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  1. 159Hunter

    Royal Navy Event - Absolutely frustrating/unfair

    And why would they do that? Or maybe they did, after say 100 containers? As said before; it's random. You win some, you lose some. Paying premium time will not give you a better chance. The better chance exists in the form of premium containers. But there's still no guarantee you'll get some. Random.
  2. 159Hunter

    CV Rework Discussion

    don't care, you mada a claim stating something about a big part of the playerbase. So I ask you: where does this come from? Or is it your own sentiment that is transferred to "a large part of the playerbase" (thus nullifiying your argument about lots of ppl leaving because of CVs)
  3. 159Hunter

    CV Rework Discussion

    Source please
  4. 159Hunter

    CV Rework Discussion

    Because I should've used gamer logic:
  5. 159Hunter

    Royal Navy Event - Absolutely frustrating/unfair

    But you know it's the case, so they're not hiding the fact that it's rng based. What's wrong with offering ppl with too much money in their wallets a chance to spend it on this game?
  6. 159Hunter

    Royal Navy Event - Absolutely frustrating/unfair

    So I can assume that you (just like me) didn't buy any premium containers because of this?
  7. 159Hunter

    add division dock

    same level as fixing the division chat ;)
  8. 159Hunter

    CV Rework Discussion

    Getting in a duel in a team game is something that should be avoided. It is after all not a solo game, so if you can put more guns on the enemy than he can put on you that's a smart move. If those guns happen to come in the form of planes: so be it, they give an advantage to a player so he: - kills the other guy faster, - secures that part of the map - can threaten the enemy elsewhere
  9. 159Hunter

    matchmaking in weekends

    Naming and shaming is forbidden, you are doing just that with those stats...
  10. 159Hunter

    Ranked - some changes are needed badly

    So this his global WR? You know, the one including division gameplay. ( which by the way explains the discrepancy between his purple WR and his green PR ). I very much doubt this is a solo unicum player ( and in ranked you don't have divisions to carry you ).
  11. 159Hunter

    Royal Navy Event - Absolutely frustrating/unfair

    So OP wants this game to be Pay to Win?
  12. 159Hunter

    I got the Acasta in a mission then I... :P

    Probably better for the game anyways…
  13. 159Hunter

    Best Destroyer

    Please be a bit more specific OP, what tier range are you looking at?
  14. 159Hunter

    HE spam is the meta 2018

    So, next to all these BB buffs in your imaginary new game. How do you want to balance the other classes?
  15. 159Hunter

    HE spam is the meta 2018

    I'm glad you're not in charge of gamebalancing. This is more like a huge buff to BB than an act of balance.