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  1. mPKm

    Transylvania super difficile o super IMPOSSIBILE?

    Smentiamo un compagno di clan...si può completare con successo e 5 stars... :-))))
  2. mPKm

    MDIV Warships League - Announcement (Update)

    hi, I-SeALS clan subscribe this tournament, i like thx
  3. mPKm

    Italian battleship

    Grande Orione una rubrica dettagliata e professionale... finalmente mettiamo le carte in tavola le italiane non avevano nulla da invidiare a nessuna nazione!!!
  4. mPKm

    Now Some Bugs are in this game

    ok bla bla bla, but why the dev dont answer? well it means to be a pro like many you have to spend money like so many...
  5. Hi dev, I play for a long time but now it is becoming a little game only for those who pay. Now in play is seen by all, destroyer that are spotted in km and km away, ships shooting at you through the smoke, aircraft from the unerring aim, indestructible armored, cruiser with very short recharges, ships that appear and disappear even all'improviso to 2-3km, not to end up just studying some games between the mountains and not come past this spot ... never say that I know a stamp made of an 11 game against 13, not to say that your method of equating teams makes the hole on all sides, you give yourself a wake up or I really think that now you can only play if you pay ???if so it is fine, but then do not call you wargaming but paygaming ...
  6. Dear programmers understand that maybe some of you like it too kindly to the cleveland but could proportion to all other boats?You have been doing never want to play this game. The Cleveland has a ratio, charging and power too overpower compared to all the other boats. I have an idea, why do not you call this game wolrd of cleveland ??? is more appropriate ... a player is trying to extricate them in battle then comes a cleveland and stop ... takes the cake !!! you have to fix it, to tell you, its Japanese rival is futuraka, but as you know is slow charging and has half of the guns ... but that these ways are !!!! do you not perceive how fast cleveland !!!! otherwise place it is really useless to buy boats or upgrade other !!! just get to level 6, take a cleveland and fossilize, so no rivals !! thank you