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  1. some of us either don't play ranked or play infrequently for example I only played a few games in the last day or two of the last season (after not playing ranked since season 1) and ended up at R14 I know of potatoes who played 50+ ranked battles to achieve ranks <5
  2. The problem with CV's is that most of the player base does not know how to play against them, The team that shows a modicum of team play and sticks in tight groups for mutual aa support will 9 times out of 10 beat the team that does the normal scatter no matter the skill of the CV players, A CV in the game, especially when its mid or high tier nessecitates a change in playstyle to one that depends upon teamwork and communication, unfortunatly much of the player base cannot grasp this, and prefers to see CV;s as overpowered
  3. Some of them can be funny tho Had one moron last night ranting at me for using him as a shield after his DD got sunk next to my Monarch and then I rammed the sinking corpse as I turned to get a decent firing angle on my target Kept ranting at me for the rest of the game and calling for the rest of the team to report me as I went on to be 2nd highest in XP in the team and gain the team the win earning solo warrior by sinking 2 of the last 4 enemy ships, to go alongside the dreadnought and confederate awards I picked up in the battle seems you can never do enough for some people
  4. Indeed Before the buff it was awful
  5. There will be other events with other special commanders as a reward, but they should be one offs for each individual
  6. Lost as to what else I could have done to win this one ?
  7. She's a big let down after KGV. Guns seem to get more straddles than hits at any range over 10km
  8. I love KGV she's everything I want from a battleship Monarch on the other hand is feeling a little of a let down
  9. Think he got that when 90% of the players on ther server were disconnected he found himself the only active player in his game and had a ball
  10. The number of times I thought this one would end up in the carry harder thread Being the low tier in a 4 carrier battle this was a hard earned victory
  11. 14 Days Premium with my GK
  12. Only advice for the OP is park the GK for a bit and play the Bayern, Get good at that then progress to the Bismark once he's regularly averaging towards the top of his team with a decent win rate and feels comfortable going up 1v1 vs T7 battleships Do same with Bismark and only when comfortable with her, pull out the GK OP needs to concentate on the basics, Positioning, Marksmanship, Angling, Reading the Minimap, anticipating enemy DD movements, target selection, etc as a start he would do well to simply follow another BB from his team (higher or equivalent tier if possible) in each game and support him
  13. Your forgetting Draws, Almost impossible these days but relatively prevalent in the early days of the game
  14. My 4 Battles Today #carriedhard