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  1. You wut? Go ask the average player about patch notes, let alone devblogs and see how well the information reached them. Heck, we even have players that use forums missing out on information. If that's not a serious issue then I don't know what is. But for WG it isn't as dumbing down the game is their chosen path.
  2. 159Hunter

    What about Black Destroyer

    He clearly isn't a native English speaker and his post's intentions are pretty clear. So unless we are all hyper sensitive here, I really don't see an issue.
  3. 159Hunter

    Yet another chat ban

    @YabbaCoe maybe you could PM the logs responsible for his ban?
  4. 159Hunter

    is this a new trend when playing petro ?

    Show us the replay and we can answer that question.
  5. 159Hunter

    Does the Zao need a change?

    That's also what WG says (well the first part). So no changes need (in WG's mind)
  6. 159Hunter

    Write here your biggest everyday annoyance when in WOW

    The road taken by development of the game as this is the cause of almost all items listed above.
  7. 159Hunter

    Suboptimal testers?

    Do they test gameplay and/or technical stuff @YabbaCoe?
  8. 159Hunter

    Matchmaking Monitor

    At last WG's spy in NWP is uncovered. Shame on you salt
  9. 159Hunter

    Lack of T7 Premium CAs and DDs

    Too bad you face a lot more tier 9 ships than tier 5. Don't get me wrong, I like the tier 7 premiums I have. But fe. Nelson in tier 8 or 9 games is just horrible. Indy on the other hand is a highly underestimated ship by most so you can do some great stuff with it. I like the challenge of playing against +2 tier ships, but I won't pay for it. Plenty of ships available :D
  10. 159Hunter

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    That's some weird sub-categories, care to give a few examples of each category plz? Same question as before. There have been numerous discussions on this: - why should good players be punished with bad teammates? - you will pull all players towards 50% WR, thus rendering the stats useless (and as such also the SBMM system ) More tiers = more variation = more of a challenge = more XP when low tier = faster grinding Yeah nope, then you just anchor your CV with 2 div m8s in a +1 tier ship and they are guaranteed top tier. True, brainless people do that. But so do CVs imo
  11. 159Hunter

    Lack of T7 Premium CAs and DDs

    No argument here
  12. 159Hunter

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    The fact that he knows and understands more about the game than most of the playerbase (you and I included) does make his opinion more interesting to listen to. But as with every streamer it should be taken with a grain of salt. And now who his posting obnoxious content?
  13. 159Hunter

    Lack of T7 Premium CAs and DDs

    Question is why? Tier VII MM isn't exactly great fun atm. So why spend money on premiums?
  14. 159Hunter

    Why does Groningen not have a Radar?

    So because it is already in game it should be considered good practice? Comparing solo play with div play. I guess we can move goalposts an entire length of a soccer field
  15. 159Hunter

    Missouri only available in 0.10.7 or not?

    the same thing as the time of cutting the ship has to do with stats it is not. The avg player has a 47% WR and this has been stable for years. Playing longer doesn't make them improve.