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  1. 159Hunter

    Suggestions thread

    Tbh. I don't have an issue with the mode epicentre. It has more to do with the map
  2. 159Hunter

    Fredrich der Grosse ifhe?

    Just noticed your IGN and avatar: big plus 1 there!
  3. 159Hunter

    General CV related discussions.

    @Sub_Octavian I will disagree on your point 3: Objectively, they ruin my gameplay when a top tier CV keeps harassing you in your low tier CA untill you die. So yes, they do affect something in a bad way. I will also clariffy your point 4: They do make the game more diverse and add more interaction. Too bad it's one side interaction, CV dictates 95% of the interaction and the target has maybe 5% of say so.
  4. 159Hunter

    Has mine laying ever been explored in this game?

    Well, with mines it could be, somewhat, considered as a valid excuse. And then I can no longer call them BBabies
  5. 159Hunter

    Moskva needs a buff + ideas

    WG introducing new OP ship --> let's make existing ships also OP. Really, that's the logic you're going for? Moskva is fine, it does not need a buff.
  6. 159Hunter

    Has mine laying ever been explored in this game?

    Let's give BBabies even more of an excuse not to leave spawn...
  7. 159Hunter

    ST - German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Well, tbh. There are no tanky cruisers, the only once that somewhat are Moskva and Stalingrad (and I call RU bias on this). So expecting tanky cruisers was never on my list. Mind you, I'm grinding them now, so still need to reach the high tiers. But Devonshire fe is just blatantly OP for it's tier.
  8. 159Hunter

    ST - German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    This is what scares me. Your testing has produced the likes of Smolensk, CV rework, Graf Zeppelin, Kremlin, Stalingrad.... So yeah. I feel confident you'll succeed this time. I mean, eventually you'll get lucky. Might as well be this time.
  9. 159Hunter

    ST - German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Cause obviously we need more CVs ...
  10. 159Hunter


    Pro tip for WG: add Enterprise to the new rent bundles. For the competitive price of 2500 doubloons for 24 hrs. Sounds about right?
  11. 159Hunter

    General CV related discussions.

    So, then the next game: another CV. You quit again (cause that's tier IV: CV in every game). It'll take ages to get the camo. Why not just play the game? But then again, as you demonstrate a complete lack of interest in your team I'll refer you to coop. It is the solution for you: - Bot CVs are utter crap, they'll never hit you, - You can hardly lose those games, even if you do suicide. So you're not letting your team down. My guess is quoting went wrong?
  12. 159Hunter

    General CV related discussions.

    How will suiciding help you in achieving your deadlines?
  13. 159Hunter

    Charity event, donations & rewards

    Hmm, this is a gaming forum. Not a charity forum. Why are you being so nice and constructive?
  14. 159Hunter

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Good luck @lup3s. This is a great event. Sadly I won't be donating anything this year, as I don't feel WG did anything to deserve my money. Hence I won't participate either. But want to thank you none the less for the effort!
  15. 159Hunter

    ap and light cruisers..

    That feels like ages ago. This game has been dumbing down for years now :( Interesting though, as his Smolensk results aren't showing the OPness