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  1. On the contrary I hardly ever see them now. But I do tend to stick to the lower levels. Not so many bad habits have been developed maybe?
  2. Just got mine, looks sweet Thanks :)
  3. While I am all in favour of realism, how many players can you see actually stopping the ship to collect the spotter? Realism is sacrificed at the expense of 'gameplay' unfortunately. I could write a list several pages long about things I would like to see, but never will. Nice idea, but the majority of players would hate it.
  4. I run out of compliments every day. Reports; two or three a day, and only where truly deserved.
  5. Why complain? You're getting something for nothing. I guess this is the interwebz mindset these days.
  6. Well I thought it was very humorous. Had a little chuckle. Shows us they at WG are only human.
  7. So they made no changes to it when the new line was introduced.
  8. Real easy one this. Can you please tell a noob who doesn't understand all the figures about ammo types and the effects, does the Warspite, (and other RN premiums for that matter), shoot the same ammo as the newly released BB line? From what I can gather the new line has rather tasty HE. Should I be using this instead of my usual AP? Thanks
  9. I think I got this once yesterday. I never really noticed at the time where my cursor was, but I assumed it was over the ship that was chosen, and that I must have clicked it without realising. Noticed before the start battle thingy went off anyway
  10. Good idea :)
  11. Every game you lose, another team wins. So . . . it aint all bad. When they lose you win. Swings and roundabouts
  12. I came to WoW at the same time the first RN premiums were released. Warspite and Campbeltown. I had a lot of fun, if little success, with the Campbeltown, and positively hated the Grand Old Lady. SO SLOW . . . at everything. Like watching paint dry. It put me off BBs for good, or so I thought. I had a couple of other low tier BB I used to reluctantly play when in a team; but these were only because the others in the team wanted me too. Rest of the time I plodded along with the Campbeltown and a few other DDs and cruisers. Then along came the RN cruisers. This is what I had waited for, there could be no other choice for me; it had to be them I focused. Luckily I relish a challenge or I would have quit that line very quickly. Emerald was . . . But I endeavored, and although I spend most my time in the lower tiers (far too much salt the higher you go) I did get to the T9 Whilst not exactly sneering at the whiney threads from the BBabys on the forums I did consider BB to be 'easy-mode' and requiring below average skill to do well with. On reflection they would be perfect for me; as I am well below average skill. So, last week out came the RN heavy squad. The one ship I have always had a passion for, over many years, is HMS Dreadnought. I was gutted when they left her out of the line. Its a bit like having a picture of the Royal family without the Queen being in it. Most the battleships in the game from all nations are described as Dreadnoughts, how could she be overlooked? Anyway, they gave us Belle, which, whilst she was not the same as the Dreadnought IRL looked very much like her. So I got Belle and always refer to her as Dreadnought in the port. Suddenly I was having fun. I was getting kills, winning more games and surviving more too. I associated this run of good fortune with the fact it was all newbies at low levels still grasping the basics. But hang on a minute . . . . no. These were mostly long time players, who. like me, had no option but to start at the bottom of a new line. Originally it was my intention to get only the Belle; but the limited maps (especially Polar with its rather Mickey Mouse toys floating about) made the decision to go for Orion for me. So I got Orion a couple days ago. I am still doing far better in the two BBs than in any other class. I may go up one more tier, but there's no desire in me to head up to 'salt central'. So I guess I will be playing them a lot more; and may I point out that I do not hug the borders. You will always find me in the thick of the action. So, here is my dilemma. You were wondering when I was going to get to the point, weren't you? Have I become a BBaby? Or do I need to complain bitterly on the forum about other classes scratching my pixel ship, and cling stubbornly to the edge of the map to qualify?
  13. I had to work the whole weekend, OP, so I would gladly have exchanged it for your miserable time
  14. Cant think of anything more boring than watching a broom handle moving through the water; cos if you think they are going to implement an underwater add-on to the game, think again. It'll be surface views only. And how many hours old would this new idea be before we hear the whines about getting one-shotted from our aspiring sub commanders. They are seriously fragile craft, but no doubt folk would expect them to be indestructible.