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  1. 159Hunter

    british dd still needs IFHE?

    Wait till he starts playing French DD line. His team will love him.
  2. 159Hunter

    Transformers Collab incoming!

    Still waiting for the hello kitty online colab.
  3. 159Hunter

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    @Darkeid you show us one game. You do realize you aren't winning all games? So how is one screenshot a sign of bad mm? Now come back to us with screenshots of your last 100 games and then we have something substantial to talk about. And no, I do not want SBMM. I want the ****** people playing this game to actually learn it. Probably won't make me win more, but will at least decrease the amount of annoying roflstomps.
  4. WOWs, a thinking man's game
  5. I fear I have to sue you for slander. How dare you belittle Columbus' name in such a way. I mean, you could have used the Donald and inventing fake news. That would be more fitting.
  6. 159Hunter

    Clan Battle Season 10: For diversity gameplay???

    Source? Source? Source? They are at least thinking...
  7. 159Hunter

    KM CV aiming and flak

    Well, the crud is not the issue, you can dodge that. Not seeing the reticle is annoying. Now, if that's the balance they want to achieve... I was talking about Weser :D
  8. 159Hunter

    KM CV aiming and flak

    Quick question for all of you KM CV players out there. Pretty often, when engaging with my AP rockets, I loose track of the aiming reticle due to flak. The flak seems to completely obscure the reticle, making the aiming more like a guessing contest. Anyone else had this 'issue'? And if so, have you found a way around it (answer: don't play them is not what I'm looking for )
  9. 159Hunter

    General CV related discussions.

    I'm sure Russian sikrit archives have plenty of CV designs :D
  10. 159Hunter

    Does WOWS make a profit?

    You know as much about the economy as you do about WOWs.
  11. 159Hunter

    Does WOWS make a profit?

    so in your mind a company that doesn't make a profit doesn't pay it's employees?
  12. 159Hunter

    Does WOWS make a profit?

    Since when is having tons of workers a sign that you make profit?
  13. 159Hunter

    Make CV Work within normal Gameplay Mechanics.

    Enough islands to hide behind. So then all you do is give away your position. Honestly, they may have many flaws. But this aint one of them.
  14. 159Hunter

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Because this aint wot. A lower tier ship can play against higher tier ship. So saying they are only optmised for the same tier is shortsighted.