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  1. 159Hunter

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    So then why did you sail into the cap if you knew that ther radar spot couldn't get spotted? So why did you sail into the cap if there was no cover? If radar baiting is a non play then I guess spotting in a DD is non play as well. Read what @ForlornSailor posted. The risk lies in the fact that he: needs to get into position. There are very few caps where a CA can get into position before a DD can reach the cap. Yes, he can be in radar range, but not fully hidden in his island spot. The only way this works is if he gets a perfect spawn and the DD got a terrible spawn/starting moving too late/decided to go to the cap that wasn't the closest. There is also the fact that such positions are very dangerous once you're in: it's hard to get out without taking massive damage. I hope you don't call a second DD support (for dealing with radar that is). Your play was bad, as I have outlined above and as you reiterated here: you accounted for everything BUT radar because in your mind it cannot be countered. If that's your opinion then you'll die to radar a lot. Nothing to to with OP buttons or coward gameplay, has everything to do with a DD that refuses to adapt from low tier easy mode to hard mode in higher tiers. So I guess we can do the same with hydro (LOS that is) and, as you brought up the IRL argument, radar will be on permanently...
  2. 159Hunter

    Gameplay is now a joke

    I wanted to test this myself. So created an alt account. Got into battles without any info on how to play. Zero, nada. Game tells you nothing. Even now. Sure, WG is making great movies on YT and the website has some as well. To top it all off: after less that 50 battles I got the Massa Black from a free container. Was still playing tier 4 random games in protected mode but had no issues jumping in high tier games with massa...
  3. 159Hunter

    Russian Battleship Line

  4. 159Hunter

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    You could always look at the minimap, that will show you the locations where an enemy radar ship could potentially hide. Then you have multiple options: - you reverse in cap to bait the radar, - you try to get an angle on those camping spots to see if there's a ship hiding there, - you hug an Island where you know nobody can shoot you, - you ignore that cap and go for another one where you feel safer, - you (engage potato solution number 1 and ) go around the flank to find and kill their CV/BB from behind, - you (engage potato solution number 2 and )stay behind your BB and CA and spam torps from max range. -.... There are plenty of good plays to make, sailing into a cap (with 2 DDs no less!) without thinking/backup plan is not a good play. The risk/reward is atm in the fact that when he's hugging said Island he gets hardly any XP: spotting DMG rewards are very low. If he wants to gain he should shoot himself as well. Sure, it's called Worchester :D
  5. 159Hunter

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    We all know you're a scrub @DFens_666 , no matter how hard you try to justify your bad stats
  6. 159Hunter

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    I do feel the amount of steamrolls keeps increasing. I can't even remember the last time I had a close game. Most are determined after 5 or so minutes. And those games aren't fun. Not for the losing team but also not for the winning team.
  7. 159Hunter

    WG thx for giving players T10 especially special T10s

    This really, can't remember the last time I had a decent TX battle. Nowadays it's just landslide after landslide and neither winning win nor losing one is fun.
  8. 159Hunter

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Don't have to worry about spending money on the game, my country made that choice for me :)
  9. On a serious note though: why would you want to add fuel? What's the benefit? All you'll do is make the economy harder to understand for 95% of the population (you know, all those that don't read patch notes and forums). PS: running out of fuel is a seriously bad idea. For starters because the distances covered in this game aren't even close to the ranges of real ships (I know I know, it's a simulater and we're exceding cruise speeds by a substantial manner, but nowhere near enough to justify consuming all your fuel). PS2: Adding premium fuel is just meh.
  10. I see where you're going with this. So if I don't move and sit in spawn I can avoid the fuel costs?
  11. 159Hunter

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  12. 159Hunter

    Steel for money, steel from campaign, steel everywhere

    The main problem is that WG "merchandised" the Stalingrad as a reward ship for clan battles. At first you needed to collect flags, over three seasons, to be able to get it. For many clans this was a drive to push hard to get these flags: this would give them access to a unique reward ship. Same thing for the Flint and Black: do well (or grind long and hard) and get unique reward ships. In hindsight, the introduction of steel should have been an obvious clue that WG were about to monetize this at some point. Yes, they didn't break a promise an sich, but this is another slap in the face of people who worked hard to get the ship (and no I don't have any, don't have the time). So the next time WG wants to launch something and add exclusive reward(s/ships) people will think twice before believing WG. And the complaints from people that don't have time/don't want to/don't have the "skill" to reach this ship was to be expected. Except, WG didn't. As always, they launch something without looking further than that patch. Cause, you know, we can always fix/alter/nerfbat afterwards (and in this process they will ALWAYS antagonize part of the playerbase). Sum it up: for me personally it's nice, will allow me to make more steel to compensate for time lost in previous CB seasons. But I do wonder why I should believe anything WG says.
  13. 159Hunter

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    AAAAaaaah, now I see why you are a bad CV player
  14. 159Hunter

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    Maybe you should share the latest patch with him …
  15. 159Hunter

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    Then why should anyone listen to what you have to say?