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  1. Drexargin

    Wows server hamster died

    Got booted 3-4 mins ago, struggling to get on again...
  2. Drexargin

    bots invasion

    Ive ran into these a couple of times both last night and tonight. All Königsbergs, all of them seem to have names starting with seven random letters followed by a number.
  3. Drexargin

    Stuttering sound?

    I had issues with lagging realtek driver, usually only happened after pc had been on for a couple of days or after playing something heavy though. Ended up swapping the driver for the generic windows high def one instead and everything has been fine since. No clue if you are running win10 and realtek though (seemed to be the issue for me), plus my issue was with pretty much everything, youtube, mpc etc. Guide if you want to try it out (am i allowed to post urls?): https://neosmart.net/wiki/fix-realtek-audio-delay-lag/
  4. Drexargin

    WG screwing Overchicken Dude

    You are kind of forgetting that your Titan would suddenly be replaced with a Titan TI for free, which in this analogy happens to be exactly 20% better than your old Titan and all your friends new cards. So you still got the biggest e-peen, but your friends can now also enjoy games at top performance I wouldnt mind that at all tbh. The facts are plain though, no need for more analogies. Regular captains go from +15 to +25hp per ship tier. Ovechkin goes from +20 to +30hp per ship tier, so still better than a regular captain, and better than he was before, something you seem to leave out of your explanation.
  5. Drexargin

    WG screwing Overchicken Dude

    How did the "engine" get weaker? If the mechanic came and replaced your 200hp engine with a new 300hp engine, you would be pissed off cause your neighbor got his 150hp engine upgraded to 250hp, and this somehow made your car weaker? O.o Im just curious here, cause i dont get the logic at all.
  6. Drexargin

    Going against +2 tier ships (edited*)

    Only way to always be top tier is to only play T10. Thats just how it works, no "fixing" it.
  7. Drexargin

    Did I just pay 30 bucks for this camo... [ NEW SOLUTION ]

    They come with 10 points.
  8. Dunno if this is the correct place for suggestions, or if it has been brought up a million times before, but.. Talking about the "Earn X amount of money" or similar on missions for example. "Score 10000000 citadel hits" (yeah, that would be a fun one..) would be so much simpler if you could just separate the zeros into thousands, either comma, space, period or whatever you see fit. "Score 10 000 000 citadel hits" or "Score 10,000,000 citadel hits", is instantly readable, no annoyance required. Now this isnt really a big issue at all, could even be just me, but whenever I have to start counting zeros it does slightly annoy me.
  9. Drexargin


    Havent had any disconnects, only been playing for perhaps an hour though. I do however have the same issue as the others who replied, cant join any battle atm.
  10. Drexargin

    EU Server Gone Down?

    Maybe they are implementing the delete_CV-hotfix...
  11. Drexargin

    EU Server Gone Down?

    Getting the same issue, tried restarting but still the same.
  12. Drexargin

    Solo Warrior needs a change

    Sorry for mini necro, but well.. I just had this game, could someone explain why i didnt get the achievement? Mostly just curious, its so rare for it to happen that you cant really test if its working or not.. (ive had it twice before, months ago, under the same circumstances)
  13. Drexargin

    Anyone know where get a UK Time converter from?

    http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ is awesome, imo. You can set whatever timezones you want and it will show you the current time etc.
  14. Drexargin


    Already posted in the general chat section but i wanted to chime in here too just to say i have the exact same problem. In combat there is a 2-10 second delay on everything, game breaking atm.
  15. Drexargin

    Server probles or whatever

    Yeah i had to give up. Every game seems to start somewhat ok, ping around 100-150, but within a couple of minutes it climbs beyond 2k and you cant do anything right hehe. Ive had my guns auto fire for a good 10 seconds after i stopped clicking :p