neither one of the US cruiser lines are a kiting type of cruisers like the IJN ones.
  10. What ships do you think need buffs?

    FIFY. But I agree, T-22 is a piece of junk.
  11. battleships

    It seems that those people complaining about fires on their BBs have yet to discover the search button on the forum. OP, read post #19 by Wilkatis, sums it up nicely.
  12. If people are not satisfied with the content the CCs provide, nobody is holding you back into creating your own content as well. The current CCs will prolly nevery be at low tiers on a regular basis, so start your own channel with low tier gameplay?
  13. Legendary Modules - A missed oportunity

    I like how they did an iteration on them and 'forgot' the Des Moines one. Very useless one, trying to push the ship into a role it's not suited for...
  14. Marketing proposal for WG pt.2

    Trolling rated at 4/10