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  1. The_Tyke


    I believe it is WG policy to never nerf a premium, so don't hold your breath.
  2. The_Tyke

    DON'T trust the auto pilot

    Cant say I have ever used the thing myself. I change course to react to incoming fire too often for it to be a feasible option
  3. The_Tyke

    Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    Most fun without a doubt - Vampire. Least fun - probably Blys. I know she's a fantastic boat, verging on being OP, and I see some truly amazing games with OTHER PEOPLE using her. But me and Blys just don't get along. At all.
  4. The_Tyke

    The new missions are really FUBARing the BB MM!!

    Every cloud has a silver lining. As a DD player I have been loading into games even before the clock starts to count.
  5. The_Tyke

    Penalty for defending myself ?

    This sums it up nicely. Don't rise to their bait. There is a high percentage of pondlife types on the interwebz, but they are still in the minority. There is an old saying, rarely used now, that two wrongs do not make a right.
  6. The_Tyke

    Tier 8 ships for ranked and random

    OP already has an Atago, and used it in ranked. I think this is a second account.
  7. The_Tyke

    Tier 8 ships for ranked and random

    I will say what everyone else is going to say. With just 57 (only 5 in PvP) battles under your belt you really should not be looking to play at T8 Sorry, truth is unkind
  8. The_Tyke

    I hope WG keeps the ship horn after holidays.

    Personal taste I suppose. Switched them off after about twenty seconds of the first game after the update. Once every now and again is fine, but idiots constantly using them becomes as annoying as those bottom feeders who seem fascinated by any key with an 'F' on it.
  9. The_Tyke

    Daily mission madness

    If this is directed at my OP, you have seriously missed the point. Complaining that CV get a mission? Not me, mate. Quite the contrary. I am saying how delighted I am to find all the BB players are out in CVs and the games are more fun without them getting in the way. Cruiser and DD paradise.
  10. The_Tyke

    Daily mission madness

    Fair 'nuff, I stand corrected. Doesn't alter the fact we're seeing no/very few BBs cluttering up the maps though.
  11. The_Tyke

    Daily mission madness

    Daily mission: do 30k damage with aerial bombers. I won't whine about how it excludes a good percentage of the player base, (myself included) because all the others are do-able. Queue for the first game of the day. 38 carriers, not a single BB Game (when it started) comprised 2 CV, 3 Cruisers and 2 DDs per team. Y'know what? It was a really great game. Loved it. Cruisers and DDs flying about like dervishes trying to get that perfect position. Second game, more of the same. 2 CV, 5 Cruisers and 3 DDs. No BB again. Not sure the CV players had read the mission rules as most the time they were using torps where the requirement is for bombs. I could get used to this. I shall enjoy this 24 hours I think. More WG . . more of this.
  12. The_Tyke

    What do you guys consider a good day in warships?

    Every day I spend in WoW means I am not at work. Therefore, every day in WoW is a good day.
  13. The_Tyke


    Unlike my 57 empty captains beds in the reserve.
  14. The_Tyke

    Karma broken?

    Funniest/saddest (delete as applicable) report I ever got was just last week. End of game and my team lost, but I got my third ever Kraken, so for me it was a big deal. I got a report from another on my team who accused me of not being a team player. You just can't win, it seems.
  15. The_Tyke

    Very basics of Ranked

    How about . . . 'remember it's just a game'