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  1. CV planes after death

    Be happy the planes don't attack you to avenge the sinking of their ship...

    And I want realistic hit ratios for BB guns. And another thing: Iowa class BB we're designed to escort carriers... So who's the support class? And why is it unrealistic that CVs do more DMG than BBs? OH and: Torpedos are indeed broken. They get spotted too easily, so yeah: you're right they are not realistic... Fire is only broken if you don't know how to deal with it. And those players that keep shelling HE all the time will do so cause they are bad. Not because HE is OP (not talking about Monqueror here).
  3. Total WR can be easiliy manipulated (as in artificially boosting the number): - people will play with OP premiums, - people play in divisions, - people will sealclub, - some ppl will be great in BB and suck in other classes (fe CV), All this to say that: ONE fits ALL does not work.
  4. If you want simple then all you'll get is people bending the rule and it becomes useless. But you know what's really simple: no WR MM rules...
  5. So you want SBMM based upon WR. You must be new here as this has been discussed over and over again. So answer me this: - Total WR / class WR / tier WR / ship WR? - Take OP sealclubbing premiums into account? - Solo WR / division WR ? - What about two friends, one 50% other 52%. They can no longer play together. Sounds like a good marketing strategy to you?
  6. Unfortunatly, cruisers at tiers IX and X have those. And the heal in itself is not enough to make them go forward. And this in the gameplay tierspread ( so a tier VI should be able to overmatch a tier VIII)? This kills torpedo DD gameplay. This kills a lot of (high) tier cruiser gameplay. Not sure I understand this you want radar to be a permanent thing? That would be reverting the latest smoke changes. Those changes already reduced smokecamping a lot. So don't see the need to change this again. If you mean: make them visible at any range like this: no need, just learn to shoot in smoke or get closer to spot.
  7. Buff Nuremberg, WG.

    I really like Nurnberg (and Yorck to a certain extend as well). Hipper, now that's a German cruiser I disliked a lot. So I don't really see the need to buff the Nurnberg.
  8. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    Why on earth would a CV strike a Baltimore as first target? Interesting tactics. The fact that he succeeded surprises me even more.... In the end, same as getting nuked by one BB volley early on I guess. Bad things happen. Start another game.
  9. Friendly fire defensive AA

    Interesting suggestion. But, will I then turn pink for shooting a certain amount of friendly planes? And, I can already see CV haters turn on def AA when friendly planes are near. Just to annoy the CV players...
  10. Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    Clearly a learn to dodge issue. So git gut
  11. Cleve, DM, Monti, Mino, Z46, Hindi, HIV, Yugu, Khaba, Moskva, Chap
  12. Improving weekend experience

    So the people who can't play during the week .... The people who division up to increase their WR are allowed to play with the big boys.... Seriously. Did you ever think about the proposal prior to posting it?
  13. Remove Missouri radar

    They can remove it, then ofc I want my free XP back. The only reason for spending the free XP was to have a BB with radar. OH and yes, that ship is most certainly OP if you know how to use it.
  14. No need to show where shots are coming from. Just looking around/at minimap will give you this information. All it takes is situational awareness. If you have problems with this: work and train on it. One of the most useful skills for a cruiser.
  15. Why Aircraft Carriers feel unbalanced

    Honestly, I'm more in favour of this solution. Force people to use manual controls. By forcing this they're bound to learn a thing or two about them when playing them. Removing the manual drops is another way to dumb down the game even more. Not what is needed tbh