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  1. TVLX

    Will there be CV nerfing agian ?

    I get the point your making, but I refuse to fall into the trap of letting a debate get side tracked over something that boils down to what your opinion (of counter-play) is. I do not consider AA to be real counterplay as we have it. As @xxNihilanxx put it, counter-play should be a positive action, not mitigation that is only really defensive. The only interaction 20-22 players have with cv's in a match, is being spotted by planes that move far faster than they can, approaching from any direction at will and receiving damage from them. To a surface ship, shooting down planes makes no difference as thirty seconds later another wave is back. Surface Ships have no perception of whether the carrier has been deplaned/is limited by plane generation, the cv player is the only one that feels that. As far as the Surface Ship player is concerned they could be attacked and just as crucially spotted at anytime by another player they cant see, cant shoot and even if they win is likely still sitting at the far end of the map unotuched. That cv player might never be spotted nevermind take damage or die... i cannot see any reason how anyone can call that healthy game design. Its not and it needs to change. We can talk rts/1st person/3rd person, multiple squads/single squads, high damage/low damage, limited planes/unlimited planes etc, none of it adds any positive interactions for the player of DD/CL/CA/BB's My take on it; Cv's need to be forced closer in the main fight so they can be killed more often and not constantly be the last ships alive when played half competently. For example they should be likely to die when a flank collapses, they get radared or are generally just spotted more often in positions they can actually be shot or torped. Id do this giving them a concealment penalty and plane launching penalties if they dont stay within proximity to friendlies (excluding cv's) and the penalties just get worse depending on a number of remaining friendlies close by and extermity of position on the map. If they are too far out at the edge and not close enough to a number of remaining friendlies, they become fully visible regardless of postion to everyone. Cv's also shouldnt be able to hard spot anything (planes or the hull) for the rest of their team other than positions on the minimap. Further id add some or all of the following; A recticle/aiming penalty against smaller targets to make it less worthwhile going after dd's Cv's should suffer a concealment penalty when launching planes much like gun bloom A damage buff to cv's as appropriate to make up for lowered survivability (personally i dont see any fun in playing cv's that hit like a wet a paper towel) Multipler damage buff to AA or a collision mechanic (something like a more frequent detonation for planes) if multiple cv's are in a match and planes are dropping ordinance too close within a smilar time. If stacking AA gets debuffed why shouldnt multiple cv's! If this sound harsh then we are on the right track The CV would now have to play a far more active role in positioning itself and as it ran out of friends or a flank collapsed and it would become extremely vulnerable and now have a major outplay option where a dd (or even cruiser or battleship given suitable circumstances) could find a CV and kill it without being visible to the rest of the team if that cv is alone as it cant hard spot by planes or hull. They would become far more reliant on their team. Im not calling for CV's to be gimped, but they absolutely need to be in harms way far more often, dieing earlier more often and have negatives to their play style. It doesnt have to be direct retalitation but mechanics the opposing players can exploit which can bring about the destruction of the hull in the same way the surface ship player experiences it. I talked about negative play experience previously and i dont think a de-planed hull is good either if a player has to sit with nothing to do (as funny as that used to be) I get this isnt a WG friendly tactic for making the game idiot proof but thats part of why they have a class they cant balance.
  2. TVLX

    Will there be CV nerfing agian ?

    Have you... from where im standing all you've done is ignore the larger point and made a lot of noise about the exact topic im saying is distracting people from the real issue. My point was AA is a surface deep problem that is distracting people from the real issues with a flawed concept > You responed by babbling on about said AA You literally epitomised the problem Or I could draw the conclusion you are fully aware of this and deliberately obfuscating the topic.
  3. TVLX

    Will there be CV nerfing agian ?

