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  1. Yo all, Anyone else that feel that this game lost its way? I just dont find it fun to play randoms anymore. The bad stuff: DDs is just unplayable in a fun way in this current CV meta patch. Add radars to that and your main purpose is just to try and stay alive. Everything else is just a bonus. All the fun is gone playing DDs. CV gameplay is just flawed and adds nothing to those who play other classes. WG adds ships like Stalingrad, Jean Bart, Musashi, Black etc that is so OP in randoms its not even funny. Something is really wrong with match making, Teams just collapse and the battle ends after 10minutes. Divisions makes the MM even more unbalanced, because MM is pure random and dont balance player vs player. The whole game concept is too damage focused and mostly reward selfish play. No team spirit in randoms whatsoever. For me Tier 8 ships rost away in port because of MM. Too bad because the most interesting and fun ships to play is in tier 8. Good stuff: *Clan battles *Ranked Solution: Add a new type of perm gameplay mode more focused on teamplay with better MM, or just make rank and clan battles a permanent choice. This game have so much potentials and its a shame that WG dont bother to fix random gameplay.
  2. Rank1 after 23 battles, Bretagne and ARP Kongo to Rank 3. Nicholas from rank 3 to 1.
  3. Fredater

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to participate in the raffle. 1: Roma or Alabama 2: De Grasse 3: Doubloons Cheers!
  4. Fredater

    What´s the point of the Gearing...

    same here, And i dont mind at all that some players seems to really underestimate this ship. However i think WG need to give it some love to make it more alike fletcher and benson. Or maybe by splitting the line like the soviets as Gearing is so very different to the lower tiers. Also by fixing the BB AP pen bug will be enough love if you ask me.
  5. One of my best games in shima today.
  6. This needs to be fixed ASAP, it makes DDs extremely vulnerable. Anyone know if WG intend to fix this ? 1 AP pen from Amagi crippled my Leningrad from 17km distance, it's just broken. No more DDs for me atleast till this is fixed. BB only viable ship class to play in this game nowadays.
  7. Fredater

    What´s the point of the Gearing...

    Vastly? Dont forget it still got US Smoke and AA. It is a support ship unlike any other DD at the same Tier. If you play it as support you will carry and BBs will push more if they have a Gearing close by and ready to smoke if needed. Khaba is a solo warrior that can mount OP damage, but is not very known to carry a team. KM DDs struggle when it cant sit in smoke and hydro, IJN DDs just relay too much of torpedo hits, if they have a Gearing that counter them then they really struggle. So yes Gearing is nr1 DD to carry a team to victory, or atleast got the potential to do the job better then the rest of the DDs.
  8. Fredater

    What´s the point of the Gearing...

    Gearing could use som love just enough to make it more enjoyable and a bit more alike the prev. US DDs. For the masses sake, for us nerds i am perfectly fine as she is. It's a hard ship to master, but at the same time that's what makes it unique and fun to play. It got great potential to carry a team to victory, that is Gearings strongest trait,
  9. Fredater

    What´s the point of the Gearing...

