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  1. Server problems?

  2. stopping at bayern

    Gneisenau is a great ship and a lot of fun, but is very different to the rest of the german bb line She's very squishy and can't tank like Bayern or Bismark & her gun despersion makes shooting at anything above 10k less of a crapshoot and more of an absolute joke, seriously at extreme range the safest place for the enemy ship to be when your shells arive is dead on the point you were aiming at - broardside optional, but its a laugh However play her right, get her in close and she's a monster, trick is learning how to get there, paitiance is a virtue, Bismark on the other hand is very tanky, max out her 2ndary range for extra fun
  3. Flooding damage eventually reflects on the TKller in the match he inflicted it. it just takes a while to kick in,
  4. mixing tiers

    Hell no The challenge of being lower tier sometimes makes for the best games, Taking on a Bismark or Tirpiz in my Warspite or a Izumo in KGV are some of my best battles
  5. Rewarding Good players on Losing Teams

    Its often difficult to tell who was the best player on the loosing team, and why should the BB sniping from the back who racked up the largest damage, simply by being alive longer, be rewarded more than the players who tried to cap / push a side and died quickly when the rest of the team hid behind an island rather than supporting, Random is supposed to be a team game, you win as a team, you loose as a team
  6. the "carry harder!" thread

    This is why I don't often play high tier dd's Its [edited]eppicenter and we had the central cap for the first quater of the game
  7. Penalty for defending myself ?

    You'd encourage players on loosing teams to stear into freindly torps etc in order to get their flags back ... etc
  8. HNLMS/RNLN De Ruyter

    This would be the ship that if attacked by aircraft from diectly ahead, it's aa couldn't shoot at them for fear of blasting through the bridge tower
  9. Is Minotaur fun?

    Pew Pew Pew And that's a battle where the torps were all dodged :D
  10. Are low tier BB just crap?

    Hell no I have so much fun with Billy ruffian it's unreal and Warspite is my favourite BB of the lot
  11. Submarines might be balanceable. Really.

    3. Slow when submerged 22kts (makes planning an attack crucial) [edited], in terms of the era's we are playing, anything over 10kts submerged is going to be a stretch for most designs, and anything above this apart from the late war german boats is going to make them as detectable as if they were on the surface Subs simply don't belong in this game, get over it
  12. Ranked Season T8 Ships

    Bismark or Takao
  13. What do you use on your BBs?

    Learned the BB trade with warspite Stearing gears is a must
  14. the "carry harder!" thread

    And another bunch of weekend $%£
  15. HMS Renown

    T3 - Invincible T4 - Lion T5 - Queen Mary or Tiger T6 - Repulse / Renown T7 - Hood T8 - Incomparable / G3