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  1. as I said its NOT rocket science, though to some like yourself it clearly is or you make it out to be even though you are use to having original files served up to you, after all exactly how much trial and error dose it take to find a flag on a texture and deduce texture size from the texel aspect and size as they appear in game, sure you may have to redraw all the flags and work out their positions on the texture, but hey that's life and how we use to do it making mods for games years ago. sure when it come to ship textures its impractical and time consuming, but by the same token WG are NOT going to be going through a wholesale UV mapping exercise over every ship modal just to screw up moders so all the UV's are map to different parts of the texture than they were before, as it is all needless work. how do you think people made mods in the past when they didn't have files served up to them before the age of more open games development like we have now.
  2. taking it is not that hard, 15 tonnes is small in maritime terms at recreational dive depths and requires little expertise given the cheapness of cutting and lifting equipment if you were to assume a single lift for each propeller, given the ingenuity of man and the drive of money and/or poverty and the complimentary skills of a small group.
  3. by using logic, past knowledge and accepted standards etc and some trial and error. i.e. you need not be a rocket scientist to create a "flag texture" without having the original to edit, given you already know the file name and folder location which would be replicated in an encrypted archive, which would be easy to replicate the location in a mod folder so it substitutes the original upon game load, given how mod directories work, the only files and folders that would be renamed and differ from pre-encryption game file structure will be all the files WG wont want people moding or having ready access to through the mod folder directory by guessing names and locations based on the old pre-encryption game file/folder structure, this is given WG most likely wont want to go through renaming all the 2d assets which would require all the 3d assets to have to be re-exported with the corrected paths and names and other dependency's for every aspect of a map, ship or other part.
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    why not?
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    Opinion regarding the released German cruiser line

    not so per se the 6"/47 mk16 fired an AP shell that was ~30% heavier than the AP shell fired by the 15 cm/60 (5.9") SK C/25, i.e. 59kg vs. 45.5kg maths for kinetic energy to get the headline figure at 0km range: 6"/47 mk16 + 59kg AP 59kg / 2 * 762 * 762 / 1000 = 17128.998KJ 15 cm/60 (5.9") SK C/25 + 45.5kg AP 45.5kg / 2 * 960 * 960 / 1000 = 20966.4KJ now at first glance the German gun looks better than the US gun, however in reality the real work is done down-range where the targets are, now if we calculate KE down range the picture somewhat changes, i.e. at about 5km to 5.5km range: 6"/47 mk16 + 59kg AP 59kg / 2 * 548 * 548 / 1000 = 8858.968KJ 15 cm/60 (5.9") SK C/25 + 45.5kg AP 45.5kg / 2 * 673 * 673 / 1000 = 10304.13475KJ the German gun/AP shell still has the upper hand over the US gun/AP shell, but the gap has significantly narrowed. at about 9.1km to 10km range: 6"/47 mk16 + 59kg AP 59kg / 2 * 435 * 435 / 1000 = 5582.1375KJ 15 cm/60 (5.9") SK C/25 + 45.5kg AP 45.5kg / 2 * 445 * 445 / 1000 = 4505.06875KJ here we can already see that the KE crossover has taken place, so even if we add 10% to the German gun AP shell to account for its figure at 10km (vs. 9.1km of the US one) it still comes out at just 4955.575625KJ meaning at 8.5km to 9km the German gun/AP Shell has lost its advantage in armour penetration. at about 14.6km to 15km range: 6"/47 mk16 + 59kg AP 59kg / 2 * 344 * 344 / 1000 = 3490.912KJ 15 cm/60 (5.9") SK C/25 + 45.5kg AP 45.5kg / 2 * 318 * 318 / 1000 = 2300.571KJ by 14.6km to 15km range the German gun AP shell has ~33% less kinetic energy and is significantly less effective at armour penetration. at about 23.7km to 25km range - this is generally beyond visual range of the turret sights thus indirect fire from gun directors and other systems with significant loss of accuracy and increased dispersion and is more "luck" orientated range: 6"/47 mk16 + 59kg AP 59kg / 2 * 369 * 369 / 1000 = 4016.7495KJ 15 cm/60 (5.9") SK C/25 + 45.5kg AP 45.5kg / 2 * 332 * 332 / 1000 = 2507.596KJ however the above is not the full story as the German gun/AP shell had a marginally flatter trajectory and slightly shorter shell flight time, when it came to firing rate both the German and US guns could manage ~11rpm, however the US gun/turret was faster in train and elevation, carried more rounds per turret and had guns with much longer barrel life that implied they maintained accuracy for longer across multiple engagement, if you also factor in the extra 3 guns/1 turret on a Cleveland it dose somewhat bump the effective number of shells down range for any given time across a targeted area.
  6. well the RU has Warspite available
  7. now go back to my prior statement and take what I said in context, as ANY idiot can take a single line out of context. i.e. I was inferring that one section of moders are making a rod for their own backs and for the others who come after them, given the spurious or semi advantageous nature of some mods vs. the vanilla game, therefor some of this anger should be directed at some moders regardless of if you hide behind better justifications for mods like "Historical or crappy anime skins" or "flags" etc, given its the other type of mods of spurious/semi advantageous nature that are screwing things up and tilting the playing field slightly, which in conjunction with other things WILL lead WG to consider file encryption more seriously.
  8. level playing fields are good, and well you can actually blame mod makers for making a rod for their own back and the moders who come after them, given brightly coloured/contrasting wakes for torps and differing coloured/contrasting HE/AP shells and other mods which allow slight advantage to be gained over the vanilla game, even if it is just making things easer to see. so why not direct some anger towards moders rather than just WG, though I am sure modding is not the only reason why WG may decide to encrypt game files.
  9. b101uk