    Sooo if you really think they are bad why are you focusing on a triviallity in terms of the main point im making?..... instead what you actually do is try and discredit the point by focusing on a small element of it that you can vaguely reason against but make it you look like it undermines the whole point. You know full well the surface ships only interaction is mitigation of damage, they have no option to fight back in a meaningful way and that is why its not counter-play. A surface ship angling can fight back, thats why its different. You can do better than this El2aZer, take the bias hat off and stop passive agressviely defending CV's while pretending you arent. I dont want them removed, but when WG trys to fix a broken concept by window dressing the user interface and boxing themselves into a corner in design it was always going to fail, that has been blatently obvious from beta test 1. Did you miss the part where I stated WG dont have a clue what they are doing with CV's and the whole issue with them comes back to this exact point! Its the Real problem with them that cant be ignored. Players are on the recieving end of the atack with no recourse at any point, its not healthy for the game, stop trying to pretend it is. Its a game, it needs to be balanced and ultimately fair. Go look at other types of game that have recognised the conept of negative play experience, they actively try and remove the sources of it because they know long term it damages the player base. We are seeing that right here with CV's. They destroy the game for the rest of the classes, it doesn't have to be high damage, its the continuous spotting and being attacked over and over and over and rarely getting to fight back and when it does happen its to late to make any real difference. Ask yourself, What is the point of these threads continuously being created, everyone knows CV's are a problem, majorioty of players hate them yet we have a small collection of apologists vehmently defending them to the last despite the obvious major flaws.
  4. TVLX

    Will there be CV nerfing agian ?

    It doesnt even touch on what the real problems are and falls into the same trap that wargaming are in by getting fixated on surface imperfectations of a concept that is rotten at the core. How many games does the cv last till its the last ship or is hidden away as the game ends.... far far too often. That is a symptom of the main underlying reason why the concept doesnt work. There is next to no real counter-play that gives actual valid options to fight back against the cv. AA is not counter-play, it merely defends against cv players. The surface ships counter each other and all have a chance to some degree but the cv breaks that concept and offers no weakness in return. Low damage is not a weakness in this regard as the only interaction the surface ship player experiences is being on the recieving end and rarely gets to damage the cv hull in return, they fact they have a special sound when a cv is killed just to mark the rarity of the occasion shows it to be the joke it is. You can talk AA changes etc till the cows come home but cv's need to take actual damage and start dieing earlier more often. Until WG stops fumbling about and address's the real problems, not the perceived ones, CV's will always be hated for the negative play experience they are.
  5. TVLX

    New Counter to CVs

    That graph gives way too much credit in suggesting for a small period of time, right at the start, he gets closer to the point. Its more like magnetic repulsion. You can push the point towards him but hes always going to reject it
  6. Multiple players having to gang together to form a counter to 1 other player is not a valid tactic. If that other player was a DD, CL/CA or BB we would call it broken. Not to mention it makes those ships a big torpedo magnet, destroys the game for dd's and CL's and is ultimately boring. If the best we can hope for is a meta requiring each team to blob to counter the others cv then cv's would have to be removed or it would be night night for WoWS
  7. TVLX

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Going deep into AA that they couldnt quickly escape would just be bad gameplay and a choice/mistake they would have made so thats not a downside, its a positive for my suggestion. And if they have to attack water fine, but those planes still have to fly out of the AA zone after they have now spent even more time in it dropping water and taking more damage. It means they are even more likely to lose all planes and have a huge plane respawn time. Again another positive Your point may make sense when trying to balance the current cv's as quickly and easily as possible but falls short of really dealing with why people hate cv's and why this rework is going down like a tramp on chips - its not fair in terms of gameplay/ balance to ask 3 classes to play by a riskier set of rules and CV's to play by a different set with very few downsides. Its why people hated them before and its why they will likely still be hated now. We can talk about minor tweaks but cv's still need to have real weaknesses and downsides that offer meaningful counter play or this whole rework will be completely pointless and its that lesson WG seems determined not to learn.
  8. TVLX

