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  1. Well, initial projectile velocity (both AP and HE) is just 731 m/s. And for reference, Des Moines guns have 760 and 820 m/s respectively. Q.E has slowest shells in UKBB line.
  2. Do you have what it takes to become part of the crew? [OSC] is an active Balkan clan, started as a small group of guys hanging around, and now grown into a community, looking to expand and conquer the seas . We are oriented towards competing in community tournaments, and basically any competitive team effort including the upcoming Clan Wars. That being said there are few minimum requirements for applicants to ensure that all players within the clan are interested in the same goals. All applicants should have at least couple tier 8 ships that are useable in competitive gameplay, and few tier 10 ships for the upcoming CW. TS is our primary line of communication and as such is mandatory. Feel free to contact me or Krle898 for more details. *-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* What are we looking for: 1) Players from Balkan area exclusively 2) Players that use TS for communication 3) Players with 60% WR and more 4) Average dmg 50k+ 5) Don't make fun of UP OSC is still recruiting! What do we offer: 1) Weeeeell lots of fun! 2) Divisions, Team battles 3) Community tournaments and the upcoming 4) Clan wars highly oriented 5) Organised, experienced group of unicums *-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Leave a post here, or p.m. me in-game or via the forum for more info... We wish all players and clans good RNG and as few bots as possible
  3. I just love your math, man. So in your logic: Mora battles = less knowledge. That's just brilliant. TBH I don't have time to argue about base game mechanics, so I'm gonna leave you with your IFHE knowledge. Also, try putting it on Missouri, you might even start a fire with AP... who knows.
  4. Why would you not believe stats? And instead, believe your feeling? Ok, let's make a deal: Go in a training room and do experiment with sample size big enough to prove your point.
  5. There ain't no KGV build without Air Supremacy and Smoke Screen expert! /s
  6. So if it starts one day later, can it also end one day later? You know, "We treat all servers equally" and stuff...
  7. Belfast is REALLY strong in 2 or 3 man div. If you're planning to play solo, I'd recommend Scharnohorst. Indianapolis is getting buffed in 0.6.8 so maybe wait for "new" reviews? Kutuzov is great ship as well, but it sucks to constantly play T10 games with so boring passive meta.
  8. I don't get it. Is this sarcasm/trolling or are you for real?
  9. AP bombs are the only threats for high tier BBs. And let's not forget the amount of AP damage BBs can do to DDs and CAs before we start calling AP bombs (that you will meet in 1 out of 100 matches) OP.
  10. I don't think anyone can tell if they do. Only WG knows and they never tell thing like that in advance.
  11. Or maybe just put few AI controlled Liberties per each side? They would move with team or to capped points. That might be fun to see and play. Edit: I know it's (slightly ) off topic, but just got an idea while reading it.
  12. I'd love to see this ship implemented in game. It's to soon to call it either OP or UP, since minor things like ROF or concealment can be tweaked.