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  1. Many thanks @Commodus_Voke and @walter3kurtz I had seen that vid, and the stats you mentioned. I think my poorly worded question should have been ; 'why would I want to play Gallant over the other boats mentioned?'
  2. I throw myself at the feet of the forums more knowledgeable persons for some aid. I have decided (unwisely perhaps) to focus on the Gallant. It seems to be ok . . . just ok. I also have Anshan and Hatsuharu in my port. Both these boats seem to do everything better than Gallant. Surely, especially as it is a prem boat, the Gallant MUST have SOME redeeming qualities. Can anyone tell me what they are?
  3. As Aotearas already said, these do tend to be once per battle, and are nowhere near as much of a pest as the constant 'map-pingers' and those with a fascination for the 'F' keys.
  4. It would be far easier to implement an option to 'Hide camouflage' so that those of us who want too can. The vanilla models with their weathering look (IMO) absolutely fine. The guys responsible for them should get more credit than they do. I know it is about game play, but some of us (me and many others I am sure) appreciate the eye candy. Let the CEOs kids exercise their crayon skills in kindergarten.
  5. Are you suggesting that playing CW puts you into some kind of special 'club'? Changing even ONE rule from those found in the regular games makes a mockery of the very idea that your clan are really good at WoW, doesn't it? What you are saying is you want a watered down version of game. Go prepared with flags, simple.
  6. Permanently withdrawn I think
  7. May I counter this by asking that compliments be increased. Good play, teamwork, politeness and getting a 'Kraken' (on both teams) soon whittle mine away to zero, whilst I normally end a full day of gaming with five or more reports left un-used
  8. I share your sentiments. Most those camos make me think that the CEO of WG lets his two year old loose with a set of crayons then copies the mess designs. Ideally something to just make the camo invisible. The guys who do the weathering effects on the models really cannot be surpassed.
  9. This is something that irks me as well. Currently I have over 228 million and unless they release RN DDs I have nothing I want to buy. I'd happily give away the whole lot if I could.
  10. Am I not seeing the elephant in the room here, or what? Why, if you have a WG account that works, would you choose to then play through Steam? Is there some sort of benefit to it?
  11. I am in the minority in that I prefer my low tier 'antique' ships with character, rather than power. But you cannot, and will not, stop people wanting to pose their way around the map in their very own all powerful Deathstar. As long as WG make money from these ships (and lets face it, that is why they are there) they will. End of. Sorry, its just the way the world turns.
  12. Yep, log in through the WG client.
  13. I salute you @iJoby I had no idea that was possible. Someone was asking in the Gameplay forum about changing the captain names just a couple days ago
  14. Why does this denote a bot? I don't use camos (a) Because the models look so good without them (b) They look like an explosion in a toddlers crayon box for the most part.
  15. With the current trend of ignoring famous folks who get themselves into scandals, ( pretending they never existed), will we now see WG recalling to barracks commander Steven Seagal?