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Its an easy fix - The CV should not be able to use F to return while the planes are within a surface ships AA zone and must escape manually before F takes effect. If dd's have to survive being lit up by hydro/radar with no escape, why should planes get an easy/delayed out. A player playing a surface ship has to suffer the hits and feeling of helplessness till they sink or escape, why should cv's as a class get to avoid all the negative play elements. Make them suffer it and only get to quit once they escape the zone or all the planes are destroyed
  9. Premium tier 7 cv's being moved to tier 8 and having to face tier 10 AA is "unfair"...... As im sure 96% of the player base thats been on the receiving end of a premium tier 7 CV will tell you, you've used up your life times share of 'fairness' with your OP toys. Hope you enjoy all the Minos, Worcesters & Desmo's!!!!!
  10. @MrConway Can we get that clarified a bit more - if after the release of 0.8 to the main server, it quickly becomes clear that there are major balance issues (potentially whole classes remaining docked) are there plans to react to it quickly with weekly or micro-patches (even if that's just temporary over buffing/de-buffing to abate the issues) or are we going to be left waiting 4-5 weeks for the next patch as per the typical patch cycle? Obviously we are in for a yo-yo effect of the balance swinging each way for multiples of patches hopefully becoming more balanced with each pass.... But there is a real chance that it could be absolutely game breaking for certain ship classes at certain tiers. Don't get me wrong, I like the CV concept, i'm not trying to $hit all over it but I (and i'm sure plently others) don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling that WG is really taking how badly this could go seriously. It feels like the approach is roll it out and deal with minor tweaking issues but the reality is that it could make certain ships/classes unplayable at first due to AA balance but also severe over population of CV's. If the AA of the surface fleet isn't good enough as has been the feedback, its going to make the CV population issue even worse as a significant portion of players wont put up with being farmed every match with no way to fight back. It really should be WG's priority with this particular update to be rolling out balance patches like they are going out of date.
  11. TVLX

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    I dont think your entitled to moan at anyone that tells you to leave your CV in port @Drone81 As has been pointed out over 11 pages, you are a bad CV player, thats not really disputable at this point. Heres the kicker > you are fully entitled to take your CV out in randoms, but when you do, you are doing so fully knowing that people are going to hate you for doing it due to the massive imbalance between good and bad players and the influence cv's can exert on the outcome. As @T3ddyBear pointed out, its why most of us leave them well alone as we know how crucial it is to be good. The toxicity you receive is fully predictable and by taking that CV out knowing you get moaned at, you have accepted its going to happen. Ergo, the only person you have to blame for any toxicity in chat is yourself. Think its time you took some responsibility for that.
  12. TVLX

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    This rework wont be a failure because of bad implemenation of cv/plane controls. It will fail because players hate being food for cv's with very little counter. This rework exacerbates everything that was wrong with the current system and players will still hate being farmed with even less (zero skill based) counter play. Why should the cv/plane player get to dodge AA... where is the AA surface fleet skill based counter to the CV.......... thats right, you havent bothered. This re-work is the worst thought out change to a game I think ive seen in 20 years of gaming. Rock (BB) / Paper (CA) / scissors (DD) / BROKEN (CV)
  13. Ive bailed out of bothering with any of it now. The only challenge to them is commiting regular time to grind through. They arent hard on purpose so anyone can fail their way to success. I'll play when and how i want to, not because WG wants to emtionally bully me into playing more and more.
  14. TVLX

    "Lock on" bug?

    Finally! Nice to know we arent going mad afterall.
  15. TVLX

    clan battles vs xmas events...

    You can also chuck beta testing in with all of this aswell. Appreciate that it has only been lasting around 3 days but if you having anything going on in your life, the constant spam of missions, clan battles, (beta tests when they happen) etc. Mean a whole load of juggling and that's ignoring clan training on the side for which there is no way of making it count. Annoyingly in terms of requirements the dailys aren't even hard and you could complete them in 6 games IF winning wasn't a requirement. If you get a loss streak, you might end up playing 4 to 5 hours for something that can be largely out of your control and all on the back of a spree of black ship versions that have seen another wave of newbs playing at tiers they have no business being in. It's this sort of thing that increases the toxicity within the community when wins become so much more important and clueless players failing and/or buying their way to higher tiers can frustrate and destroy your chances based on random MM deciding which team is unluckiest to have more of them. Your skating dangerously close to burn out of the player base, it won't be long till people stop caring about the rewards and players have to decide whether ruining relationships and missing out on real life is a price they are willing to pay. At which point the desire to log in will probably dissappear too. How about more notice and actual details of upcoming grinds well in advance, actual breaks in between, remove winning as a condition and more importantly than that, stop putting these damn grind fests in at a major holiday period that is about spending time with family.