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  1. 159Hunter


    Because NTC is purely a method that allows WG to make money with (next to) no effort. That's the only reason they introduced it.
  2. 159Hunter

    DD heavy ranked / CB

    What you see is mostly DD and BB, hardly any CA are being played. That about sums it up balance wise. Plus, the premium tier IX CA are good CA, they just don't really fit the anti DD role. If you bring them just to fight the BB you're better off bringing a BB yourself.
  3. 159Hunter

    Troll Players

    Wrong. Stop spreading false information.
  4. 159Hunter

    ST - Submarines

    Komrads, have no fear. WeeGee have best developper working on subs. Boris, the lead developper in the latest succes story of new game mechanics ( aka 'reworked CVs' ). And I even managed to find a picture of him:
  5. Izmail. Why? ( apart from it being ridicoulsy OP ) Because this BB actually manages to land his shells where you aim and does this for most of your volleys.
  6. 159Hunter

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    Oh, I missed this last change. When did they say this? I mean, not that it matters, the result is still: failure. But still, like to keep track of WeeGeez flawless communication
  7. 159Hunter

    Camo on the california looks wrong, pls fix

    Do we allready know the statistics of the boat? If not, hold my beer :)
  8. 159Hunter

    Camo on the california looks wrong, pls fix

    Wait till they announce the next ranked/CW season at tier VII and then you'll grasp why a new premium Tier VII is coming...
  9. 159Hunter

    Submarines: the next step.

  10. 159Hunter

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    Care to explain what you mean by "improved"?
  11. 159Hunter

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Oh yes, the cancerous DD setup :D WP, we potato'ed that one badly
  12. 159Hunter

    ST - Submarines

    So, when will we have battlecruisers as a class? When will you (finally) complete the CV - AA balance rework?
  13. 159Hunter

    Submarines: the next step.

    Torpedos for Ru Tier VIII - X Subs : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VA-111_Shkval
  14. 159Hunter

    Arrogant ships...make Arrogant Players

    And you felt the need to make a new topic about CVs, because the big discussion topic wasn't special enough for you?
  15. 159Hunter

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yeah, nope. Go and check the methodology used in the Eurocodes used for construction. They do indeed work with a statistical model. But, for obvious safety reasons, they most certainly do not work with the average values. I"ll try one more time in easy words, as you keep twisting mine: before 0.8.5: NO balance - CV easy, braindeath gameplay since 0.8.5: balance - CV needs to think about target selection And you call me dishonest? FE: look at spotting damage numbers, highest of any class. So I guess you call spotting irrelevant?