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  1. Assist Ribbon

    you already have the compliment / +karma button for that
  2. Matchmaking - Double CV

    Becasue sometimes a double CV game is fun, especially if you get comparable skill levels between the CV players
  3. We have to do something about this...

    So looking forward to being restricted to co-op the next time the game client glitches and either doesn't let me into a battle / lets me in very late or boots me out mid battle as if those things wern't frustrating enough
  4. stuck on island

    Have done that in a Montana before now 5 mins into the battle, spent the next 15 watching all the action on the far side of the map well out of range of my now limited arc :(
  5. Monarch. What am I doing wrong?

    Monarch simply has to be endured on the way to Lion and then the Conquorer, both vastly superior ships
  6. "Retarded"

    Retard = Stupid Mother%$"% I'll keep using the word when I feel it's warented, if that offends anyone then go look up what Stephen Fry had to say on the subject of you being offended and then work out how much I care
  7. TBH I've had longer loosing streaks than 5 battles sometimes the gods of MM are against you

    Indeed Fire and Flooding Damage is mostly repairable
  9. DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    go up the british cruiser line they play more like dd's and genarate lots of citadels
  10. Server problems?

  11. stopping at bayern

    Gneisenau is a great ship and a lot of fun, but is very different to the rest of the german bb line She's very squishy and can't tank like Bayern or Bismark & her gun despersion makes shooting at anything above 10k less of a crapshoot and more of an absolute joke, seriously at extreme range the safest place for the enemy ship to be when your shells arive is dead on the point you were aiming at - broardside optional, but its a laugh However play her right, get her in close and she's a monster, trick is learning how to get there, paitiance is a virtue, Bismark on the other hand is very tanky, max out her 2ndary range for extra fun
  12. Flooding damage eventually reflects on the TKller in the match he inflicted it. it just takes a while to kick in,
  13. mixing tiers

    Hell no The challenge of being lower tier sometimes makes for the best games, Taking on a Bismark or Tirpiz in my Warspite or a Izumo in KGV are some of my best battles