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  1. This is awesome, why no 'LIKES' yet?? Great job, and took some time too I suspect.
  2. More years ago than I care to remember I used to make 'Exact scale' model ships. Exact scale means perfect in EVERY detail, even down to individual rivets being placed where they should be. I got a set of original builders plans from the Maritime Museum in Greenwich for HMS Dreadnought to build a 5'6" model. The plans cost £96 even back then, and were woefully inaccurate. The ship specs changed (evolved) as construction progressed. To the rescue with thousands of diagrams and photos came this priceless tome. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I got the hardback, but I believe it comes in paperback too.
  3. "Because I have no interest in playing ranked, although the prizes are a tad tempting"
  4. These guys need to remember it is a team game. There is no such thing as kill stealing. As long as the enemy is sunk it does not matter who fires the final shot.
  5. Welcome to the world of online gaming, mate. Anonymity is a wonderful thing
  6. You read my mind
  7. I do play a variety, but 90% of the time it is Caledon, Danae and Leander
  8. I am probably totally missing the point, not for the first time. But it seems to me that people take this game far too seriously.
  9. Only RN ship I sold. I think that says it all.
  10. I put never, but that is not entirely true. I do check them, rarely. Last time I looked someone had started a thread about the amount of detonations that were occurring after a patch in the game. I think that was about December time; so that was the last time I looked. But only at that one figure. Prior to that, . . . . I really couldn't say. The only stat I am interested in is the 'am I having fun' stat.
  11. There is not really a definitive answer to that. Several factors need to be taken into account. 1. Your in-game performance (aka your score) 2. Is it on a premium account 3. How much time do you spend on the game on a daily basis
  12. If you don't have a problem with it, why make the thread?
  13. I am surprised you're surprised. Working as intended, in WG parlance
  14. Depends on what you want from a boat. I enjoy her. Aurora on speed. And she looks fantastic.
  15. Whether it matters or not, I always give a compliment where a player has aided the team well, or got a Kraken. The Kraken compliment also goes to enemy players. Unfortunately this does mean I run out of them rather quickly.