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  1. SebBrady6602

    Battleship Iowa

    Yup so then you kill them 4, then click the next one but it just doesnt ever seem to kill the origional squadrons you select! so then you do nothing! And get hit its stupid.
  2. SebBrady6602

    Battleship Iowa

    Is there going to be something done about this professional torp catcher? Im absolutely sick of having 1 good game in 10 where the other 9 im wiped off the face of the earth by carriers. I have ALL the anti aircraft perks. I have ALL the anti aircraft modules and this thing just cannot shoot planes down at all whenever there is more than one squadron coming at me. The AA on this was meant to be formidable and i may as well hurl swear words at the planes as it stand just as much chance of bringing them down. before i just burn to death or flood. I hate playing in my favorite ship now it took me ages to get it and now im just going to get killed by the aircraft all the time. Its really really irritating. is there honestly going to be something done to this because it used to be great the AA on this ship and now its pants. Negatively play in this ship whenever you see CV.
  3. SebBrady6602

    Whats going on with the Iowa?

    Right im not going to sit here and take ages going through things but ive been playing this game since the Beta so ive played a lot of this game, and i tend to sit in my favourite ship ever which is the Iowa class. But recently since the last patch what on earth is going on with this ship?! The guns are pea shooters. I came up against a one on one fight with a colorado class and we were both at full health. I was aiming exactly between his citadels and getting perfect hits, 7 out of 9 hits usually. And i was doing 2000hp of damage. What on earth is that about?! When he returns fire im just wiped out. Its across all games im noticing my damage output is horrendous getting 40 50 hits every game doing about 10K damage. An atago side onto me using AP rounds should be a good hit. Well it was. Now id be lucky to even do the overpen damage to him. This is ridiculous and is making me very frustrated with this game. Whats the point in playing tier 9 games losing so much money when everything will damage you far quicker than i can damage it. That isnt right. This is meant to be a tier 9 battleship not a tier 2 cruiser. Whats going on?
  4. SebBrady6602

    North Carolina since patch

    Close range the ship is letal im one shotting cruisers all the time, averaging nearly 100 K dmg a game. im having no issues with the ship...
  5. SebBrady6602

    The tirpitz

    Im really struggling to get that amount of damage from a broadside, saying that the game i have literally just played i scored 17.1K on the tirpitz at 18Km range which was a pleasant surprise. What is this RNG you talk of? Sorry im not like a pro payer, wouldnt say im a noob or whatever as i have some pretty decent games, just im playing for fun.... But this tirpitz lark is really beginning to push me off the game.
  6. SebBrady6602

    The tirpitz

    Right without sounding rude should have added this at the top, if you sail around a mountain and stealth tirpitz appears. I can simply turn and run away from it can i, not here to be trolled or anything else i want advice. Ive been playing a lot of games in this ship against tirpitz and even at 20KM plus i can get about 6000 hp a salvo. Firing AP which just isnt enough to counter that ships firepower back. In a slog fest torps aside he will win. Unless where im aiming is complete pants. but 90 degrees to my shells between turrets and this is the damage i get.
  7. SebBrady6602

    The tirpitz

    Hello this is my first post in the forum i usually steer clear of these things, but i am a massive fan of US Battleships its a hobby of mine, so naturally i have be smashing away at the game trying to get to one of my favourite classes, the North Carolina. Finally got there (Wippie) However the same day i got this the Tirpitz landed in the shop and now its bloody everywhere. Can someone please give me their opinion because its brilliantly fun dodging and weaving cruisers and trying to smash their hulls open and fair enough sometimes it fails, and the good old "dinosaur slog fest" with other battleships. The along comes the Tirpitz. Well thats a lie. Along come three. Im tier 8, they are tier 8 which should mean this is an equal fight right? Wrong. How come, and theres nothing in any forum posts about patching or nerfing this ship but how come is it so powerful, ive turned to writing this after literally just finishing a game where i was at full health 66K and verses a tirpitz at about half health on fire. Now then, the range is about 6km and im firing from head on, meaning citadel isnt exposed. im blasting and blasting away, 5 even 6 hit salvos at this guy with the secondary armament blazing. Im Doing nothing to him! im lucky to do more that 6K, im aiming at the magazines at waterline with AP, and HE is just useless against it anyway, and then he turns around blats me with a broadside -30K immediately some bounce thank heavens. Oh look torpedos. weave a few smash smash now im flooding. repair module. He turns second broadside and im dead. I had 47 hits in that engagement with my main armament. FORTY SEVEN. And inflicted no more than NINE-THOUSAND hit points of damage. This is seriously beginning to grind my gears because this happens almost every game so much so that i never even bother shooting them anymore because im only going to lose against one. Whats going on?! Anyone else have this problem... ++Rant over++