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  1. Synth_FG

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Where to Start
  2. Synth_FG

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Wouldn't have minded so much, but was the 4th Kagagoogoo battle tonight, all 4 losses, all 4 p1 or 2 in the loosing team previous 3, 2,1,3, kills this bugger tho
  3. Synth_FG

    HMS Agincourt - Tier 5 battleship

    As the OP indicates, the guns are not very good, and the armour is terrible She's T4 simply because of the number of guns Putting her in the same tier as Iron Duke and letting her face T7's would be a sad joke
  4. Synth_FG

    What ship tree would you love to do all over again?

    None I've run the lines I'm interested in and kept the ships I want to keep No interest in regrinding any
  5. Synth_FG

    Game rework.Make players play old unused ships.

    I'm lost as to the point of this I have 50 odd ships in my port of which I probably regularly use 5 or so with another 10 I occasionally run around in, unless an event such as ranked points me in the direction of a specific set The others are event ships such as the ARP's, premium gifts such as the Albany or lines I have finished grinding Why would I be happy to be encouraged to play these over the ships I prefer to play