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  1. Oil collected without a Clan

    I'm allready sitting on more silver than I need and have more ships than I'll ever use, I've unlocked all the ships / lines I'm interested in at the moment, And there's nothing in the premium shop I'm inclined to buy, Why would I be interested in discounts,
  2. So long as we get the Incomparable as the ultimate glass cannon
  3. Make Radar & Hydro not working behind islands

    TBH the real way to 'fix' radar is to give each he shell that hits a transmitting ship a small chance of disableing the radar before the usual time ir if you are in a destroyer and can see the sod illuminating you then if you and your mates spam him with HE you have a chance of turning his radar off and then dissapearing back into your own smoke
  4. aa-builds are completly useless

    You Say, but yesterday playing as Independance I ran into a battle where the other side had 4 cleavlands and another t8 cruiser on a map with a bar of islands across the middle, The Cleavlands spaced themselves roughly 8km appart tight up against the islands and made it impossible to get anything across That wasn't a pretty battle
  5. Also if they have orders for an autodrop or attack on an enemy air group they will carry them out, the'll also do a spotting job CV's need a way to earn Just a Flesh wound and the number of ships that I've seen caught by this one current system is fine, if you don't want to be spotted either farm the planes or move
  6. How much Credits you have? (2018 Edition)

    Don't mind paying for premium, but my only paid for ship is Warspite (cuz I loves her) I'm currently sitting on an evergrowing pile of cash because I have pushed all the lines I want to to T10 and have all the ships I currently want in port Not decided what I will do when the new US cruisers appear, but am unlikely to spend much more on ships until either the RN DD or RN CV lines (ha) appear
  7. Aircraft Carrier Manual torpedo line up

    Manual drops are unavailavble for CV's below teir 6
  8. Very harsh in match TK penalty

    Could be worse, In a battle the other night I was playing DD and got into a cap battle with an enemy which ended up with him dead and me on about 20hp and a nackered rudder the turn was bringing me back round into my smoke so i gunned it before i noticed 2 freindly BB's heading into the smoke from the other direction, with no stearing and no time to stop a collision with one of them was inevitable result me dead and him pink for 20hp collision damage, TBH I was amazed to find not 1 but 2 t9/10 bb's contesting a cap so early in the game
  9. The TK system is just broken

    Ehh Then you'd get arsehole divisions deliberatly torping each other without penalty
  10. modifying ship slots (inventory i guess?)

    With containers often dropping additonal slots you should have no problem building up a supply, so long as you don't have to keep every single ship you unlock
  11. Assist Ribbon

    you already have the compliment / +karma button for that
  12. Matchmaking - Double CV

    Becasue sometimes a double CV game is fun, especially if you get comparable skill levels between the CV players