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  1. Memo1991

    Of RNG & "skill"

    I am not poor, if you have an argument please judge polity. Here is example Unskilled player -> off-aiming a target = RNG will never make you hit it. Skilled player -> aiming a target = RNG is there to decide. It can make you the best in the world one shooting the target. Or it can make a miss and being just like the unskilled player doing no damage. So Does RNG help you aim or make you aim better ?! Not really ...
  2. Memo1991

    Of RNG & "skill"

    Well RNG doesn't even effect the unskilled player so leave it a part. In fact all the RNG does is hurting the skilled.
  3. Memo1991

    teamkilling, sometimes u just have to

    Yes, I agree with title but not with post. I played a few matches where I had to sunk a pink player in my team after he shooting at us. But sinking your friends for a chat conflict ? Seriously !!
  4. I don't if they have better multiplier for silver earning. But having lower repair cost make just now sense. Either they lower the repair cost for the same tiers or they balance them with rest. .
  5. Memo1991

    Please fix HE shells!

    if DD come closer then he will torpedoed your BB; Else If CA come closer then he will burn your BB; Else maintain a distance; I leaked some game engine source code there for you.
  6. Memo1991

    What do you not like in WOWS

    I have updated my previous post, please check it out http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/28748-what-do-you-not-like-in-wows/page__pid__508792#entry508792
  7. Memo1991

    What do you not like in WOWS

    Unfortunately there few things don't like most about the game. 1- Every ship line has at least 1 and likely more terrible ships that could stop you grinding to the higher tiers. 2- Balancing team is so much welling to nerf good ships (they call it OP here), but careless about buffing generally bad ships especially those mentioned in (1). 3- Some ship classes are unplayable at higher tiers i.e don't influence the battle result by any means. 4- Confusion in the playing-style for certain lines. For example you keep alternating between CA\CL. Roles changes from main artillery\torpedoes launcher to support ships this clearly visible on Cruisers and Destroyers. 5- No emphasis on team play since team play actions are neither nicely rewarded evenly nor evenly distributed among classes. 6- RNG lord ruling the game. You can't predicate the outcome of certain engagement especially when fighting the class ships. 7- Repair cost and Credit grind are potentially hurt the game joy so much without being effective source of income for Wargaming. 8- Matchmaker sometimes favor one team over the other, or place you above\ below your tier, especially ± 2 / ±3 those so much painfull. 9- Ships in stock configuration mostly incapable making module upgrade an interesting thing, but that doesn't help when playing a new class or adopting ships that has different playstyle from the rest of the line. 10- The game is mixing nations when forming a battle leave a little chance for grouping ships can actually work together. Where as if the game were actually a nation based then every ship would have been designed with unique responsibilities that complemented with the rest fleet ships, hence improving team play and helping players to effectively figuring out their roles in the battle.
  8. Memo1991

    Help with enemy CVs fighters in our region

    no one around here
  9. Memo1991

    Help with enemy CVs fighters in our region

    Well even if I passed langley, I think I would still face the same challenge on the higher teirs. I wish the more experienced players can guide us on such a situation. ~thank you anyway.
  10. Hi captains, I started playing CVs recently I like it though, however usually I face a challenge when playing against higher ranking USN CV fighter. Specially when the enemy mange to keep his fighter in our region. This morning I had a match with 2 Langley vs enemy Bongue. I teamed up with my friend to fight the enemy fighters squadron. And that what happened : - After we teamed up we had 2 fighters, so we to fought the Bongue's 2 fighters. - Our fighters were targeting 1 of his fighter, while he was fighting both of us at the same time since he has 2 fighters. So he destroyed our fighters, then he manages to keep his fighter flying in our region ( near by our ship). After that I realized I couldn't launch anything without being destroyed. I asked for help from allies but no one did although we were just behind. I tried to launch my last wave of fighters and fly them above our cruisers so I can get help with allies AA but he quickly realize that and backed up his fighters above our ships. Then match ends without me doing any effective damage as result those fighters. Finally the question: In weak AA CVs, when the enemy CVs keep their fighters around our ships without any chance of destroying them with fighters and no one in allies helps with AA (which they usually don't). So what should you do in such a situation ? * It happens to me several times so I rather seek help and advise from more experience player Cheers.
  11. Memo1991

    Main Battery Destroyed

    yeah, it's more common on the Cleveland than Phenix and Omaha.
  12. Memo1991

    Plays well with others...

    Simply, matchmaker would put him on hell matches. Seriously do you think you will get any rewards ? .
  13. Memo1991

    Bismarck ?

    So, German ships shift between HE\AP a lot faster than other ships
  14. Memo1991

    What's your favourite and most hated map?

    My fav is Fault line, and the worst map ever is Hot Spot.
  15. Memo1991

    I still play on patch is it only me ?

    Well, I still can login but I haven't any of those recently announced patches. Why ?