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  1. Good. We need to remind them. Cause otherwise they'll "forget"
  2. 159Hunter

    MM again

    Global WR / ship WR ?
  3. 159Hunter

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    True. Every ship is limited in its movements. And radar is one of those balancing out DDs.
  4. 159Hunter

    Permanent Uptier

    And you have not proof, so it's nothing more than a rant. You know what the solution to your problem is? Equal tier MM, voila, no more issues with being uptiered, toptiered. Guess how fun that'd be. And there is nobody who is permanently uptiered, but that wasn't the point. The point was your attitude. Opening started at once with insulting people, pro troll posting. The Jutland most certainly can, as I said: it's better than Daring. So Jutland could have carried the game if your team wasn't potato. But yet you choose to post this exact picture that has nothing to do with, what you claim, is the point of your topic: being uptiered. And I didn't deny that. But, you come to the forums, complaining you get uptiered a lot and throw in your WR. All that implies is that you feel your WR is not doing good being uptiered. I then show you your TX WR to show you that being top tier =/= higher WR. Exactly, you have ONE tier X ship, your 3rd most played ship. But it seems you are having problems winning with that ship. An issue you don't have with other ships you've played about the same amount of games. You are not CONSTANTLY being uptiered. Show us the numbers, otherwise it's BIAS.
  5. 159Hunter

    Clan sizes, are they too big?

    And then they play with multiple teams, been there, done that. Then you'll have to step it up a notch and, those big clans with big names are picky in who they accept. Use that to your advantage. we have more than enough clans atm, never had to wait long to go into battle there is no issue with that, they are playing there are small clans with many leaders and big communities with one dictator, whatever suits them I guess. I don't care But not all plans are competitive, some creat an entire community with competitive, training and causual players. Some pple even go way back from other games and such. And they want to stick together.
  6. 159Hunter

    Clan sizes, are they too big?

    50 spots is not enough I'd say. There plenty of communities that need to split up in multiple clans to accomodate all their members.
  7. 159Hunter

    Permanent Uptier

    Thx for the tip, lemme quickly quote him before he calls for fake news as well.
  8. 159Hunter

    Permanent Uptier

    So, you come to forum claiming to be uptiered in 90% of the games since reaching 60% WR. I assume you have kept an excel sheet or an app with all matches you played? Or are you claiming, like some other forum members did in other topics, that WG is out to get you? Then you will call everyone who disagrees a clown, very mature. And right below that you show a picture of a tier IX in a tier X game. Tier IX Jutland none the less, the DD that's better than it's tier X variant the Daring. And tier IX in general have, apart from a few terrible ships, no problem at all in tier X. It's probably the tier that cares the least about being uptiered. Interesting choice of proof? What does your picture show: your team potatoed 200%, has nothing to do with being uptiered, it's just one of those 30% of games that, no matter what, you can't win. Oh and, as you are so keen to toss in your WR: your tier X WR is the lowest of all tiers. The one tier that never gets uptiered show you with your worst WR. This begs the question, is being uptiered really detrimental to winning games?
  9. 159Hunter

    Ignored list

    If other ppl annoy you, pretty sure there's a mod that disables chat.
  10. 159Hunter

    Ignored list

    Yeah, let's ignore all players better than yourself so you can't meet them ingame anymore... see how flawed that would be?
  11. 159Hunter

    Why should I try to spot with a cruiser or a DD?

    Yes, but how much spotting do they do, probably even less
  12. 159Hunter

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Or, you know, a human skill called situational awareness. Using that will render radar in 90% of the cases useless.
  13. 159Hunter

    Why should I try to spot with a cruiser or a DD?

    yeah, but farming dmg is way easier than spotting
  14. 159Hunter

    Why should I try to spot with a cruiser or a DD?

    XP calculation is flawed. But WG loves it cause it's easy to understand and easy to farm even for full blown potatoes
  15. 159Hunter

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Not denying that. Solo vs div does require some other skills. And in general a very good div stat implies you're not a total potato.