    Getting commanders back

    I have one 10pt commander which is 75% on the way to the 11pt, I have a couple of 9pt commanders too from <238 games, so I have no doubts someone with ~300 games could have 12pt commander and a couple of 8pt and/or 9pt commanders.
  10. b101uk

    What about a third level for Expert Marksman?

    would that not be +2.5 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber of up to 155 mm+1.2-1.5 deg/s (question of balancing) to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 155 mm up to 210 mm +0.7 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 210 mm
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    a courteous suggestion to Mods

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    my coloration of figures of base XP and credits based on damage dealt suggest that is NOT the case and that when a team wins there is a multiplier for the winners and a slight divider applied to the losers, whereas in a draw there is no multiplayer or dividers. however even if the above was discounted the statement "a draw is defeat on both sides" is still wrong, as a draw is NOT a defeat, it a draw and a denying of victory to the team who perceived they would have won i.e. a victory for one team in denying the other team the bonus XP etc they would have otherwise got. every time I deny a win to an opposing team by forcing a draw when otherwise it would have resulted in a loss for my team it makes me and the rest of the team happier than a loss would given natural human nature, while it makes the team who though they would win sad/disappoint/angry/etc given natural human nature, so a draw is only a loss for the team who thought they would win, for the team who were expecting a loss in the last 5mins of the game a draw is better than a loss.
  13. b101uk

    Stuck, Out of date version?

    you may have to accept that you will have to play on the NA server today until the EU server is updated tomorrow, as I don't know if the patchier can downgrade versions. the only other method if you only ever play on the EU server is to download the EU launcher from the EU web portal and in essence install a second WoWS, as at lest then you could play on the EU server today, there may be some other ways to get around it, but you may have to find it by experimentation. btw, the very fact you seemingly can pick regions to log onto means at some point some file editing went on to enable that, which I would guess came about as you were at one time playing on the NA server, else downloaded the NA launcher, edited files to change to the EU server and the WoWSLauncher.cfg patch URL was never changed as the posts that explane how to change or enable all server never include the info about the WoWSLauncher.cfg
  14. b101uk

    Stuck, Out of date version?

    now look in the WoWSLauncher.cfg do you see: 1: (NA patch url) <patch_info_urls> <item>http://update.worldofwarships.com</item> </patch_info_urls> or 2: (EU patch url) <patch_info_urls> <item>http://update.worldofwarships.eu</item> </patch_info_urls>