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  1. Likatare

    Legendary upgrade missions

    The length of which these mission requires seem stupid to me. If they are suppose to be a sidegrade then why such a long time until we can get them. Then they should be more akin to the length it takes to get the different torpedoes for DDs. If they are suppose to be a straight upgrade of sorts it would make more sense however.
  2. Likatare

    Kronshtadt has arrived!

    Only played it a couple of rounds but goddamn the guns are awful. No amount of Graf Spee prepared me for that dispersion. Guess I have to get out of the mindset that it's Moskva 2. Gonna have to give it a couple of more rounds atleast.
  3. Likatare

    How many 19 points captains do you have? (February 2018)

    0 I spread out my exp way too much. Or I just need to git gudder.
  4. The SHA256 hash for the v7.1.0 #00b seems wrong.
  5. Likatare

    Containers - Try your luck

    I'm pretty sure I've gotten plenty of collecton items from TYL-containers. Yamamoto ones atleast.
  6. Likatare

    Aftvent SC hype: what did you get?

    25 Dragon flags and 100 Juliet Charlies. Pretty meh for the 15 day wait but not gonna complain about what was essentially free stuff.
  7. Likatare

    Bonus Code on German facebook

    The correct code has already been found out, it's W4R5H1P5A8G5R. Took me several tries to get it to register though, guessing many spamming the server at the same time caused that.
  8. Likatare

    Bonus Code on German facebook

    This is on the "normal" WoWs facebook too, not just the german one. But goddamn, apart from some regular flags this netted me a Duca d'Aosta and a De Grasse. As a cruiser main this made me very happy.
  9. Likatare

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to enter aswell. 1. Atlanta 2. De Grasse 3. Dubloons Good luck everyone!
  10. Likatare

    For the love of god WG, please change the FNFL flag requirements

    Had this been a month ago or something I would have made an effort and grind this flag and gotten it with relative ease. But now, smack in the middle of the summer vacation there's socializing to be done. Not nearly as much time grinding. AND when there is finally time for boats, it's high ranked season. Can't help but feel this was poorly thought out. Would have loved to have it on my french boats, but c'est la vie eh.
  11. Likatare

    Dedicated captain for the Belfast?

    So the Belfast was on sale and I got it. Since it benifits nicely from IFHE I wondered if the rest of you have a dedicated captain for it? Was thinking of using my Minotaur captain and just accepting him having IFHE.
  12. Likatare

    Ranked #6 WorldWide Wrap-Up

    Oh, the Russian cluster is that much bigger than the EU one? Didn't know that. Suddenly my 372 battles to reach rank 1 doesn't feel so potato anymore.
  13. Likatare

    Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionUI Bug is still present. 2. Reproduction stepsNo idea, seems random. 3. ResultUi disappears, occasional flickering. 4. Expected resultUI visible. 5. Technical detailsNo, I didn't press CTRL-G by mistake.
  14. Likatare

    super containers

    And just two days later I get this! Super containers are RNG as hell.
  15. Likatare

    super containers

    Got a super container today, they do still exist! Speed flags, oh well. 700+ of those now. The day I get ramming flags in a SC I'll rage though.