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  1. The number of times I thought this one would end up in the carry harder thread Being the low tier in a 4 carrier battle this was a hard earned victory
  2. 14 Days Premium with my GK
  3. Only advice for the OP is park the GK for a bit and play the Bayern, Get good at that then progress to the Bismark once he's regularly averaging towards the top of his team with a decent win rate and feels comfortable going up 1v1 vs T7 battleships Do same with Bismark and only when comfortable with her, pull out the GK OP needs to concentate on the basics, Positioning, Marksmanship, Angling, Reading the Minimap, anticipating enemy DD movements, target selection, etc as a start he would do well to simply follow another BB from his team (higher or equivalent tier if possible) in each game and support him
  4. Your forgetting Draws, Almost impossible these days but relatively prevalent in the early days of the game
  5. My 4 Battles Today #carriedhard
  6. What's up with KGV, I'm finding her a fine BB
  7. You didn't sink anything and did barely any damage :p
  8. Couple of years ago the Colorado was a dog, especially if you grind rather than free xp the a and b hulls So slow compared to anything else in its tier that it often gets left behind (especially in T8/9 Battles) And compared to it's predecessor the additional hitting power in no way compensated for the loss of 4 barrels, especially when to hit anything with more than half the shells you had to get within 8-10km (not easy when anything smaller than you can simply run away and most cruisers will out range you and simply soak you in HE spam from beyond your max range) Only good thing about her was the aa in the b and c hull
  9. I have 0 interest in the Russian Line I have no interest in the french, pan asian ships I may one day return to Jap BB's I amy even one day play jap CV's
  10. How ?? Is it just the weekend ?
  11. I liked the New York, Big issue with the Wyoming was that she's too long and turns like a barge, especially problematic if the enemy has a CV or 2, New York with better armour and guns and a more ballenced layout is a great ship, I loved her and found her nice and tanky HE spam is an issue, but no more so than for any other BB simply prioritise for deletion or avoid HE spamming ca's that are causing the issue
  12. German line is great, tho the gneisenau seems to give some players fits as she's very different to the rest of the line American line has some highlights (NY and NM) and some real stinkers in the Col and NC, tho the Montana is worth the grind Jap has the Kongo and Fuso which are good ships, but the Amigi made me give up the grind, I just can't get that ship to work, especially in T9/10 battles, British Line seems great so far, tho I'm only at QE
  13. I don't know where to start
  14. Stupid idea that will cause more annoyance than it solves,
  15. Terrible at the weekend, depite usually being in the top 3 of my team for all matches but last night went on a run where I lost one game out of 10 or 11