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  1. TVLX

    clan battles vs xmas events...

    You can also chuck beta testing in with all of this aswell. Appreciate that it has only been lasting around 3 days but if you having anything going on in your life, the constant spam of missions, clan battles, (beta tests when they happen) etc. Mean a whole load of juggling and that's ignoring clan training on the side for which there is no way of making it count. Annoyingly in terms of requirements the dailys aren't even hard and you could complete them in 6 games IF winning wasn't a requirement. If you get a loss streak, you might end up playing 4 to 5 hours for something that can be largely out of your control and all on the back of a spree of black ship versions that have seen another wave of newbs playing at tiers they have no business being in. It's this sort of thing that increases the toxicity within the community when wins become so much more important and clueless players failing and/or buying their way to higher tiers can frustrate and destroy your chances based on random MM deciding which team is unluckiest to have more of them. Your skating dangerously close to burn out of the player base, it won't be long till people stop caring about the rewards and players have to decide whether ruining relationships and missing out on real life is a price they are willing to pay. At which point the desire to log in will probably dissappear too. How about more notice and actual details of upcoming grinds well in advance, actual breaks in between, remove winning as a condition and more importantly than that, stop putting these damn grind fests in at a major holiday period that is about spending time with family.
  2. And a second game straight after with @El2aZeR and @Saiyko on the enemy team again... That game wasnt much better
  3. TVLX

    FPS Drops in last few days

    Up till this week ive experienced wild FPS rate swings between an extreme low of 60 and extreme high of 61. Now over the last few days its been stable between 45 and 55.
  4. TVLX

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Its clear you have a strong vision and im sure it would make great gameplay as a cv vs cv game, but it doesnt seem to take the surface fleets perspective of the game into account. They should have a way of effectively countering the CV which in my view is a massive part of why cv's are underplayed and massively hated within the current game. Letting the surface fleet shoot down some planes whilst not really making a dent in the cv's strike power sounds like nothing more than a sympathy vote and certainly isnt conducive to balanced gameplay. It doesnt sound like fun for anyone other than the CV player. Sorry but I think your version of cv's totally misses the point of the rework, has very little to do with actual gameplay feedback on the beta test and would only drive players away enmasse, effectively ending the game overnight
  5. TVLX

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Really enjoying the new CV CONTROL method so far, definitely an improvement when playing Cv's. I have a few issues like the dcp or heal should be useable without ditching the squadron but nothing major. I like the top, rocket and bomb drop aiming , good job there!.... However the new AA for surface ships is awful. It feels like there is no point bothering and other than evasive manoeuvres you are just CV food. Its creates a very one sided game which can ruin good surface fleet battles. This risk averse play style is why many hate (being farmed by) cv's and by giving them unlimited planes it's now worse. There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about being attacked by a player that you can't attack back, will remain hidden and probably be the last ship alive on full up in most situations but now with full attack capability while surfaces ships AA (ability to defend themselves) will be vastly depleted by the end. For me the rework only seems to address player uptake of the cv class and control system but does very little to fix why they create a negative player experience for the opposition and as such are hated to the point some would rather they were just removed from the game. Some suggestions towards implementing a fairer balance; * Give the CV a huge plane bloom when launching planes so it can be temporarily spotted. * make CV plane spotting unable to detect friend from foe if the carrier is too far back (I like this as it could add historical flavour with friendly fire) * plane reload penalty that stacks with planes lost over a match. *The CV will autolose if it's the last ship left. Plenty of options but something needs done or cv's will still be hated.
  6. TVLX

    CV Rework is the killing blow

    Your not really leaving. If you were, you wouldn't feel the need to come and post about it so while I recognise the cry for help....
  7. TVLX

    Poll on WG points mentioned during CV rework video

    This is my biggest fear with the rework and i wouldnt put it past WG to completely forget to look at the rebalance from a surface fleet perspective. My biggest issue with CV's is that they are usually one of the last ships to die in a match but if they can be deplaned its a fair counter to that (excluding the ridiculous plane numbers at high tier) however if planes beocme unlimited and the CV is still one of the last ships to die or heaven forbid an off map ship then people could end up hating them even more if WG arent careful. I think the game should have CV's, i dont care whether they are RTS or this new concept but if they allow cv players to ruin the surface fleet while remaining relatively stealthy and secure at the back with permant attack potential, following a completely different set of rules to everyone else id rather they were just permanently removed from the game.
  8. TVLX

    Royal Navy Event - Absolutely frustrating/unfair

    There are no English destroyer missions, Plenty of British ones though.
  9. TVLX

    "Supply Lines" event: feedback

    They need to take the website in house, we had members refuse to sign-up through a 3rd party website. The landing page being in Russian did nothing to help the issue. Also perhaps making the dd target spotting damage instead might help.
  10. TVLX

    Had honour to play with man himself...

    In all seriousness who is this person? And to recieve a perma ban he made have been a pretty unsavioury character, the sort no one one would ever want to or should model themselves on...
  11. TVLX

    People like Stats but which ones matter

    Dont assess players at all and remove any and all ability to see stats from the game and 3rd party sites. Stats cause nothing but toxicity and salt. Its clear the a proportion of people dont care about or use them and another portion just use them to abuse others. The game overall would be a better place without them.
  12. TVLX

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    You missed the following; The mechanic itself is ok as is Limit it to cruisers, not dd's & bb's In order for this to be a balanced discussion and not a 'we hate radar' thread, you do have to represent the view that not everyone thinks radar is evil and it can be played around
  13. TVLX

    CV Rework Discussion

    Have you forgotten about radar and torpedoes? Smoke change has nothing to do with it, no cruiser in their right mind would push a cap in the manner you suggest even under smoke cover.
  14. TVLX

    CV Rework Discussion

    You make a good point and also highlight another issue that's seemingly being totally ignored and potentially made worse by this whole rework. If they are to be made relevant for the whole game with infinite planes then they need to capable of being damaged and sunk earlier and more often than currently happens. If we end up in the same position with carriers able to attack for the whole game from relative safety then people are still going to passionately hate cv's and this whole rework will be pointless
  15. TVLX

    CV Rework Discussion

    I dont really see what this fixes, cv's still get to sit at the back with impunity and now wont lose planes on the way back to the CV and have a more effective weapon against dd's. Sure they cant "alpha" stike but they now get 3 bites at the cherry for a single squad This concept fails to alter the relationship between cv's and other surface ships where its just 1 way abuse, it still looks like a negative play experience for all but the cv. CV's should have an operation radius to force them closer and into a position where they have to take some risk like everyone else and/or a "plane bloom" mechanic where launching planes extends their detecability radius to give others a chance to strike back. I hope there are other details to this rework that havent been mentioned or perhaps there arent and it still needs a bit more thought. This concept might make it easier to balance but it risks the player base still largely hating cv's