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  1. Seinx

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    Also a lot of game crash when battle ends before showing battle results.
  2. Seinx

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    I expect the one after this to be 1,25M fxp and the one after that 1,5M fxp. After opening this precedent there's no going back, the doors are open and cannot close again, meaning there will be no trust that this will not happen again and again, also they will use some excuse to remove this ships when the next come because they have done it before.
  3. Seinx

    Premium Shop in February: Alaska

    Interesting when i receive a mail saying Try this ships and the link is for buying the ship in store. We definitely have different definitions of the word try, i was expecting something like a free rent period to try and make my mind about them.
  4. Seinx

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    Sorry WG, but asashio is not a ship for me, being helpless against other dd is not my cup of tea also i like my torps to hit everyone and everything.
  5. Completely agree with this here. Radar is pretty much slowing down the match, so dd can't cap when there are no ships anywhere near them, this makes game last much more even if it is a lousy match and not fun at all.
  6. "On one hand, the duration of flooding and the damage it can cause will decrease, but on the other hand, it will be possible for the ship to be afflicted by up to two floods at a time in total. These can occur at each of the aft- and fore-ends of a ship" So you mean to "compensate" the huge loss of damage i have to magically hit torps on front and back of ship at the same time when people already turn their ship to only get hit by one max, unless they are bb players from Jingles videos completely unaware of aswd hacks.
  7. Seinx

    Is there a backup plan ?

    Don't worry they can always scuttle the game as i last resort - sarcasm out
  8. Seinx

    Update 0.8.0? Major release, major fail?

    Was that Monty Python?
  9. They are very nice but i like Pecztery1337 the most with its contraste between blue and red plus the gold elements
  10. What can i say, some have a lot more work behind than others, just like some have aesthetic sense and others don't, am not diminishing their work, just saying that in my opinion some deserve 1 star and to pity them and inflate their score will diminish the better ones value. PieChart would be something like: 5 stars - 5% 4 Stars - 35% 3 Stars - 15% 2 Stars - 5% 1 Star - 40%
  11. Seinx

    January Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    Definitely a missed oportunity to give the ship Hipper on the mission like they did with the Bismarck.
  12. Yup, there are at least 3 models that have just diferent color schemes so that's like 7 diferent votes. Have to say not that many 5 stars less than 3, i think but a very decent amount of 4 stars, some 3 stars, little 2 stars and a but load of 1 star.
  13. It's not really worth it to rebuy 3 t9 ships (many millions of credits) just to get 150 steel.
  14. Really only 1 small Santa’s Gift Container, not even a big one, nice would be getting 5 Santa’s big Gift.
  15. I think they could send you 2 premium containers instead as replacement or would that also be against the law?