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  1. 159Hunter

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Good luck @lup3s. This is a great event. Sadly I won't be donating anything this year, as I don't feel WG did anything to deserve my money. Hence I won't participate either. But want to thank you none the less for the effort!
  2. 159Hunter

    ap and light cruisers..

    That feels like ages ago. This game has been dumbing down for years now :( Interesting though, as his Smolensk results aren't showing the OPness
  3. 159Hunter

    Massachusetts or Alaska?

    This. Just choose if you want a BB or a CA. Both are great ships, albeit with a totally different role and thus gameplay style.
  4. 159Hunter

    Remove smoke when guns fire.

    Combine that with this topic and the answer to @GarrusBrutus' question is most likely : yeas :p
  5. 159Hunter

    CV Rework Discussion

    What do you expect, you attack his stat padding shipclass. It's not the class, he's good at it. You are all wrong.
  6. 159Hunter

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well, it would be nice, and while your at it buff my DM as well
  7. 159Hunter

    Izumo/Yamato rework

    Only cause those people have yet to discover the forums, so rest assured: these topics will arrive. As for Yamato: is perfectly fine, that's one of the rare cases where WG struck gold from the get go. Izumo is a weird one, but I didn't really dislike that grind. If you really hate the A hull: use free XP. WeeGee needz money for buying Wodka after all.
  8. 159Hunter

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    And yet punishing people rather than rewarding them is the whole foundation on which legislation is build. So why couldn't it work in game as well? As for playing properly: it's not about "thinking" they "didn't play properly" DFens knows, you don't. End of story.
  9. So this is your so called "counter" for low AA ships against CVs? Let your team fo first and follow them? Then why on earth would anyone still play DD?
  10. Yep, and WG only messed this up once (and fixed it again after less than 24 hrs). And no, it's not your typical lottery ticket: with those you can at least know your odds. These containers don't offer you that (as WG refuses to share them, so you don't know what they've coded). Therefore: I'm glad Belgium did something good for a change.
  11. 159Hunter

    CV Rework Discussion

    How do you want him to produce this list: - in alphabetical order; - by order of importance; - on a timeline I mean, you need to be specific or he won't understand.
  12. 159Hunter

    CV Rework Discussion

    So then define what you mean with a "counter" . Cause it sure as * isn't what the normal people are talking about in this topic. So maybe you could explain us what you mean by it so we can understand your ideas. If you inteded it to be "some no AA-ships" you should have said so. Otherwise, it's common practice in languages that you imply all. But you didn't, so now that someone comes up with an example your narrative changes. You follow nothing, all you do is bend words whenever you are proven wrong. And as I said your "alpha argument" isn't an argument. So I don't know why you even bothered to reiterate your lie. LOL: tier 4 and good AA, nice joke. By all means show me the good AA ships at tier 4. (unless if you want all ships to just cluster around their own CV?) Islands make drops harder? Maybe for a dumb player, what they also do is prevent you from shooting guns at the enemy. So you're saying here: be useless as a BB if you want to stand a chance against a CV. That sounds like great game design. ??? A) one does not see a CV at the start of the game, ergo not an answer(unless you are suggesting that I shouldn't move untill enemy CV is spotted) B) how does one avoid ( or do you mean "avoid") him ? The planes can go anywhere and can do this fast, so by all means explain this one? Very good, too bad those TB are way more mobile than my BB and will thus just make a turn and drop afterwards. So, again, not an answer. So, I rate your answers at 1/10. Plz try again.
  13. 159Hunter

    New CV lines.....

    What on earth is that? (genuine question)
  14. 159Hunter

    CV Rework Discussion

    As you seem to have "forgotten" how we got to this, let me help you remember: So, now that you can follow the conversation again, I understand it's hard for you, but plz try to keep up this time. As it has already been established by players, such as @El2aZeR that, even though the alpha is lower, ReeWork CVs kill ships as fast as RTS CVs this point is invalid. So is not an answer to my questions, so try again. And as you probably forgot them already, here they are again: Than again, I have no faith you will be able to anwser this as it isn't possible with the current game mechanics.