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  1. Okinawa Cap B seems like it will be on constant stalemate, unless one of the teams doesn't take interest in it. The North cap seems too open but with limited way to get inside. Ps: Today i played Land of Fire map, it had a decent sized island that was nowhere in the minimap and other islands were not in the right position taking into account the minimap G2-H2
  2. My advice on the last 5min, 2 or 3 ships will spawn 4-6km away so get DD to torp at very close range those enemies coming to the circle, more people should focus this ship so he doesnt focus dd, (they go forward and die or turn and slowdown making much more dificult for them to enter circle and good target for BB salvos) Ram can be used as a Last resource to stop them from entering the circle so you dont lose a star in the last 5 minutes, just be sure that there are very little enemies left and there are still decent amount of people left inside the circle (don't use DD for this obviously)
  3. There was a mod for the second one, i loved it but i think it hasn't been updated for a long time so stopped appearing in aslains modpack. Might be related to this
  4. 14/03 was the last day to submit, the news you are talk about is from 23/03 so unless there was something before that with that image i am not seeing the problem. WG might have used after seeing the entry to the contest.
  5. I think 'WoWs Rose' is the one with more thinking outside the box, 'zapraszam do glebin' the better drawn but the less related to wows theme of this 5 ones, 'Sakura Wheel' the Second best drawn, very related to the theme specifically japanese navy, -> Second best in my opinion 'Keel Breaker' very cool, best fine detail even in black and white, very related to the theme Kraken Unleashed -> best in my opinion 'Kraken Feeling' - Honourable mention Kinda sad that my Shark Torpedo coming at you, didn't get to at least be seen or voted, not that i think it had any real chance against the top 2 i mentioned. I think the rules didn't really explained how many would pass to the second stage.
  6. Ok, it is hard to see the connection because wows doesnt have submarines. Maybe your descriptions does say that but since they didn't post that, i wouldn't get there. Thx for explaining it.
  7. Seinx

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    I am not saying you are wrong, but you are talking about odds of Winning EuroMillions. Still the enemy could have seen shots coming out of BB before killing the DD (dd just needed to spot him long enought for the other enemy aim at the enemy before dd got killed), since dd can outspot the bb unless dd turns a corner and bb is there or the other way around. The thing we are talking about Hypothetical Scenarios were the odds of happening is so very very low like below 0,1%. Did you know that If you use "condoms perfectly every single time you have sex, they’re 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. But people aren’t perfect, so in real life condoms are about 85% effective"
  8. It is nicely drawn kudos to you, but the contest asked for "How well it matches with World of Warships' visual style" and "would correlate with World of Warships visuals" so i am not seeing a relation to wows theme. Unless i am not interpretating well.
  9. Seinx

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    Considering the 10 pages it has it is dificult not to skim something, sorry. The enemy BB was spotted? I would love to see the full replay it feels like he was shot by that same BB before the video begins making it possible to know the origin of ships shells and making a guesstimating for his shots later, not that he did that, but i wonder if i couldn' do that since it is a BB target and it is at less than 9-10km away.
  10. Seinx

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    Forgot about detonation, i feel dirty after deleting a BB with a torp, i even asked for him to forgive me it was a t9 american BB and have to take a bath and scrub a lot to feel better about it. detonation should have been removed already.
  11. Seinx

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    I got the better picture after 10 pages, that is most videos are against bots not moving, some show use of it but i could do the same shot some seconds later after the enemy BB fired his guns because it is much easier to be zoomed in the direction of one ship and wait for him to shoot, i have citadel british cruiser that were hidden by smoke because i was using zoom and aiming at him before he got smoked by the dd, very easy. One of the videos doesnt even shows the x on the map when there is a Hurricane, so it is pretty much a guess work using last known position, the speed you think the enemy has plus the alternative UI to know at what distance is your gun aiming and time for shells to get there. All of the videos shows peoples that are not in the middle of the battle but on the back without having to be careful of any enemy ship. The one with carrier he was not moving and the only one alive against how many, how big is a carrier will you not hit if you guesstimate. It make no difference to my performance if it was ban or not, but i find it you guys are making look like it's the worst thing and not showing good example, i find someone going behind a island and using radar to detect the smallest ship in game at ranges of 12km and bb ap on dd much a pressing matter.
  12. Seinx

    WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    So you want to prove your point by using a video of a training room with bots that don't even move? or i am wrong.
  13. Just wondering was mine not selected or disqualified?
  14. Seinx

    Aigle Suks

    It isn't good nor bad, it is a ship that you advance very close to your team so that when you find a group of enemy ships they don't all focus on you. You have large HP pool so one on one against dd if you dont torped you will fight for a long time while baiting them to go after you, that is if they have better guns. Don't give too much side to use more guns unless you know there is no other enemy in the zone. After knowing where are the enemy dd is or notice where enemy started cap, you can go for the other one. Use smoke to cover while using guns but notice that you should use when multiple enemies are on range or some are advancing for you. Use torps for traps when behind island on enemy very close to your smoke and you cant fire because you will be spot at 3,1km or a little more or mostly suicide runs where you trying to launch torps when you can see the white in the enemy eyes. Thiink of your ship as a smaller cruiser that can also easilly citadels some cruisers. stats right now - 13 games 31k dmg 1 frags per match 1138,4 WTR 69,23% WR Also the ship i got my first and only Solo Warrior till now.
  15. Seinx

    Best destroyer at Tier 7?

    without a doubt, Leningrad is the best of the t7 that i played, WTR wise Akatsuki 1410(35 games), Leningrad 1320(84), Błyskawica 1216(55) but than i look at WR Leningrad 61,9% and the others 49% and 48,5%. Not even going to put Mahan because they are crap, i just wanted to get to fletcher since it was more of hybrid. Even better to make a point, frags per match on top 3 DD, Fletcher 1,17 Shinonome 1.16 Leningrad 1,31 Leningrad is the most fun t7 dd i played and the most disapointed was Blyskawica (was expecting much more from it) it is not half the ship Leningrad is, i got Blyska first but after getting Leningrad my feelings was "why didn't i get this one first it is so much better".