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  1. 159Hunter

    Why are some players hiding statistics?

    As long as you don't hand out stupid advice: people on these forums won't look at them. The moment your tips and tricks are wonky, you'll get called out for it. Then again: discussing achievements without backing them up. How does one do that?
  2. 159Hunter

    Toxicity in this game is ridiculous

    And what do they learn by doing that? ... Right, nothing. Cause if they can't find it there: where on earth would they ever look? If you don't make them do their own research, they'll never learn. ... But hey, if poor quality education is your thing: be my guest.
  3. 159Hunter

    Automatic ASW for CVs (Closed Testing)

    God forbid (or Stalin for the WG folks) a CV player should actually leave his minigame and do more than one thing at a time. We couldn't have that now do we WG...
  4. 159Hunter

    Toxicity in this game is ridiculous

    Thank god this isn't university stuff as you are quoting wikipedia... hardly the stuff to make a valid point As for the toxicity: if people would actually play the game as it's supposed to be: a "naval shooting arcade teamgame that requires a (semi)funciontal brain" then toxicity levels would probably drop substantially.
  5. 159Hunter

    Few observasions on the new patch.

    WG title and user friendly in one sentence?
  6. 159Hunter

    General Submarines related discussions

    Have patience komrad. Superior Soviet Tech Tree will be added first. To show capitalist pigs (who supplied the raw materials through lend and lease, but don't let that stop soviet superior engineering meme) who rules the seas. Then we can talk about T XI
  7. Nothing can be done about it as those players don"t seem to care about their results. For me, player skills went down the drain when: - high tier economy got way too rewarding, so now high tier games are flooded with clueless people and those games are far more punishing; - high tier premiums got sold (same effect as point 1); - WG kept making braindeath gameplay decisions, those pushed away a lot of the better players, the ones invested in the game (far more than those morons still thinking, after years, that post battle ship repair costs are lower if your ship doesn't sink); - stupid missions that don't contribute to good gameplay was the final step, kill X ships (the amount of idiots holding fire to steal kills), deal X amount of fire dmg (idiots in Yamato only shooting HE cause they need fires) ....)
  8. 159Hunter

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Pretty sure MM = Mega Mindy
  9. 159Hunter

    General CV related discussions.

    I'm not certain 3 is enough. There is still a huge gape between the torpedoes, and because it is a weird number we suggest to go for 4 torpedoes. At least you can divide this by 2 so the spread will be a lot better.
  10. 159Hunter

    Ocean map balans...serious business!

    I thought WG was all about incremental changes, so why not start by rotating 10° and see if this has an impact? I mean, you guys can't even follow your own balancing strategy ...
  11. 159Hunter

    What's the rationale behind -1 / + 1 match making?

    WG business manager: "so... this man's idea makes every line 50% free XP ..." .... "hire him"
  12. Ok, so you have your limits and are well aware of them. So what's wrong with a slower grind? RP ships are high tiers, and the gameplay is much more punishing at high levels. So why insist on getting those ships quickly?
  13. You misunderstand the reason WG introduced the 1200 free RP: it's not to allow people to obtain free RP ships. No, the real reason is to lure people into regrinding lines because they have some RP, but not enough to do anything with them. That being said, if you play and complete daily missions on a regular basis: just reset a line and regrind it slowly. Play 1 or 2 games a day in that line, and the rest on other lines. You'll obtain enough RP without it being a burden or a struggle. Just out of curiousity, how does a disability make grinding difficult?
  14. 159Hunter

    General Submarines related discussions

    To be fair, this is sub 30% WR sub player vs 70%WR BB player. Only reason BB won... just saying :D