    I have 325 battles in the Gearing so far with 54% winrate and it took time to adjust and find a workable play style. I really enjoy playing it as a support DD and i dare to say that Gearing is by far the best DD in terms of carrying a team to victory. I think i had 150 battles before i got a hang of it and accepted its role after lots of testing different tactics. Downside with that play style is that your average damage goes down significantly as if you would play it more selfish. But in the end its all about winning. As a support DD you keep the enemy DDs away and kill them off in situations you dictate. Except IJN DDs they are snacks for a Gearing. Dont be too aggressive because BB/CA APs will kill you. Never pick the engine boost consumable but go with the AA one. Because CVs tend to like to focus you and It is your duty as a support ship. Dont go in a knife fight if you dont have to or only when it is on your terms, sure you got good chances to win the fight but it will likely cripple your health and that will impact alot on the rest of the battle. You should be able to fight off KM DDs quite easy tho, learn how to handle KMs hydro/smoke tactic. Also you absolutely crap on Fletchers and lower tiers US DDs. Keep the fighting at 5-7km and Gearing thrives, disengage if you get focused alot and/or when the distance no longer is in your favor. Beaware of torps and try to predict them the best you can. It's mostly a random torp that kills me in a Gearing in a knife fight, so they are your worst enemy. Consider to pick Vigilance as a captain skill. Khaba is rarely a problem for you as that OP ship mostly keep 10km distance or above but your job is to keep him focused and ask your team to focus him down. You'll be surprised how fast a khaba melt when focused properly. You want Khaba to be as weak as possible in case you need to fight him in the later part of the battle. Never pick a fight with him if you dont have the upperhand. Khabas usually kite away tho when you attack so make sure to deal as much damage as possible when you can and disengage the attack when your shells start to miss. Use AP when he show full broadside. Never show broadside ever to khabas. It's very importent to learn how to handle khabas in a Gearing because that ship will crap on you if you let him. The same goes to other Gearings, it's alot of fun fights tho, but it is a fight to the death and that is rarely worth it, especially not in the early part of the battle. Ask your team to focus radar CA's whenever you spot them and have a escape plan when you get spotted by them. Learn the different radar ranges and play accordingly. Never enter a cap when there is a radar CA around. Gearing is the number 1 cap contester. Learn how to handle the KM smoke/hydro trick and you will laugh how they run away from you in full panic. This works very good for me atleast and my winrate start to climb so it sure is a workable role for the ship. I aim for 60% in the ship as a personal goal.
  10. Fredater

    A New Way To Balance Kebab

    Khaba is the most OP ship in the game, a cruiser without citadel and with heal. Main reason i dont play it. I prefer a challange. So many play Gearing wrong, so did i before i learned how to play it.
  11. Fredater

    A New Way To Balance Kebab

    You dont pick a fight with khaba in a 1vs1 in a gearing if you dont have a clear advantage, you have no reason to in a gearing. Keep him spotted for the team and let them deal with him and join the fight if possible to finish him off. So many ways to handle the khabas, however its rather normal that khabas runs away from the fight so win most cap contests in a gearing just by being in the cap. In a cap contest (still kind of rare by a khaba to cap) I cant recall loosing once to a khaba in close battle when i choose to pick a fight.
  12. Fredater

    A New Way To Balance Kebab

    I have killed lots Of khabas in My gearing! They are so often overconfident In the Gearing the trick is to surprise attack and thus hit him with 2-3 volleys preferebly AP because you make sure to surprise him in full broadside! Launch your Torps aswell while you still are undetected and before you open fire! That Will force him to focus on your Torps while you spam him with your Guns! 6-7km range is most optimal. But IF you take the fight and win you sure Will be low on HP but still Gearing can kill a khaba IF you use its strengths correctly. Khaba is a light cruiser with heal, and in a DD you dont attack cruisers IF you dont have to! Still those overconfident khabas who wish to contest a Cap with My gearing Will likely die.
  13. Fredater

    looking for clan

    Lo, Looking for a clan that i can improve my gameplay with. I play all classes and want to think i handle the game pretty good. Atleast i want to be better in this game. I play mostly T7-T10 ships. I speak English and or Swedish.
  14. Fredater

    Gearing feels underwhelming.

    Strange, i win most battles in my gearing against khabas in close combats. Khaba eats alot of damage when you use AP on her. If she angle against you load HE and finish her as you will outgun her in that situation. However khabas rarely engage in close combat if they do, gearing wins, atleast mine does 9 of 10 times in a 1vs1. In the ranges 10km or above however, you dont pick a fight with any russian DD as a US DD. Oh and Gearing is alot of fun to play, just give it a try it takes a time to adjust. Get atleast 300-400 ribbons per match or you play her wrong if you ask me. It's one of the best gunboats and together with torps you can kill anything.
  15. Fredater

    Ranked Season 6 Hardest Rank Up's

    Got rank1 weeks ago, i struggled alot between rank 5-2 though. Saipan, Lenin and Akatsuki , got me to rank 5. Scharnhorst all the way to rank 1. I'd say that it was really hard and frustrating below rank5.