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  1. Belfast will be as broken as it used to be
  2. Wtf am I reading? You don't need mods to angle properly.
  3. I have grinded up to Monarch and QE has been the most enjoyable RN BB by far. It has reliable AP and accurate guns so you are not forced to mindless HE spam most of the time. It rewards good play. Ps. I don't own Warspite. I can understand that QE may be a bit meh compared to it. It seems to be just worse overall with better AA.
  4. I think so but overpens are mostly issue with softer targets (DDs and cruisers).
  5. It makes it harder to citadel them.
  6. Does Warspite even have short fuse AP?
  7. It makes AP worse against BBs and better against everyone else. Just what the game needed
  8. Incompetence is just so frustrating. For example, today 0 out of 3 players near cap zone managed to push w button and sail inside cap area. There wasn't enemy ships. There wasn't danger of torpedoes. There was nothing. They just refused to move and we lost by points. I know it's useless but that kind crap makes me type something angry to the chat Ofc there are also loads of players who blame others when they should be looking at the mirror.
  9. Maybe Yama? It will be just silly with <20s reload. On the other hand you could just put it to ship you play most as you dont get benefit from the Second Wind very often. Every ship out of those options benefits from extra consumable. I think I'm gonna put mine to Akizuki (once I get the captain and the ship). Akizuki really has use for captain skill points and pseudo supernintendo is nice extra.
  10. True. Then it could be at least punished for potato moves and lower max hp would actually matter. Citadel proof BBs are conceptually flawed idea and somehow we got 2nd line of those.
  11. I'm not here to argue if overmatch is good mechanic or not. I'm just saying that comparing Yama to Conq doesn't work. The one comes with strengths and weaknesses, the other comes with only strengths (and that is horrible design).
  12. Yamato has lolpen but it also has significant drawbacks (exposed citadel, slow turrets, crap AA). Conq has stupidly strong HE but no real weaknesses.
  13. Kutuzov was released before AFT nerf but they "compensated" it with range buff. It also took a well over year to revert Mogami's turret traverse nerf that was done because of pre-nerf expert marksman
  14. It's ok to have some flavor but I think they went a bit too far with HE buffs. They need to tone it down a bit to make less no-brainer. Anyway, the thing I truly don't like about RN BBs and especially Conq, is that they don't have real weaknesses. I like ships with strengths and weaknesses. Yamato has its lolpen guns but it also has a raised citadel and super slow turrets. Balanced ships reward you by exploiting their strengths and punish your mistakes. RN BBs reward low-skill HE spam and doesn't punish you properly if you play badly. RN BB line seems to be made for players who want to be rewarded but are not willing to l2p.
  15. I guess that you have not played Neptune or Minotaur. No other high tier ship is nowhere near as fragile. Your comparison is simply ridiculous. Conq might not be as tanky as other t10 BBs (not taking heal into account) but it surely doesn't get blown to pieces when someone looks it funnily.