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  1. Black_Baron_MC

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    Current mechanic is so much more intuitive then the old one. IIRC you even "fixed" the old one in to the current one and now you want the broken one back as fixed one? That's weird thing to do.
  2. Black_Baron_MC

    T-61 in shop today: Did you pull the trigger?

    I'll get it for Doubloons, once it will be avail.
  3. Black_Baron_MC

    New old player

    Few new things. Best thing for you is to watch WOWS official videos about the updates, like this:
  4. Black_Baron_MC

    [OSC] Recruiting exclusively Balkan players

    Hvala takoder i vama!
  5. Black_Baron_MC

    [OSC] Recruiting exclusively Balkan players

    Yes, because SOMEBODY has problem if we recruit in ex-yu languages for ex-yu clan... How dare we...
  6. About OSC: OSC was founded from few exclusively ex-yu guys that played mostly randoms. We played a few competitive games and we figured we are quite good at it. Last two years we have worked hard on our competitive game, played a lot of training, tournaments, clan seasons etc... What did this lead up to? Now we are the strongest clan in Balkan area, we are also among the strongest clans in EU. Our aim is to be even better and to have fun while doing it. What are we looking for? Players from our area (required to speak one of ExYu languages) Advanced knowledge of the game mechanics Above 60% WR Above 1800 PR Open minded players with a good sense of humour What do we offer: Good open-minded community We can and will help you to improve Participation in competitive modes like clan battles and tournaments We know player stats don't tell the whole story, so if you are interested in joining us, please PM one of our higher ranking members: @SexyCroat @cro_pwr @Black_Baron_MC @IamTroublemaker Also, you can join our Discord: https://discord.gg/Krr4RF7 See ya on the seas!
  7. Black_Baron_MC

    MY gabbage rewards

    Containers are the same as gambling. I can tell you are gonna hate casinos if you ever give one a try.
  8. Eto link: https://discord.gg/EtkZUH
  9. Ako pošaljete aplikaciju u naredna 3 dana, dobijete još 1 mijesto besplatno!
  10. Black_Baron_MC

    Nub Kobayashi strikes again: Roma

    I don't see the problem. If someone likes it, he/she can buy it. It's nice to have options/disparity. Also, I fully support payable "visual only" content.
  11. Black_Baron_MC

    Suggestions thread

    I have idea how to help bottom tier ships in MM. Lets say we have T6-8 battle. On T6 ships I'd reduce reload of consumables and/or reload on all armaments by (let's say) 10%. Also we could help T7 with 5% reduced reload. I think that might work well and it would not "hurt" so much when you get up tired. Hell, you might even be happy with your reduced reload!
  12. Od jucer dalje smo internacionalni. Mozda postanemo [OSCI]
  13. Black_Baron_MC

    Nelson or Missouri?

    Nelson is a good ship, but it's a bit confusing. It wants to be "Dunquirked" (nose in tanking), but there is 1 big problem with this - it has 25mm bow armour. That means you will get overmatched by every ship with calibre more than 358mm. Also, it's not that fun when you get focused by cv. Missouri is a better all-around: good vs CVs, can hunt DDs and when you see some cruiser ... yeah, prepare to get reported after the battle. T9 is a more passive in current meta and not fun as T7 but I'd still go with Missouri if I had to choose between them. I hope it helps
  14. Black_Baron_MC

    What is wrong with Queen Elisabeth?

    Well, initial projectile velocity (both AP and HE) is just 731 m/s. And for reference, Des Moines guns have 760 and 820 m/s respectively. Q.E has slowest shells in UKBB line.
  15. Do you have what it takes to become part of the crew? [OSC] is an active Balkan clan, started as a small group of guys hanging around, and now grown into a community, looking to expand and conquer the seas . We are oriented towards competing in community tournaments, and basically any competitive team effort including the upcoming Clan Wars. That being said there are few minimum requirements for applicants to ensure that all players within the clan are interested in the same goals. All applicants should have at least couple tier 8 ships that are useable in competitive gameplay, and few tier 10 ships for the upcoming CW. TS is our primary line of communication and as such is mandatory. Feel free to contact me or Krle898 for more details. *-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* What are we looking for: 1) Players from Balkan area exclusively 2) Players that use TS for communication 3) Players with 60% WR and more 4) Average dmg 50k+ 5) Don't make fun of UP OSC is still recruiting! What do we offer: 1) Weeeeell lots of fun! 2) Divisions, Team battles 3) Community tournaments and the upcoming 4) Clan wars highly oriented 5) Organised, experienced group of unicums *-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Leave a post here, or p.m. me in-game or via the forum for more info... We wish all players and clans good RNG and as few bots as possible