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  1. AmazingFaanDean

    Controls - What happened to my ctrl key?

    Too late, i reinstalled my game yesterday and now it work fine :p
  2. AmazingFaanDean

    Controls - What happened to my ctrl key?

    I had this problem caused change the "alt" (alt is my teamspeak 3 push to talk) function to a "ctrl" and i lost the pointer function and had to reinstall the game since setting the key to deffault doesn't work. Now i understand that by assigning any key to "ctrl" will remove that function and idk how to get it back.
  3. AmazingFaanDean

    Sliding bug Ocean

    GG, drift with 135000 HP Anyway, it looks like you hit the map border, and that Essex came outta nowhere o.o Wierd bug ...
  4. AmazingFaanDean

    Do all Battleships feel like that?

    Its a hard time with South Caroline, you'll get better with Wyoming but as you said above, you want to use CV (Aircraft Carrier) ? You'll get harder time to use USN CV as T4 max speed is only 14kt and only have 2 squadron, and the T5 max speed is 16kt with 2 squadron. :p
  5. AmazingFaanDean

    wrong Colorado research xp?

    Good luck with Colorado :p
  6. AmazingFaanDean

    1st ranked battle

    Did ranked battle saveral matches, won - lost - won - lost - won - lost. Never got 2 stars, using Colorado :/ Colorado Accuracy getting better anyway :p
  7. AmazingFaanDean

    NA - EU - RU - Asia Server, Why ?

    Not between games, but the accound on the other server is sparated. Even i need to create a new account if i want to play in Asia or NA server and all my progress start from 0. At first I register in worldofwarships.com which is NA server but the game i download is EU, very confusing why i can't log in until i relise there is another website This is make sense, but why don't just use 1 currency for premium shop so all region have the same price
  8. AmazingFaanDean

    NA - EU - RU - Asia Server, Why ?

    World of Warships is the first War Gaming game i play, and this might be a very basic question but just why WG have this wierd sparated server and account for 1 game ? I'm European but just move to Asia for my collage degree and i got 90 to 100ms ping to EU server, not even a bit lag. I've tried to make NA server, same ping, 90 to 100 and still have no lag at all. So what is the point of it ? Or to make the online payment easier ? because i've check there is only VISA, Paypal etc in EU and NA, but in Asia server people could by a voucher in a minimarket or transfer (via local debit card NOT visa or mastercard etc) to a website that provide a digital voucher to buy a premium or doubloons. Don't mind the tittle, it should be RU not PL :p
  9. AmazingFaanDean

    Why no patch notes, can't be arsed?

    Yeah i'm waiting for it too, really want to know whats new and about the free gold/doubloons and credit
  10. AmazingFaanDean

    [suggestion] Secondaries consumable

    The secondary range is less than 6km in t3 to t7 bb, so its hopeless ... Anyway you can set priority target for your secondary
  11. AmazingFaanDean

    US Battleships line gets worse around New Mexico

    Never tried Fuso yet, but yeah NM is my very first in love with USN BB. I got New Mexico and upgrade the fire power, got 17km range, 20km with scout plane and the accuracy is very good for that range. Colorado with 16km range without fire power upgraded, meh the accuracy is a mess.
  12. AmazingFaanDean

    Nation Vs Nation Game Mode

    War Thunder can do it, why War Gaming can't do it ? :p
  13. AmazingFaanDean

    Reinstall / Redownload the game ?

    Not controlling AA or secondary, hard to explain. This video may help you to understand I'm using tactical map to set it, meanwhile otherplayers just need to press control to show a pointer to do it.
  14. AmazingFaanDean

    Reinstall / Redownload the game ?

    I'm having problem with the Control of the game, I'm unable to make a AA or Secondary Priority. For other players just press control and it will show the cursor on your screen ? mine its not working, i need to set priority from tactical map. I plan to reinstall the game, but will it redownload the entire 11GB or just fixing the installation ? My internet is only 5mb download and 5mb upload, downloading 11GB is 5 to 6 hours. If anyone know how to reinstall without redownload. Or is there any available fix for this problem without reinstalling ?
  15. AmazingFaanDean

    US Battleships line gets worse around New Mexico

    The question is why WG add Colorado instead of South Dakota Class. It supposed to be better than Colorado, its a New Mexico with 12 16" gun (4x3) and have 23kt max speed. Is it because of cenceled in 1920's and Colorado become the last dreadnought in the USN battleship, then why WG adding Montana that was cenceled too. South Dakota Class have 30% completed before it cenceled, but non of Montana Class have been laid down.