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  1. Amazing idea, would love to join #1 Enterprise #2 Molotov #3 Doubloons #4 Doubloons #7 Doubloons #8 Tachibana
  2. I'll agree with OP, if he wants to opt out of CV games he should be able to do so. However, every choice should have a consequence. Thus I propose that if you opt out of CV games ( aka I don't want to meet 25% of the classes in Wows) you: - earn 25% less XP and credits; - cannot complete weekly missions, challanges and campaigns; - are banned from posting in any CV related topic on the forums. If that suits you? Be my guest.
  3. Or just stay out of radar range. Shooting is very very risky. Ofc UK CL were seriously affected by it. Not denying that. All I commented was the way WG is pushing MK into longe range spamming.
  4. MK was affected in the sense that people pushing with it cannot keep firing from smoke when getting close. If you only use it as long range spammer the effect was negligable. So WG forces the ship in that role and less so in a ship that moves up closer?
  5. Two ships I own don't run CE, Cleveland (19p captain with IFHE and AA spec) and Khaba (19p but you're shooting anyways, speed is your ally). All others: run it for reasons stated above.
  6. Oh yeah, show that memo to my clanmates cause we never got that one. If you want to call me a potato go ahead, namecalling just shows your true character once more. Then again, seems like you missed the memo as well? But hey, everyone else here agreed with you, no?
  7. Ever tried playing them OP?
  8. Free stuff = free stuff. You want more free stuff and you're not getting it? a) stop playing till more free stuff arrives b) play anyways and deal with it, it is after all still free stuff As for the "I need more free stuff to compensate for the weekend warriors", newsflash: you get those so called "weekend warriors" on normal weekdays as well.
  9. Because obviously WR alone determines if somebody is a potato in a certain ship. It's not like you can buff WR by playing division. Or statpad by playing lowtier sealclubbers like Nikolai ( yes mtm : D ). WR alone is just terrible when so much more data is known.
  10. +1
  11. I guess most of the DD players in PA DDs didn't get the memo that their torps DON'T hit other DDs. So sad... Really, so sad...
  12. To add to what previous posters said, even in one line you could/need to switch. It depends if you are grinding a line, it if you want to keep a ship. So yeah, you'll need to be specific.
  13. Apart from probalby being a bad ship (I'll go with Flamu on this, he has yet to let me down on ship reviews), it's a bloody Tier VI ship. And well, T6 MM isn't as bad as T5 MM, but it aint good either.
  14. Yes, I'm not sad AS are a thing of the past, what does saddens me is that they took away the choices in different setups. Less choice = bad imo
  15. Voted the third option, just for the lulz. If you do these kind of votes, expect stupid answers ?