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  1. Meh, 2 Haku games
  2. They should implement spotting ribbon. You would get ribbon every time you are the only one spotting enemy ship that is hit. While this certainly wouldn't solve problem of uneven match making or incompetent DD players, maybe it would give some players the needed hint.
  3. I like the game but I would change some things if I could. I'm pretty sure that almost everyone would.
  4. I posted this to other thread but might as well re-post here. Somehow my team managed to lose this. It would have been +200% exp win
  5. Defeat, 2280 exp.
  6. Damage stats of different classes or even ships aren't really comparable. BBs tend do lot of damage even if their impact is low, because they live long and damage stacks up by shooting other BBs. On the other hand, even 55k can be significant in T10 if it comes from killing DD and bursting 40k HP BB down by torpedoes. Besides that, winning needs more than damage.
  7. Yeah, it's impact is probably going to be as an minor as German BB lines impact
  8. Hindenburg is solid. Lots of guns and good fire rate makes it effective in almost any situation even if shells have weaknesses. It's also very tanky by cruiser standards. It doesn't need any buff. Interesting. I have Hindenburg but I have almost never scored citadels to BBs with German CAs. You have to be VERY close to do that (though recently I scored random citadel to Bismarck from ~10km??).
  9. This was a while ago. My Zao damage record and still lost. Too damn slow to wear those BBs down with HE and fire damage.
  10. Mino eats Zao alive IF you catch it showing broadside at close range and IF it stays broadside. Doesn't happen often vs. competent Zao player. Likewise, Zao needs only 1 good salvo to sink almost full hp Mino. (I have both ships.) Medium-long range support is hardly Zaos only strength. Good concealment allows it to support capping DDs and wait for getting good AP salvos vs. other cruisers. Something Hindenburg can't do well, for example. Yama part is true. I have been 1-shotted bow on to Yama from 15+km and from full hp (no detonation)
  11. Last stage was painful. Like there weren't enough battleboats already.
  12. To be honest, those BBs are doing nothing wrong. Camping is how you standard battle (which is why that mode should be removed ).
  13. True, surviving doesn't win games (though it may help). I'm just saying that it would be nice if there was more reward in putting your CV to riskier positions. It would make CV gameplay more interesting. I hope my point is clear by now I'm just repeating myself.
  14. That's simply not true. CVs can be very safe while being highly effective. Just checked my stats: Taiho 123/136 survived, Haku 13/13 survived. Over 70% win rate with both.