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  1. server down?

    Divisions dont seem to be working though
  2. I agree with indicating when hard spotted, plane spotted and radar/hydro'd as its impossible to tell whether you are still in range of the other effects or if they have timed out and if your ship is capable of knowing that it has been radared or plane spotted then it show know this regardless of whether you are hard spotted or not... however leave Hydro and radar as the same icon with no distinction. You generally can tell which is active with a little knowledge and map awareness. Separating them potentially punishes the opposing player who may have completely out-positioned and out played you. I think separating them is less about a UI improvement and more likely to result in rewarding bad awareness
  3. I didn't reply to the poll as your missing a key question - what affect would this have on players! Personally, I think it would cause significant stress to players and also incur an increase in accusations of cheating and overall make chat more toxic.
  4. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Agreed, the new division window is awful. Dont fix things that arent broken
  5. Winter Mystery mission bug

    I'm seeing it pop up every day I get the 37.5k daily XP container
  6. HMS Lion - you r experience

    Thats pretty much the same experience I had, couldn't love Monarch as the damage output felt like a let down coming from KGV. I dont recall managing any AP volleys that did significant damage with Monarch, getting a 20k+ volley against another BB felt like winning the lottery. Lion really rewards (punishes) hitting a broadside BB, getting over 20k feels easy again and those lovely HE citadel hits on cruisers are back too. My tip would be resist activating the super heal too early and make sure you get the most from it, HE spammers arent as big a threat the same way the were to Monarch.
  7. Monarch: The Mutant

    A good night of grinding would have got me to Lion tonight but i think you've just killed my motivation .
  8. Monarch: The Mutant

    I loved the KGV and have kept it but Monarch is getting sold as soon as I get Lion, its just meh. Im at a loss whether it struggles with tier 8 mm or whether its the characteristics of the guns because there isnt really much else to explain it. I do think you get punished hard by ships using island cover as there isn't enough shell drop to get over and make use of plunging fire where as the slower KGV shells can deal with this better. I also dont recall any HE citadel hits with Monarch so far which you can get with the KGV. The North Carolina is safe as my go to tier 8 BB.
  9. Game starting in windowed mode

    Mine is resetting to windowed mode everytime after restarting my computer
  10. Its a bit harsh to chastise someone for wanting to play the monarch, I dont think there is anything wrong with alternate versions of ships that did exist with configurations that were actually considered at the tier the ship really belongs at. A tier 7 KGV will either be overpowered in everyway except the guns and/or have been overtly nerfed in other areas to make it vaguely balanced. You could argue the 14" historical KGV at tier 7 might be just as much fantasy in terms of actual stats as the tier 8 Monarch but as long as the gun caliber is 14" (or mm equivalent) for some strange reason that seems to be ok with people. Its hypocritical
  11. What sits badly with me is that KGV would be on the same tier as Hood. I can see the arguments why 14" guns arent up to tier 8 however those two ships are definitely not comparable.
  12. So which is it? One says it OP on DD's the other that its OP against DD's..... it cant be both. It proves that the community is all over the place on whats best for the game. A competent player detected by RPF gets information too and if paying proper attention and is situationally aware can actually estimate where the ship is. Its a double edged sword and is situationally useful both ways.
  13. Where you have a point on certain aspects and i agree on certain premiums being too powerful and radar on BB's, listing RPF undermines your point and adds weight to WG's point that the community need to stop jumping to conclusions based on testing. The community decried RPF prior to release claiming it was going to kill off DD's and destroy the game, WG insisted stats showed it didnt have that affect at all.... who was right.... WG! Its barely used especially compared to the communitys perceptions of what would happen.
  14. British battleships incoming

    I was literally typing out something very similar; Nelson wont be a premium, it holds too much importance in the RN's battleship line up for them to do that and they have proved the main ship of the line will be standard rather than premium (Bismarck / Tirpitz). Rodney will be the premium for this class. There is another option no one else seems to have mentioned... well people have but not applied it to the initial launch. Both KGV and Nelson could launched as tier 7's. Tier 8 could be filled by an upgrade route to a modernised/fantasy version of both. Their will be an outcry if thy didnt give us the 14" version of the KGV but they just wont cope with tier IX / X match ups and Nelson should struggle there also.... but by giving us 15" or 16" KGV's and the major modernisation of Nelson post world war 2 that never was.
  15. I have exactly the same problem, before patch i had all ships upto the hatsuharu fully researched at elite. Post patch the mutsuki is only researched to hull B, no guns or fire control.