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  1. And this will ofcourse be broadcasted to all ships of your team (and unlike the horns, you won't have the option to disable this).
  2. New game mode please

    Well, you better have a nice big monitor if you want to go down that road. Cause small laptop monitors just aren't good enough for that. Plus, I agree with @thiextar I don't feel like pixel searching ( and getting team torped a lot more by friendlies )
  3. Weekends are getting too painful these days...

    It's not weekends, it's just holidays atm. A lot of people have time to play. And a lot of people are making their way into higher tiers without knowing how to play. The problem is that teamwork isn't rewarded, you can play like an utter idiot solo player and still end on top of the scoreboard. And there is no way WG can reward this with an automated system, you'd need humans to review each game ( and then I guess implement AI). Like that's ever going to happen.
  4. Radar Discussion Megathread

    Note to you: you started the stat bash, so now deal with it. So what, you played more and failed more, is that what you're saying? Let me repeat: "I don't play DDs do I? " It happens to be that my DM is the only tier X with premium camo, and I'm in need of money because: - just bought Chung Mu ( which in randoms you play with smoke, a fact you should now if you knew the DD meta ), - need to get money to buy Yamato I just unlocked - need to get money to buy the Akizuki I just unlocked So yes, I'll play those ships to make money. Which is easy given the current amount of idiots in DDs who will just sail in caps (even if in teamchat you tell them: don't, that cap is under radar cover, they'll still sail in and die. As for complaining about me having the Atlanta, I vaguely remember some proverb with a pot, a cettle and black or something in it. At least I know how to use that ship. And you who call radar overpowered and what not, look at your own DM stats. Is the ship that overpowered? And that Cleveland is the tier VI, you know. The one without radar? And as for hidden agenda, what are your two most played ships? Akatsuki and Shimakaze, so again pot, cettle, black... Oh, so now playing gun boat DDs is bad as well, seriously. You just want a game where all you can do is sail around in your shima and freely torp ships without anyone making it hard for you. In that case: coop used to be the place to be (not anymore as those bots now instaturn the moment you drop torps on them) Me, I play both sides of the spectrum. THAT keeps me honest, you failed in radar ships and now all you do is complain about them. No wonder you can't outplay radar ship, you couldn't even play them (and from your story they are so easy to play and OP).
  5. Radar Discussion Megathread

    I don't know what game you play, of the 8 games I played yesterday, 3 had 5 DDs and 2 cruisers in them, 1 had no radar cruisers in them and the other 4 had between 2 - 4 on each side. So, you got outplayed by people with worse stats than yours? And that's not allowed, is that what you're saying here? You really want to compare shima to tashkent? Really, two totally different DDs: one is build to dodge, it's meant to be in the open shooting the entire time. The other one is meant to be in stealth. Of course you'll have no issues playing against radar in tashkent, those that do really have no clue what they're doing. Yes, because I obviously don't play DDs, way to go dude. Congratz, one ring to rule them all one screenshot to prove it all. It shows you one game ( let me point you back to my previous posts ).
  6. Nothing to see here, move along forum citizens

    Had the bug maybe 5 times over all my games, only thing that worked was quit the game and restart (and pray that you're still alive when you reload).
  7. Radar Discussion Megathread

    Some being the key word here, not all. Some. Same is in some games you have only 2 cruisers and 5 DD + 5 BB. In some others you'll have 3 BB, 8 CA and 1 DD. The key word here is some. So no, it's not a given to have so much radar ships in game.
  8. Radar Discussion Megathread

    Yes there is, first of all you don't take a screenshot every time. So how can we judge them over all games? And you take screenshots, do you then put the data in a spreadsheet day per day or do you keep the screenshots. The former will show you the tendencies in game. The latter is just a bunch a pictures. And once again, the latter is just bias.
  9. My hopes for the new cv ui

    Stupid question no doubt, but have we got any hints as to when WG might be giving us a glimpse of this (long overdue/magical/make all good) CV rework?
  10. Radar Discussion Megathread

    And herein lies the big problem with the amount discussion: - I have no problems with radar, so I tend to remember the lower numbers, - other people have a problem and tend to remember the higher numbers. Confirmation bias at it's best. It would be nice if WG would just release on a weekly basis the amount of games played per ship. Can't be that hard to write a script and have the data appear on their website. Then we'd at least have the full data, and not some partial set from a website. Any chance of this happening @MrConway
  11. Karma

    I've seen enough people playing solo and statpadding (contributing nothing to teamplay, you know just farming damage and not capping (in DD), not tanking (in BB), not using radar/Def AA to support teammates (in CA) ) ending up on the top scoreboard. So no, until WG can come up with a decent way to reward players for contributing to a team (which they'll never be able to, unless if they bring in some AI or something) I don't see why we should be rewarding dumb gameplay. It's sad for the people that do deserve it, but I don't see a reason to strengthen the false sense of "I played well cause I'm at the top" of solo statpadders. (btw, in no way is any of this directed to you, you're not one of those)
  12. game failure ?

    Congratulations OP, we can solve this easily: restrict the tier IV limit so they can now also meet tier VI (the moment WG implemented this, MM really went downhill for the tiers above). Because let's face it, all those sealclubbers with thousands of matches at tier IV don't need protection. Know why? Cause when they then move of up start playing some tier VIII they realise they're not alwyas top tier as they are in their sealclubbin ships. And then they come to the forums to complain about it.
  13. Radar Discussion Megathread

    The amount is dropping though, the novelty of the US CL is starting to wear off. Lately I've been getting more and more 5 BB + 5 DD games with maybe 1 or 2 radars per team.
  14. Wish List for World of Warship

    WG I decided we want pinups
  15. Russians are not Amarr, I see them more as Minmattar. Duct tape all the way :)