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  1. CWNimitz

    Are you a bit sick of this Tirpitz hype? I know I am

    I only play on medium quality so ... I don't see her in the "full beauty mode"
  2. CWNimitz

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    What this guy said!
  3. CWNimitz

    The tirpitz iz beautifull.... Ja wohl!

    Nice ship indeed!
  4. CWNimitz

    Cleveland and "Advanced Firing Training"

    17,6 KM max range. But at that range you will only hit BB's! With that range you will kill any tier 3-8 BB!
  5. CWNimitz

    Sunk by torpedo bombers in my BB...

  6. CWNimitz

    The biggest problem with this game, No Teamwork.

    Gotta love this!
  7. CWNimitz

    Premium ships are worse than stock.

    What this guy said! ;)
  8. CWNimitz

    Wyoming vs New York

    stating the obviuos much? But he is right! Don't judge a ship until you made the proper upgrades!
  9. CWNimitz

    Minekaze destroyer torpedo fun

    Mediocre! But you're trying!
  10. CWNimitz

    Map 'Big Race' Way Too Small For Some Tiers?

    Not really seeing the problem with the map. It's a little small for BB tier 4 & 5 but with some skills adjusments you can take advantage!
  11. CWNimitz

    What's your worst performance?

    Tier 4 Wyoming ... Slowly cralwed on the map ... got only 3 hits ... thankfully uor team won ... the result: 313 XP
  12. CWNimitz

    ship slots

    Good no know
  13. CWNimitz

    What happenes to Situation Awareness when down to 50% ?

    Your captain doesnt need retraining on a premium ship!