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  1. NerfTheGoats

    What Royal navy premiums do you want?

    HMS Furious !!!! It was a light cruiser with 18" guns. It would have fired the heaviest shells in naval warfare. Not even surpassed during WW2 by the IJN. Would be a very goofy ship but that's what premium ships are for!
  2. NerfTheGoats

    explain the nations

    Type Low Tier High Tier USA DD Light gun boats Gun boats with good torpedoes IGN DD Hunter killers Zone control - Hue amount of torpedoes RUS DD Fast Scouts Scouts with OK trops and art USA CA Light gun boats No trops, strong artillery, IJN CA Light gun boats with good trops Weaker artillery then USA but with strong torpedoes @ short range USA BB Same as high tier Shorter range with great armour and AA IJN BB Same as high tier Longer range with slightly lower armour and lower AA USA CV Same as high tier Stronger planes, more per squad, excels at defensive anti air. Offensively strong but often sacrificing fighters to go offensive. IJN CV Same as high tier More squads in air but weaker planes and lower squad numbers. Lower plane carry load. Can be used very offensively or hybrid I know nothing of German cruisers but my assumption from viewing the tree is something between the USA and IJN cruisers with decent artillery and can use torps. But not being as good as either in there fields. This is a very general overview. Key = BB = Battleship CA = Cruiser DD = Destroyer CV = Aircraft Carrier
  3. NerfTheGoats

    Match Maker (ing)

    There seems to be a lot of players both in game and on forums that complain about the match making. Personally I love it when match making gets drunk and trips over. It makes games a lot more interesting. If you find yourself on a "losing side" it really gets your mind trying to work out how you could win it. So thank you WG, for occasionally allowing MM to get wasted.
  4. NerfTheGoats

    Fix this buggy garbage game

    I smell [edited]. Salty [edited].
  5. NerfTheGoats

    How to Clems?

    It is very easy to approach a solo BB guns blazing, its very unlikely you will be hit. Using islands to cover your approach will help versus cruisers. The dual sided torps are also very useful in CQC engagements versus IJN DDs.
  6. NerfTheGoats

    New Ranked Layout?

    Is this a new ranked layout? P.S. uploading from game currently in.
  7. NerfTheGoats

    Question about a symbol.

    When ranked was released it was to indicate that.
  8. NerfTheGoats

    Good Offer?

    Is this even much of an offer? £60.78 (83.49 EUR) This package contains: 13000 Doubloons; 30000000 Credits
  9. NerfTheGoats

    What ships are you bringing to ranked battles?

    Hatsuharu every game.
  10. NerfTheGoats

    Cleveland damage?

    So I heard all these amazing things about the Cleveland. i have unlocked it and got all the upgrades. What I think of it: Utter shite. 100+ hits, <20k damage...... tried both AP and HE shells. Doesn't make crap all difference. Get killed in 2 salvos from NM or Fuso. Tried hanging back w/ BBs. Couldn't shoot at crap but DD's. Has it been nerfed since I got it or has something changed? Note: I have played versus many Clevs and never found them a threat.
  11. NerfTheGoats

    Patch gives 3m credits?

    Yes but I did nothing to get to rank 9 so it was unexpected that is all.
  12. NerfTheGoats

    Patch gives 3m credits?

    Ok so I got instant rank up then lol, cheers guys should have seen that!
  13. NerfTheGoats

    Patch gives 3m credits?

    So just finished patching WoWs and BOOOM! 3 million credits were placed into my wallet without notice? Anyone else get this?
  14. NerfTheGoats

    Can you hire some folks who knows wtf they are doing please?

    Dude there is an overal 1 tier advantage for the enemy team. Stop being a cry baby.